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Chapter 588 – Bet (Part 1)

“The rule of this round is that the amount of times the demon generals and their helpers can ring the drum are added together!”

After the golden-armored man finished speaking, he didn’t let the people have time to begin talking again. He pointed at someone in the crowd and said, “Demon General Yu Sen, come out!”

A person walked out from the group of demon generals. His eyes were cold and his armor made crisp sounds as he walked. He soon arrived before the demon drum.

As he looked at the demon drum, his eyes suddenly lit up, and the powerful battle intent in his heart was ignited!

He didn’t immediately act but silently stood there and adjusted the demonic spiritual energy in his body to ensure he was in peak condition. After all, he had no confidence in ringing this drum, because to him, this drum was like a holy relic.

The golden-armored man looked at Yu Sen and thought, “With Yu Sen’s cultivation, he should be able to ring it four times. If he forces a fifth time, he will be crushed!” He only took a glance before closing his eyes.

Everyone’s gazes gathered on Yu Sen, but he was completely indifferent to them. In order to prevent himself from being disturbed by others, he closed his eyes and completely ignored the outside world.

He eventually released an evil aura around his body that spread out into the air and continued to condense.

Waves of discussions spread from the surrounding seats.

“The dao of slaughter is extremely hard to cultivate. This Yu Sen cultivated it for many years, and being the first person up, I’m afraid he will definitely become famous!”

“Who knows, this demon drum is made from the skin of an Ancient Demon. Even if Yu Sen can ring it, he will be injured from the backlash.”

The eight commander-in-chiefs also looked at Yu Sen with looks of interest in their eyes. However, they didn’t need to talk like everyone else; they just needed one look to be able to clearly see what was happening.

Although the six vice commander-in-chiefs didn’t have the insight the commander-in-chiefs had, they had high cultivation levels, so they could see some clues on this matter. Only the Xuan Vice Commander-in-Chief wasn’t looking at Yu Sen at all but was instead looking at Wang Lin.

“Wang Lin, I wonder how many times you can ring it!”

Just as he was thinking this, the Yellow Vice Commander-in-Chief smiled. “Xuan Vice Commander-in-Chief, I’m afraid I will be winning our bet. The cultivator you chose can only go on his own, so he will without a doubt lose!”

The Xuan Vice Commander-in-Chief let out a cold snort and said, “You just wait and see; this person is definitely not as simple as you think!”

As the two of them talked, Yu Sen suddenly opened his eyes, and it was like the war god had descended on his body. The light released from his eyes was as bright as the moon!

A roar that sounded like it was coming from a tiger or dragon came out from Yu Sen’s mouth. Then he leaped through the air like a sword that was just unsheathed and flew directly at the demon drum.

While in the air, his two fingers formed a sword. At this moment, all of the energy in his body gathered on his fingers, then he stabbed forth with his two fingers pointed at the demon drum.

The black drum sunk in slightly, but it was to a very small degree. Right after it sank in a bit, it immediately bounced back.

A muffled drum sound echoed across the sky. It spread across the square, could be heard throughout the entire imperial city, and even affected a small portion of Sky Demon City.

At the moment the drum rang, Yu Sen felt an unimaginable force coming from the demon drum. The force was piercing through his body.

Yu Sen’s face became pale and his eyes filled with killing intent. Rather than retreating, he took another step and his two fingers landed on the demon drum again.


The sound of the drum was like thunder descending.

Yu Sen let out a roar and the demonic spiritual energy around him turned into various faces. Each of these faces had different expressions, but they all quickly disappeared.

Every time a face disappeared, another one appeared.

“Soul Devouring Slaughter, first layer!” Yu Sen’s voice seemed to come from the depths of hell. After he shouted this, all of the faces in pain seemed to find an outlet and madly charged toward Yu Sen’s right hand.

His entire right hand released a blinding, blue light!

Yu Sen let out or a roar, then his right hand formed a palm and slammed down on the demon drum.

Before he touched the demon drum, the wind created by the force landed on the drum.

The third drum sound echoed across the world. At this moment, everyone nearby was moved. Although there were some tricks behind using the wind created by the palm to hit the drum, this showed just how powerful this Soul Devouring Slaughter spell was!

After the wind passed, Yu Sen’s right hand pressed down on the drum.

At almost the moment the third ring came, the fourth quickly followed. The two sounds spread out like rolling thunder.

Yu Sen quickly retracted his right hand and retreated. Then he backed up thousands of feet before finally stabilizing himself. His face turned red and he forced himself to not cough out blood.

His right hand was trembling and he had lost all sensation from it. He had used over 80% of the demonic spiritual energy in his body on that spell.

The golden-armored man slowly said, “Four times! Demon General Yu Sen’s helper, come out!”

Yu Sen took a deep breath and said, “I don’t have a helper!”

The golden-armored man’s gaze moved away from Yu Sen and landed among the demon generals to pick another one. He first looked at Wang Lin and sneered, but he didn’t call him out. Instead, he looked at Mo Fei and said, “Demon General Mo Fei, come out!”

After he said that, all of the discussions stopped and every gaze fell on one person.

This person was wearing armor and had a hideous mask over his face. His long, black hair flowed in the wind as he walked out from the crowd. His pace wasn’t fast, but to the people watching, it was as if his steps had the exact same frequency as their heartbeats.

“Demon General Mo Fei, 300 years ago he was number one among demon generals!”

“This person spent most of his time at the border. It is said that Mo Fei’s head is worth a lot in the eyes of the Fire Demon Country!”

“This Mo Fei’s cultivation is very mysterious. Even until now, everyone has only ever seen him use the Great Rotating Disk spell. I’m confident this person can at least ring the drum five times!”

“Mo Fei!” The Earth Commander-in-Chief looked at Mo Fei, revealed a smile, and said, “If this child can experience the dragon lake one more time, he can be considered top three among the vice commander-in-chiefs!”

A middle-aged man in purple robes who looked very elegant smiled and said, “Could it be that your love for genius is moved by Mo Fei?”

The Earth Commander-in-Chief laughed and nodded.

The Earth Commander-in-Chief laughed again. “If this child can ring the drum six times, even if it’s not enough for him to become a vice commander-in-chief, I’ll recommend him!”

As Mo Fei casually walked toward the demon drum, everyone’s gazes followed his movements.

When he was 100 feet from the demon drum, he stopped and looked at it. He didn’t waste any time to adjust his body and punched at the air.

Dong! The sound of the drum echoed across the square like muffled thunder.

Mo Fei’s armor seemed like it was being blown by a powerful wind, and violent crackling sounds came from it. His hair was also blown back like crazy by this wind, but his body didn’t move at all, almost like he was nailed to the ground. Even his expression didn’t have the slightest change.

“So it is not that hard.” This person chuckled as he stepped forward 10 feet and threw another punch.


Mo Fei didn’t stop. He stepped forth another 10 feet and threw one more punch at the air.


The three rings from the drum were like the roars of an ancient beasts that echoed in the sky above Sky Demon City. The sounds of the drum echoed endlessly. Some of the spectators didn’t have enough demonic spiritual energy, so they suffered internal injuries.

After ringing it three times, Mo Fei paused for a moment because he felt a unimaginable force rushing toward him from the demon drum. He took another step and became like an unmoving rock among raging waves.

The armor around his body shook violently, but it stabilized when he spread out his demonic aura.

Mo Fei’s eyes lit up like burning torches and he revealed a serious expression as he muttered to himself, “Interesting!” He stepped forward another 10 feet and threw a punch.


He didn’t stop after one punch and threw another punch!


Mo Fei continued to walk forward, closing the distance between him and the demon drum. Everytime he took a step, he would throw a punch.

Dong! At the moment the sixth ring occurred, almost everyone watching began to cheer. Even all the commander-in-chiefs, except for the Heaven Commander-in-Chief, revealed looks of admiration for Mo Fei’s talent.

“Mo Fei!!”

“Mo Fei!!!”

“Mo Fei!!!!” Waves of cheers came from the surrounding people. Someone who could ring the drum six times could be considered a genius blessed by the heavens!

He wasn’t injured at all after ringing the drum six times; he was even relaxed. Just this point placed him far above all the other demon generals.

Even the golden-armored man nodded. The look of admiration for Mo Fei’s talent was strong.

“Can six rings make me stop…” Mo Fei’s eyes shined brightly as he jumped into the air and slammed down on the demon drum.

Dong! The seventh ring echoed.

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