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Chapter 538

Outside the valley, Wang Lin raised his right hand and the giant land mass flew into the sky.

Wang Lin sat outside the valley with extremely cold eyes and spat out the one-billion-soul soul flag. As the 30-foot-long flag flapped in the air, ghostly howls came out from inside it.

Although the one-billion-soul soul flag no longer had one billion souls, it was still the key treasure of the Soul Refining Sect. Because everyone in the valley cultivated the soul refining spell, the moment they saw the one-billion-soul soul flag, they felt an urge to worship it.

Wang Lin grabbed the flag, and with one wave, the primary souls flew out. The six remaining primary souls, including the Qilin, immediately appeared around the five-kilometer-wide area.

At the same time, Wang Lin spat out essence blood on to the soul flag. The flag immediately expanded and quickly wrapped around the entire five-kilometer-wide landmass.

“Refine!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold.

The six primary souls’ eyes suddenly released a ghostly light and they all spat out purple fire. Soon, the five-kilometer-wide landmass was surrounded by purple flames.

These flames were the essence of these six primary souls, making them very powerful. As the flames roared, sizzling and popping sounds came from the five-kilometer-wide piece of land.

There were cries of fear mixed in with the sounds of the flames, and after half an incense stick of time, only half of the land remained. This remaining land was completely red.

However, with the green light’s protection, the flames weren’t able to completely refine everything inside. The violent flashes of green light resisted the invasion of the flames, and a stalemate was reached.

Wang Lin took one look, stood up, and returned to the valley.

“Since you want to hide like a turtle, I’ll just spend seven days and seven nights to refine the formation completely. Then everything will be under my control.”

The blood of the people of the valley was boiling from seeing the scene outside the valley, and all of them were talking about this. Their respect for Wang Lin reached the limit, and even the children of the village though of Wang Lin as a deity.

After leaving the formation be, Wang Lin ordered Ouyang Hua to send Thirteen to the depths of the valley.

Ouyang Hua always followed Wang Lin’s orders without question. After bringing Thirteen to Wang Lin, he respectfully left.

Thirteen’s face now had a bit of color, but he was still unconscious. It was very easy to save Thirteen, but even if he did, Thirteen would still be wasted. In this place, a wasted person couldn’t survive.

Thirteen’s body had all of its meridians shattered, so he couldn’t absorb any of the demonic spiritual energy here, making him unsuitable to cultivate any of the methods Wang Lin knew.

Thirteen wouldn’t be able to cultivate unless the meridians in his body could regrow. However, Wang Lin wasn’t able to do this. Only those heaven-defying pills could achieve such a result.

After pondering for a while, his eyes lit up. There was one thing that Thirteen could cultivate among all of the methods Wang Lin knew. However, this matter was very important, and Wang Lin began to show a bit of hesitation, something that he rarely ever showed.

“A cultivator’s body is like the sea, and their meridians are like thousand of rivers. The body itself is its own world. One starts from within the body to experience life, and he uses this body to seek dao.

“An ancient god’s skin and flesh are the sky and his bones are the earth. His soul devours the spiritual energy of the heavens and earth to refine the body. He uses the strength of his body to break all dao hearts and uses his soul to draw his own dao in the heavens!”

Wang Lin pondered. If he taught Thirteen the ancient gods’ cultivation method, it should be able to completely change Thirteen from a waste to a powerful person.

However, this wasn’t guaranteed, as Thirteen’s body wasn’t as good as Wang Lin’s original body, so he might not be able to successfully cultivate it. If he fails to cultivate the method of the ancient gods, he will die because his body will collapse from the crazy amount of demonic spiritual energy that will enter it.

Also, an ancient god devours spiritual energy and celestial spiritual energy. Wang Lin wasn’t sure if it could devour this demonic spiritual energy.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin shook his head and no longer thought about this. The celestial spiritual energy in his body disappeared and the demon crystal released demonic spiritual energy. At this moment, he returned to the state where he gave off a demonic aura.

He moved his finger like lightning and pressed it against Thirteen’s forehead. Demonic spiritual energy entered Thirteen’s body and turned into specks of golden light.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and closed his eyes to cultivate.

Half an incense stick of time later, Thirteen slowly opened his eyes. He looked at the sky above the valley and remained silent. After a long time, he got up and knelt before Wang Lin with an expression of pain.

This pain wasn’t from his body but from his heart.

At the moment he woke up, he immediately understood that there was not a trace of demonic spiritual energy inside his body; the current him was even weaker than before he started to cultivate.

Wang Lin still hadn’t opened his eyes. Thirteen knelt for a long time before kowtowing three times. Then he left without even turning his head once.

It wasn’t until he left that Wang Lin opened his eyes and let out a sigh. Among all these people, Thirteen had the best talent, and he had great comprehension regarding the soul flag. If it wasn’t for this, he would’ve definitely achieved greatness in the future.

Thirteen returned to his own house. He was one of the few people in the valley without a wife and children, so he was the only person who lived in this house. There wasn’t any aura of a young man on him, only the aura of an old man entering the final days of his life.

After a long time, he sat in the lotus position and tried to cultivate the soul refining spell. However, every time he tried, waves of pain came from his body. This kind of pain was not something a normal person could withstand.

However, he withstood it. When he failed, he tried again and continued to withstand the unimaginable pain.

After trying to cultivate a few times, his body was soaked in sweat. The veins on his body were all bulging from the pain, and a hint of despair appeared in Thirteen’s eyes.

“I’m not willing to give up!” He took a deep breath and continued to cultivate while enduring the pain. This time, just as he absorbed demonic spiritual energy, he felt as if his body was hit by a giant mountain, causing him to cough out blood and pass out.

The five-kilometer-wide land outside the valley was still being refined by the flames, and the green light protecting the land was slowly dimming.

Inside the five-kilometer-wide area, everyone was filled with despair as the shadow of death loomed over them. They watched the flame outside grow larger and larger, burning out all the hope in their hearts.

The grey-robed old man closed his eyes in despair. When he opened them, they were glowing. He suddenly turned around to look at the white-robed old man, who was also terrified, and said, “This is a disaster you brought upon yourself, and you dragged the entire tribe down with you!”

The white-robed old man’s body trembled and he remained silent.

“That foreigner is not someone we can fight against. If you continue to be stubborn, then when the formation breaks, it won’t just be you and me, the entire tribe will be burned to death by the flames. As a member of the tribe, how can you sit and watch the entire tribe die before you?!”

The white-robed old man bitterly said, “You mean…”

The grey-robed old man said, in a serious tone, “You made the mistake, so you must take responsibility for it. This is the only way for our tribe to survive. Don’t worry; if you die, I’ll definitely think of a way to get revenge for you!

“In addition, once we are free, I’ll immediately go to Ancient Demon city and report your matter to the general of the left wing. I believe the general of the left wing will be interested in this.”

The white-robed old man remained silent for a long time. He looked around with a complicated expression, and his gaze landed on the other tribe members. When he saw the fear on their faces, he took a deep breath and floated to the edge of the formation.

“The challenge letter was sent by me. Come and fight me if you dare. After the battle, no matter whether I win or lose, don’t drag the innocent in!”

The white-robed old man’s voice went through the formation to the outside and directly into the valley.

Wang Lin opened his eyes, and with a sway of his body, he disappeared. When he reappeared, he was outside the valley, and when he looked coldly at the five-kilometer-wide area, he saw the white-robed old man.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and the six primary souls stopped spewing flames and circled around him.

Without the flames invading, the white-robed old man clenched his teeth and walked out. He raised his hand and two strands of demonic spiritual energy started moving between his fingers, and he said to Wang Lin, “Let’s battle!”

“You aren’t qualified!” Wang Lin’s hand reached out, causing the white-robed man’s expression to suddenly change. The two strands of demonic spiritual energy around his fingers were suddenly extinguished.

At the same time, the old man’s body flew helplessly toward Wang Lin. Almost an instant later, Wang Lin was holding the old man by the neck.

When the white-robed man was about to struggle, Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he used a large amount of force. With a crack, the old man’s eyes bulged and he died.

Wang Lin’s celestial spiritual energy surged into the old man’s body to trap the soul. Then the old man’s soul was sealed inside the one-billion-soul soul flag as one of the soul fragments.

After doing all of this, he threw the old man’s body behind him. One of the primary souls immediately spat out a flame that burned the body into dust.

Wang Lin reached out with his hand and the five-kilometer-wide land was moved by him to the area next to the valley, creating waves of dust.

“Open the formation!” Wang Lin’s gaze was cold as he looked at the five-kilometer-wide area that had been refined to the verge of collapsing.

The grey-robed old man’s body trembled. He didn’t think that Wang Lin would kill the white-robed old man so easily. This kind of cultivation was several times stronger than what he previously thought. He immediately threw away the idea of revenge and didn’t dare to anger someone this powerful.

At this moment, whether he opened the formation or not didn’t matter. He let out a sigh and drew a symbol with his hand. With this symbol, the formation protecting the area disappeared.

“Ouyang Hua, add new tribe members!” After leaving these words, Wang Lin disappeared into the depths of the valley.

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