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Chapter 281 – Honor

There was a very bright and handsome young man wearing black, leather clothes standing on a flying sword. He looked different from other cultivators from Xue Yu, which was very refreshing.

The female disciple’s eyes suddenly lit up and she shouted, “Senior apprentice brother is back!”

As for the second disciple, his face suddenly became gloomy, but that was replaced by a happy expression in a flash.

Wang Lin could tell from the memories of the Core Formation cultivator that he really liked the eldest disciple. This eldest disciple had some blood relations with the Core Formation cultivator.

The eldest disciple could just barely be considered a genius. It took him 100 years to reach the peak of the Foundation Establishment stage and was only one step away from the Core Formation stage.

But according to the Core Formation cultivator’s memories, the reason he liked this eldest disciple was because of the disciple’s looks. He planned to marry his eldest disciple off to the female disciple of another late stage Core Formation cultivator to form an alliance.

After only a quick glimpse of this memory, Wang Lin no longer paid attention to it. The sword came close and arrived before the ice tower. The eldest disciple knelt on the ground and said, with a clear voice, “Disciple greets master. I was lucky and managed to find the hiding place of those Four Sect Alliance remnants!”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm, but this heart suddenly skipped a beat. He did remember seeing in the Core Formation cultivator’s memory that he had sent his eldest disciple out because a mortal reported to that they had seen someone that didn’t look like they were from Xue Yu.

So the Core Formation cultivator sent out his eldest disciple to check up on this matter.

This kind of thing wasn’t uncommon in the past few years. No matter how powerful the remaining Four Sect Alliance cultivators were, after years of being under this bizarre snow, they had all weakened greatly.

Although this was the case, Xue Yu couldn’t be careless. Normally, when this type of thing happened, it would be reported to the Divine Temple of Ice and Snow. They would then send someone to deal with it.

The temple was extremely keen on this. If the report was given today, they would send someone out tomorrow.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit, then calmly said, “Lead the way.”

The eldest disciple was startled. When this happens, his master normally never deals with it personally. However, he knew not to ask, so he only nodded and led the way.

The other two disciples looked at each other and followed behind. After all, their master was going personally. If they didn’t go, then there might be trouble in the future.

So they forced themselves to follow Wang Lin.

The four of them formed a four point beam of light and flew into the distance. After a short while, the eldest disciple stopped. He pointed at a snowy mountain and said, “Disciple used the flying ice sculpture and personally saw that a person disappeared here. I believe they have a hiding place here.”

Wang Lin’s divine sense swept the area. Although his expression was calm, his eyes became focused.

“The three of you wait here!” After leaving that order, Wang Lin flew forward.

His divine sense found that below the snowy mountain there was a restriction, and inside it were two souls. One of them was only at the Core Formation stage, but the other one was very strange. Sometimes it was Core Formation, sometimes it was Nascent Soul, and sometimes it was even Soul Formation.

This phenomenon had only one explanation and that was this person’s Nascent Soul and cultivation was about to scatter, meaning it was extremely unstable.

Wang Lin’s body landed on top of the snowy mountain and sank into to mountain. He was closing in on the restriction.

He soon arrived at the restriction. As long as it was a restriction, he wasn’t afraid of it. It took only one look to see through this restriction’s structure. He sent out two restriction rings. The two restrictions soon started to fuse.

Wang Lin stepped through the restriction and went inside.

As soon as he entered, he saw a sword move and more than 10 sword qis attacked him.

Wang Lin’s gaze was calm. His right hand seemed to randomly point in the air and he whispered, “Life.”

The life and death domain suddenly gathered on Wang Lin’s fingertip. This gentle point contained the way of the heavens and was filled with mysteries.

A gasp came from the swords. They then started to circle around Wang Lin’s finger.

The swords were emitting a light as they underwent a change. Now the spiritual energy they released was several times more powerful than before.

However, the divine sense was completely erased by the power of the domain.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he looked at the terrified young man who was too scared to speak.

Behind the young man sat an old man on an ice bed. This person’s eyes were closed and his face changed between red and green.

After a flick Wang Lin’s finger, all of the swords suddenly fell to the ground with a ring.

The young man regained his senses. His face was filled with grief and indignation. He clenched his fist and shouted, “You guys destroyed my home, and now you’ve chased us here. Do you guys have to kill us all? You will kill us today, but someday there will be someone who will destroy Xue Yu.”

This person’s voice was filled with resentment that was now engraved in his bones.

After looking at the young man, Wang Lin’s gaze fell on the old man.

The young man blocked Wang Lin’s view. He watched Wang Lin for a bit, then, after pondering for a while, he suddenly knelt to the ground. He bit his lower lip hard until it bled and said, with a bitter smile, “Please don’t kill my master, kill me instead! I am the Water Ink Sect’s junior sect head. If you capture me and bring me back, you will definitely be rewarded. As long as you let my master go, then I’ll willing to go with you. If you don’t, you will only be able to get my corpse.”

Although Wang Lin’s eyes were calm, his heart was slightly touched. He slowly looked at the young man and then at the old man. Then he slowly said, “Why do you want to exchange your life for your master’s?”

The young man was silent for a very long time before responding with a bitter smile. “Master could have left a long time ago if it wasn’t for me dragging him down. It was all because he tried to save me…”

“Huan Er, quickly get up. This person is not a Xue Yu cultivator.” The old man on the ice bed slowly opened his eyes.

The young man was startled, but his eyes suddenly lit up and he became very excited. He ran to his master’s side and said, “Master, you.. you’re awake!”

Wang Lin took a look the old man. He clasped his hands and said, “Junior greets senior of the Water Ink Sect.”

The old man coughed a few times as the red and green colors on his face became even stronger. With Wang Lin’s life and death domain, he could clearly see the heavy death aura around the old man. He was near his end.

The old man raised his head. He looked at Wang Lin and slowly said, “Little friend, I’m too injured to greet you, so I hope you will forgive me. What has little friend come here for?”

Wang Lin let out a sigh and said, “Senior’s hiding place has been found by the cultivators of Xue Yu, so it is best you leave now!” With that, he pondered a little and then took out a bottle of pills. He pushed the bottle toward the bed.

“Senior’s injury is too serious for this bottle of pills to cure, but it can at least ease the pain of losing your cultivation. This should allow senior to leave this place. The world is big, so there might be other chances to recover you cultivation.”

The old man let out a faint smile. He didn’t even look at the pill and said, “Little friend, I don’t know what sect you are from, but if I wanted to leave, I could have left back then. Even now I can leave, even if it means speeding up the loss of my cultivation, but do you know why I haven’t left?”

Wang Lin pondered and then gently shook his head.

“This is my home! I was born here, and when I die, it will be here too!” Although the old man’s voice was soft, there was a hard to describe aura within it.

Wang Lin looked at the person and no longer spoke. He clasped his hands and turned around to leave. His original plan here was not to kill but to give a helping hand.

After all, he had spent more than 30 years in the Four Sect Alliance and personally saw the invasion of the Xue Yu cultivators. Although it was outside his power to change anything, he would still help when he could.

The moment Wang Lin turned around to leave, the old man looked at the bottle of pills and sighed. His right hand suddenly moved and took out a fan with only two feathers remaining.

“Little friend, I gift this treasure to you for the pills you’ve given me.”

After Wang Lin caught the fan, his expression changed. He had a deep impression of this fan. It was used by that woman when she was surrounded by the Four Sect Alliance’s killing formation. He remembered that after she died, this fan was taken away by a late stage Soul Formation cultivator.

He turned around and carefully looked at the old man. This person was one of the late stage soul Formation Cultivators that was in the killing formation.

All of the glory of the past was now a distant memory…

Wang Lin left with a complicated state of mind. The three disciples all didn’t dare to speak; they only silently followed him.

Soon after Wang Lin left, the two came out of the snowy mountain and looked at the direction Wang Lin disappeared to before leaving.

At the border, the old man hit the formation to create an opening. He split half of the pills with the young man. He then looked lovingly at the young man and said, “Go. You have to rely on yourself in the future because master can’t protect you anymore.”

The young man’s eyes were filled with sadness, but before he could say anything, the old man waved his sleeves and pushed the young man through. Then the protection formation returned to normal.

The young man stared at his master from the other side. His eyes were red and his voice cracked as he shouted, “Master!”

The old man let out a laugh and swallowed all of the pills in the bottle. His spiritual energy rapidly climbed back to its peak, though it was just temporary.

He waved his sleeves and his body moved. His target was the Divine Temple of Snow and Ice at the center of Xue Yu.

Even if he dies, he had to die in his home country. Even if he dies, he must die protecting his country!

All of the glorious moments of the past had become distant memories…

The one that falls in the fire must be that immortal phoenix… Even if it must burn its wings, it will still fly in the heavens…

Closing one door is like loving a world.

Memories of the past will now be forever distant.

The sand in the wind no longer filled the space of dreams. The whimper of the powerful flute is now only an echo in the desolate land.

Closing off one door is like cutting off one space and time.

The glorious past only remains in the descent’s songs.

Yesterday’s song no longer resonate the same way. The whispering complaints can’t find its matching music.

Opening a window is like hugging a ray of sunlight.

Today’s dream became the future empire’s hope.

Even the ordinary you and me need to have exciting displays. Pursuit without regret to feel the might of the world.

Opening a window is like welcoming a wave of spring wind.

The burst of nothingness awaken what was once lost.

The one that fell in the fire must be that immortal phoenix… Even if it must burn its wings it will still fly in the heavens.

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