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Chapter 262 – Candy

Only a few short moments had passed between the little cultivator’s arrival and his departure. Adding on the fact that the technique he used wasn’t visible to mortals, and therefore did not attract the attention of mortals, most people just felt a cold wind blow by.

However, there were a lot less people on the streets. The reason for this was Xu Tao, who had coughed up blood and fainted.

Xu Tao’s old home had already moved from this street eight years ago, so no one recognized him anymore.

Wang Lin let out a sigh. With his hands behind his back, he walked into a grocery store. As he entered, the shopkeep quickly came to greet him.

Wang Lin pointed at Xu Tao, who was passed out in the street, and said, “Shopkeeper, please get two workers to carry him to my shop.”

The grocery store’s shopkeeper hesitated for a bit. He inconspicuously looked around and then, when he realized that no one was looking, he said to Wang Lin, “Shopkeeper Wang, we don’t even know if this person is dead or alive. Let’s report this to the officials. You might get into a lot of trouble otherwise.”

Wang Lin smiled. He patted the shopkeeper’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry. Find someone to carry him for me.”

With that, he turned around and slowly walked away with his hands behind his back.

The shopkeeper looked at Wang Lin’s back. He sighed and said, “A good person. Shopkeeper Wang is really a good person.” After he finished muttering to himself, he shouted, “Little two and little three, come out and carry that person to shopkeeper Wang’s store.”

Just as Wang Lin arrived back at his shop, two young workers carried Xu Tao over and, following Wang Lin’s instructions, placed on him the floor of the shop.

Wang Lin casually handed them a few silver coins and sent the two young workers on their way. Then, he sat down beside the stove and began to silently ponder.

If he doesn’t help him, Xu Tao won’t be able to live. Wang Lin let out a sigh. Considering how respectful Xu Tao had been for the past ten years, Wang Lin took out the most inferior pill from his bag of holding and pushed it into Xu Tao’s mouth.

Then he picked up the jug of wine and drank while waiting for Xu Tao to wake up.

As for the little cultivator, he ran away in panic. He didn’t care about alarming mortals, so he took out his flying sword and flew east.

In the eastern suburb of the city, there was a temple. This temple was very quiet and in front of it was a pond with lotuses and blooming pink flowers. The crisp green lotus leaves floated in the pond and the fish gently touched them, creating ripples that looked very calming

A path made of cobblestone came down from the temple. On its sides were some willow trees. When the wind blew, the willow trees rustled. All of this created a very beautiful scenery.

At this moment, although there was a breeze, the sound of the rustling leaves was suppressed by the sound of flying. The little cultivator suddenly landed before the temple door and coughed out blood. His face was pale as he opened up the temple door and ran inside.

The few cultivators sitting cross legged inside the temple opened their eyes. One of them saw how bad the little cultivator’s condition was. He walked up and asked, “Junior apprentice brother, how could a mere mortal cause you such heavy injuries?”

The little cultivator pushed the person aside and said, “I need to see master! Master!”

“What is the panic?!” From inside the temple came a middle aged man. This person’s face was wide and his eyes were small. His large ears were very noticeable, but upon closer inspection, he looked very dignified.

When this person appeared, all of the cultivators that were cultivating stood up and respectfully stood on the sides.

After the little cultivator saw the middle aged, man he knelt on the ground and said, “Master, someone destroyed my guardian spirit and damaged my soul. Master, please get revenge for me!”

The large-eared cultivator looked at the little cultivator. Then, he waved his sleeves and reached out with his hand. Suddenly, rolls of black gas gathered in the air, forming a giant skull.

Next, the large-eared cultivator pointed at the skull, then grabbed it and, without a word, pushed it into the little cultivator’s forehead. The little cultivator’s expression became painful as black gas covered his face. He then coughed out a mouthful of black blood and the black gas on his face slowly disappeared. His face was now red and the damage he had suffered from his guardian spirit being destroyed had been healed.

The large-eared cultivator waved his right hand and slowly said, “Tell me what happened.”

The little cultivator took a deep breath and quickly recounted what had happened, adding a bunch of extra details. The little cultivator sounded very smart as he spoke and the large-eared cultivator just silently listened. The other disciples didn’t say anything, but they all had weird looks in their eyes.

Before long, the little cultivator finished speaking. His eyes were filled with hatred. “Master, I have already told him your name, but this guy was too arrogant. Master, no matter what, we have to teach him a lesson,” he added.

The large-eared cultivator’s expression was calm as he looked at the little cultivator and said, “Are you sure that when you saw this cultivator, he had no spiritual energy at all, as if he was a mortal?”

The little cultivator quickly nodded and said, “Yes, master. That is correct. At first, I thought he was just a mortal.”

The large-eared cultivator’s eyes revealed a strange light. He didn’t seem angry as he said to the little cultivator, “Take a trip with me and lead the way. There is no need to use any techniques. We will walk.”

The little cultivator was very happy and quickly lead the large-eared cultivator out of the temple. As for the remaining cultivators, some wanted to follow, but seeing that master didn’t say anything, they hesitated. One of them let out a sigh and said, “Master spoils junior apprentice brother too much.”

A middle aged man wryly smiled and slowly said, “This isn’t the first time. These kind of things happen too often. With master’s wisdom, how could he not see the lies in junior brother’s words? It is best we don’t bother with it too much.”

“With junior apprentice brother’s personality, sooner or later he will get into big trouble, ah!” Someone else muttered a few words.

The first person who talked regretfully said, “With master here, even if junior apprentice brother gets into big trouble, he should still be fine. If it was one of us, then it would be hard to say.”

“This is not the first time that we’ve witnessed master favoring junior apprentice brother. Even junior apprentice brother’s cultivation method is different from ours. Forget it. As long as we know it in our hearts, it is fine. If we say it out loud, it will make us sound stingy.”

“I wonder which disciple of which sect angered junior apprentice brother this time. From what he said, this person was mixed in with mortals.”

“The Four Sect Alliance is really big and has all kinds of cultivators. I guess that cultivator is at the Core Formation stage if he was able to destroy junior apprentice brother’s guardian spirit so easily.”

“What is the point of us talking about this? With master’s standing in the Four Sect Alliance, not to mention Core Formation cultivators, even Nascent Soul cultivators won’t stand a change.”

They talked about it for a bit, then continued to cultivate.

As the little cultivator walked, he felt very proud. He knew that master had always been the best to him. Maybe it was because he was master’s personal disciple.

Since he was small, every time he had problems, all he had to do was tell master. Master would then take him and wipe out whoever he wanted. Throughout all these years, his master had never refused once.

He secretly sneered. Now that his master was here, he would let that person die without a resting place and let that guy know the consequences of messing with him.

Thinking about this, he secretly looked at his master and saw that he didn’t have any expression. He secretly smiled because he knew that the more expressionless his master was, the more angry he was.

In his memory, every time his master took him to go wipe out someone that messed with him, his master always had this expression. Regardless of who he made an enemy of, when they saw his master, their faces all turned pale. Some begged for mercy, some tried to run away, and some even attempted to fight back, but no matter what happened, all three types of people saw the same ending.

The pride in the little cultivator’s heart inflated, making him feel as if he had just eaten sweets. He started to walk quickly, hoping that that person hadn’t ran away already.

As they walked, the large-eared cultivator suddenly stopped. The little cultivator quickly took a few steps back and saw that the large-eared cultivator was looking at a stall that sold candy.

The large-eared cultivator’s eyes revealed a gentle light as he walked up and softly asked, “How much is this candy?”

When the vender of the stall saw the large-eared person, for some unknown reason, he developed a good feeling toward him and replied, “Just one copper coin is enough.”

The large-eared cultivator smiled and nodded, then took out a copper coin. After giving the copper coin to the vendor, he looked closely at the different candies and picked one up.

The little cultivator was startled. This was the first time he had seen the large-eared cultivator buy candy, so he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But what he didn’t expect was the large-eared cultivator handing the candy to him.

“Fu Er, when I first met you, you were fighting with a bunch of kids over candy. Maybe you have already forgotten…” The large-eared cultivator’s eyes were filled with regret.

The little cultivator was startled and couldn’t help but think of his bitter childhood. If it wasn’t for his master, then he would probably be dead already. His eyes became slightly red, and he whispered, “I haven’t forgotten. It is master who took me away from there and taught me cultivation.”

The large-eared cultivator rubbed the little cultivator’s head and said, “Let’s go. Take me to that person.”

As the little cultivator looked at the candy, scenes of his childhood replayed in his mind. He took a deep breath and carefully put the candy inside his bag of holding. He decided to keep it for the rest of his life because this was something his master bought for him…

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