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Chapter 225 – Take This To Refine A Pill

In the chamber under the square outside the main hall, a crack appeared on the lid of the pill furnace Li Muwan made. With a loud bang, the crack extended from the lid down to the body of the pill furnace.

At the same time, a ray of rainbow light leaked out from the crack. The light became brighter and brighter and as the crack got bigger. The entire chamber was covered in the rainbow colored light. At that moment, the chamber was like a fairy land, covered in endless rainbow colored light.

Another wave of cracking sounds came and more cracks appeared on the pill furnace, causing even more light to escape. A hand reached out from the pill furnace and with a bang, the pill furnace exploded and scattered all over the chamber.

A young man with flowing white haired floated out of the pill furnace, his body alternating between transparent and solid. His eyes were closed as countless circles of colored light gathered around his back. If one looked closely, whenever this person’s body flickered to the transparent state, they could see a small person that looked exactly like him in his dantain. The little person was emitting a rainbow colored light and looked very mysterious.

His body kept changing between transparent and solid while emitting a great amount of pressure. After a long time, his body stopped changing and started to become more solid.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and, at the same time, the little person also opened his eyes. The little person’s eyes no longer had pupils, but looked like they were replaced by red lightning. This wasn’t just a single lightning bolt, but a cloud of red lightning.

A destructive force came from the red lightning and all of the rainbow colored light in the room immediately dissipated as it escaped upwards.

There were countless rays of red lightning wildly moving around the chamber. The shattered pieces of the pill furnace were instantly turned to dust.

When the cultivators in the main hall above noticed what was happening, they all spread their divine senses out to check what was going on. However, the moment their divine senses went underground, they were repelled by a powerful pressure, causing them all to withdrew their divine senses in shock.

The sky above the entire Cloud Sky Sect changed as a powerful pressure burst forth from underground. It felt as if the entire Cloud Sky Sect was shaking.

Rainbow colored clouds gathered in the sky and the entire main hall started to tremble.

All of the members’ of the different sects and cultivation families’ expressions changed. A few of the people who had seen this before exclaimed, “This… this is someone reaching the Nascent Soul stage?”

The moment those words were said, besides the Nascent Soul cultivators in the room, everyone else revealed looks of disbelief. It has to be said that reaching the Nascent Soul stage is a very important matter and you would normally have someone guarding you during the process.

Now that someone had just reached the Nascent Soul stage in the Cloud Sky Sect, the first thought everyone had was that the Cloud Sky Sect had just gained another Nascent Soul cultivator.

Just when the surrounding sect and cultivation family members were about to express their congratulations, Sima Yunnan let out a laugh and said, “Congratulations to the Cloud Sky Sect for obtaining another Nascent Soul cultivator. I wonder if I know this person? Why don’t you invite that person here for us to see?”

Song Qing and Liu Fei looked at each other, then turned around to look at the elders. All of the elders tried their hardest to think of who would be trying to break into the Nascent Soul stage right now, but couldn’t think of anyone, so they all shook their heads.

As a result, the two’s expression slowly turned ugly. Song Qing’s face was dark as he slowly said, “Sorry, fellow cultivator Sima. Even I’m curious as to who this cultivator is. If we can invite him out here, then we will be sure to let everyone meet him.” There was a hint of darkness in his voice, especially the word invite, it had a very heavy tone behind it.

The moment those words came out, all of the cultivators’ eyebrows raised. If there was no one in the Cloud Sky Sect who was trying to reach the Nascent Soul stage, then this would turn into a very interesting situation.

At the same time, all of the surrounding cultivators of the various sects and cultivation families felt a hint of regret. This person was really unwise in where they decided to break into the Nascent Soul stage. It seemed that the day that person broke through was also the day that they’d die.

The Cloud Sky Sect’s face was greater than everything. This person was definitely going to die!

The Sky Cloud Sect’s outer sect head’s expression was extremely ugly. He forced a smile and said, “I want to see who has the guts to use my Cloud Sky Mountain to reach Nascent Soul. His Nascent Soul is mine!”

Liu Fei’s face sank. He waved his sleeves and disappeared. At the same time, all of the Nascent Soul cultivators left the main hall. All of these people went out with bystander attitudes. It has to be said that with Cloud Sky Sect as the number 1 sect in the country, it was hard to see something like this happening.

As for the reason everyone gathered today, it seemed they all had already forgotten about it. Compared to reaching the Nascent Soul stage, the cultivation pair ceremony just couldn’t compare.

Just as they exited the main hall and walked into the square, the seven Heaven Stealing Pill Furnaces let out loud humming sounds. Then, the seven pill furnaces all got pushed outwards, as if there was an invisible hand moving them. Large cracks appeared on the ground in the center of the square.

A thick layer of cold air escaped from the cracks in the ground. The square suddenly became very cold.

Although Sima Yunnan’s expression was normal, he was secretly shocked. This type of aura was not something a normal Nascent Soul cultivator could release.

He turned to look at the others in the square. Although the ten or more Nascent Soul cultivators all had calm expressions, their eyes all displayed how serious they were.

Liu Fei let out a cold snort. He moved like lightning into the cracks in the ground as he shouted, “Fellow cultivator used my Cloud Sky Sect to reach Nascent Soul. Do you think the Cloud Sky Sect can be pushed around?”

Right after he entered the crack, a scream came from inside. This scream came from Liu Fei right after he finished his sentence and was filled with fear and panic.

As a result, all of the surrounding Nascent Soul cultivators backed up. They all looked at the crack with serious expressions as if there was some ancient demon down there.

Sun Zhenwei’s father, the grey robed man, didn’t back up, but charged forward. All of the other Nascent Soul cultivators in the Cloud Sky Sect also took out their magic treasures.

At this point, Sun Zhenwei had also left the main hall. Because he didn’t have the ability to teleport like the Nascent Soul cultivators, he was naturally a step behind.

Li Muwan slowly walked out as well. She looked at Sun Zhenwei’s back and let out a mocking expression. She then looked at the crack in the ground with a tender look.

Just as the grey robed elder was about check the crack, he noticed Sun Zhenwei and said, “Zhenwei, go back inside. You shouldn’t be out here.”

“Since you already came, don’t leave.” A voice as cold as the chilly winds of winter came out of the crack.

Sun Zhenwei’s body went soft as he fell to the ground. He was very familiar with this voice. This was the voice that had caused him to be so nervous lately.

Then, a young man with flowing white hair floated out from within the crack. There was a shining purple star on his forehead. He was like a thousand year old unmelting ice. The moment he appeared, the surroundings got even colder.

In his right hand, he held Liu Fei by his hair. As he rose up out of the crack, Liu Fei’s pale face and closed eyes also appeared.

At the same time, Sun Zhenwei’s father quickly backed up as he stared at the young man. All of the other Cloud Sky Sect’s Nascent soul cultivators’ eyes also became cold.

All of the surrounding Nascent Soul cultivators from other sects and families were all shocked besides Sima Yunana. They all quietly watched from the side to see how this would develop. After all, if even Liu Fei couldn’t stand up against this person, then even if they all went up to help, it would be pointless.

Song Qing sucked in a breath of cold air. He waved his hand to an elder. Just as the elder took out a jade and sent it out, the white haired youth turned to look at the elder and Song Qing, revealing a mocking smile.

Song Qing’s heart suddenly shook. He felt as if he was completely seen through. He only ever got this feeling when he met the sect’s ancestors. He couldn’t help but take a few steps back in horror.

As for that elder, he was even worse off. He immediately dropped the jade and didn’t dare to move. He felt that if he continued to try to send the jade over, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Song Qing took a deep breath. He look at Liu Fei, who was in the white haired man’s right hand. He forced himself to calm down and said, “Fellow cultivator, this whole matter is a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding!”

This white haired youth was Wang Lin. His gaze swept across the crowd. When he looked at Li Muwan, a hint of tenderness flashed across his eyes. He raised his left hand and said, “Come!”

Li Muwan let out a beautiful smile as she walked toward Wang Lin. All of the Nascent Soul cultivators moved out of the way as no one dared to fight for the Cloud Sky Sect right now.

Sima Yunnan took a deep breath as his eyes lit up. Sima Yunnan was a very ambitious person, but the Cloud Sky Sect had alway been above his Hao Ran Sect. Although he hated them greatly in his heart, there was nothing he could do.

The moment that white haired youth appeared, he immediately remembered Xu Li’s description. He was now 100% sure that this was the disaster that came from the Sea of Devils.

But even he didn’t expect that this person’s cultivation level would be high enough to easily take care of Liu Fei. His heart couldn’t help but be shocked.

At the very least, he wasn’t able to see through Liu Fei’s cultivation, so this youth’s cultivation was something he didn’t dare to think about. But at the same time, he was very happy. The stronger the youth was, the higher the chance of the Cloud Sky Sect being wiped out today. Especially now that Liu Fei, who said he wanted that youth’s Nascent Soul, had been easily defeated. On that day, the Cloud Sky Sect really had lost a lot of face.

Everyone moved out of the way as Li Muwan walked toward Wang Lin. Even Song Qing, whose face was pale, forced a smile as he got out of the way.

Only the grey robed man’s face was extremely ugly, mostly because Li Muwan was his daugher-in-law. She immediately walked toward that man when he called her. This made him feel embarrassed.

But he was very smart. Despite being angry on the inside, his expression quickly returned to normal as he moved out of the way.

Li Muwan slowly walked through the Nascent Soul cultivators. Normally, when they met her, although they would greet her with smiles, they would still be arrogant and forceful in their speech. But today, all of these Nascent Soul cultivators showed signs of fear and their attitudes toward her had changed as well.

Li Muwan knew that all of this was because of one person. A person who caused them fear, a person they dreaded, a person who could easily defeat Liu Fei. This person was her man, Wang Lin.

After arriving next to Wang Lin, Li Muwan let out a smile like a flower blooming. At that moment, Li Muwan felt a deep sense of satisfaction in her heart.

Wang Lin’s gaze moved and landed on Sun Zhenwei. Sun Zhenwei’s face was pale as he stared at Wang Lin. His normal gentle smile was long gone, replaced with hatred.

Wang Lin softly said, “Die!”

The Ji Realm immediately moved and the entire square was instantly covered in an unimaginably powerful divine sense. All of the Nascent Soul cultivators took deep breaths. Their nascent energy almost went out of control as they trembled.

This feeling left just as fast as it came. Sun Zhenwei quivered, then his eyes became unfocused. His body fell down and twitched a bit before becoming motionless.

The grey robed man stared at Sun Zhenwei, dumbfounded, as his eyes became red. He quickly moved next to Sun Zhenwei and took out a bottle from his bag of holding. However, his hands began to tremble until he threw away the bottle. He stared at Wang Lin and shouted, “Why?!”

Wang Lin shook his right hand. Liu Fei’s body trembled as he opened his eyes. His face was pale and his cultivation was being suppressed by a mysterious force. His eyes were filled with rage as he shouted, “If you want to kill me, just kill me. Why humiliate this old man?”

Song Qing’s heart was very anxious. Although he didn’t send any messages to the ancestors, they still should have noticed that something was wrong. Why were they not here yet?

He took a deep breath. He knew that all he could do was stall for time. He forced a smile and said, “Senior, the Cloud Sky Sect didn’t know that elder Li was your friend. I’m sorry for offending you. This is the Cloud Sky Sect’s fault. How about you come with me to the main hall and I’ll try to make it up to senior?”

With his age, how could he not know what had caused of all this? He secretly thought that the ancestors were really too nosey. Li Muwan was doing fine, but they had to mess with her, resulting in her friend coming. As for Sun Zhenwei’s death, he didn’t mind it too much. In his mind, Sun Zhenwei was only a core disciple of the outer sect.

Wang Lin ignored Song Qing, but pointed at the grey robed elder and slowly said, “Today’s business is my own personal affair. If anyone dares to intervene, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

The grey robed elder let out a crazed laugh as he slapped his bag of holding and seven purple flying swords came out. The moment the flying swords appeared, they released a monstrous sword energy. He used his Nascent Soul cultivation to control the seven flying swords to attack Wang Lin.

Li Fei revealed a frustrated expression, but in the end, he sighed and didn’t say anything. Before, when he entered the crack, he was surrounded by a powerful destructive force. He felt his Nascent Soul go out of control and knew that Wang Lin would only need a single thought to kill him.

He hadn’t felt like that in a long time. Not even the ancestors could make him feel like that. After all, Liu Fei’s cultivation was already at the peak of mid stage Nascent Soul, only one step from the late stage.

Wang Lin’s expression was still calm. As for the seven flying swords flying toward him, he completely ignored them. His Ji Realm moved again and the flashing red lights appeared in his eyes.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. The grey robed old man coughed out blood as his eyes became unfocused. His Nascent Soul crawled out from the top of his head and tried to escape.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He slapped his bag of holding with his right hand and took out a bronze colored mirror. Both of his hands formed a seal as he threw the bronze mirror. The mirror shone a green light that immediately landed on the escaping Nascent Soul.

The Nascent Soul let out a scream as it emitted green smoke.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and put away the bronze mirror. He held the Nascent Soul with a merciless expression as he waved his hand and wiped out the consciousness of the Nascent Soul. He handed the Nascent Soul to Li Muwan and said, “Take this to refine a pill.”

Li Muwan let out a sweet smile as she obediently put it in her bag of holding. She nodded and delicately said, “Ok, this should be able to make a high quality spirit pill.”

The surroundings became very quiet. The people inside the main hall also appeared in the square and they all saw what had just happened. None of them dared to breath too loudly as they looked at Wang Lin. Xu Li was among them and he quickly lowered his head to cover up how shocked he was.

As for the surrounding Nascent Soul cultivators of the Cloud Sky Sect, they were all angry, but none of them dared to speak as they looked at Wang Lin with dread.

The Nascent Soul cultivators of the other sects all backed up even more. They decided that no matter what, they wouldn’t get mixed up in this.

Shortly after the grey robed man was killed, Wang Lin moved without any hesitation. He waved his right hand and Liu Fei’s body was forced to follow him closely by an invisible force. Wang Lin hugged Li Muwan as he charged toward the closest elder of the Cloud Sky Sect.

The elder’s expression immediately changed as he attempted to teleport. However, just as he was teleporting, he felt an unimaginable pressure surrounding him, as if he was being played around with by a giant hand. He suddenly coughed out blood as he was forced out of his teleportation. He felt a cold sensation in his abdomen. As he looked down, he saw that his Nascent Soul had already been taken.

At that moment, Wang Lin’s figure had already moved on to the next elder. All of the Nascent Soul cultivators moved back and took out various magic treasures to attack Wang Lin.

Nascent Soul cultivators were not to be taken lightly. They all had their own dignity. If they were fighting 1 on 1, they might run, but when they were fighting many against one, even if that one’s cultivation was very high, they would still dare to fight.

Of course, the most important thing was that these elders knew that the ancestors would be here soon.

However, they still had to hesitate a bit when using their magic treasures because Liu Fei was so close to Wang Lin. As a result, their attacks were a bit slow.

Just at that moment, five powerful divine senses appeared in the depths of the Cloud Sky Sect. Soon, five figures shot out from deep within the mountains like meteors. Their speed was so great that they arrived several times faster than if they had used teleportation to get to where Wang Lin was.

In almost an instant, the five of them arrived in the sky above the main hall square.

“Stop!” An angry roar came from the sky like the roaring wind.

Although their speed was great, Wang Lin’s speed was even greater. His figure hadn’t stopped for a second as he hugged Li Muwan while killing all of the Cloud Sky Sect’s elders.

Wang Lin’s Ji Realm repeatedly flashed. The red lightning also moved madly inside his eyes. In an instant, Wang Lin killed three more Nascent Cultivators while they were still unprepared. Wang Lin gave the Nascent Souls to Li Muwan for alchemy. Even if their Nascent Souls attempted to escape, they wouldn’t escape the chase of the bronze mirror.

As a result, of the nine Nascent Soul cultivators the Cloud Sky Sect had, including Liu Fei and Song Qing, five of them had already been killed. As for Liu Fei, whether he was alive or dead was unknown.

At this point, only three Nascent Soul cultivators were left, including Song Qing. The three Nascent Soul cultivators were standing back to back, revealing horrified expressions.

In reality, if these Nascent Soul cultivators swarmed Wang Lin and attacked all at once, even if Wang Lin somehow managed to kill them all, he would be heavily wounded. That was why Wang Lin didn’t charge in, but waited for someone to come to investigate first.

Then, he took the opportunity to use his powerful cultivation to shock everyone. That was why he didn’t kill Liu Fei or anyone else at first. He used this shock to allow Li Muwan to safely arrive next to him. After that, he wouldn’t have any worries left.

For this battle, Wang Lin’s goal was to cause shock and awe.

He used the shock created the moment he killed Sun Zhenwei’s father as an opportunity to start killing.

All of this was so that these Nascent Soul cultivators couldn’t group up and attack.

At the same time, Liu Fei was his ace. If they grouped up and attacked, then he would immediately use Liu Fei as a meat shield.

The reason he didn’t kill any outsiders was to prevent them from interfering. After his display of power, all of the other Nascent Soul cultivators were already filled with fear.

After killing three people, Wang Lin stopped and looked up into the sky. He saw five white haired elders looking at him with eyes filled with rage.

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