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Chapter 186 – Beyond the Qi Sea

Wang Lin quickly charged toward the exit. After a short amount of time, he arrived within 30 feet of the exit whirlpool.

But as he arrived, directly above the exit of the third trial, a rift thousands of feet long opened. It released a blood red glow.

Wang Lin was shocked, but his face remained calm. He immediately used the technique that Ancient Emperor had given him on the whirlpool. The moment the rift appeared, he still charged toward the whirlpool. Purple lightning appeared, dragging him into the whirlpool.

The moment he entered the whirlpool, Wang Lin clearly saw large demons coming out of the rift, all revealing looks of ecstasy in their eyes as they looked at Wang Lin in the whirlpool. They all charged toward him.

Wang Lin’s heart skipped a beat. Any one of the demons in the group could destroy Wang Lin with the wave of a hand. With that thought in mind, Wang Lin disappeared into the whirlpool.

All the demons followed him without any hesitation.

After Wang Lin came out of the whirlpool, he quickly started to escape without pausing. The area was a square plaza with dozens of pillars that reached the sky.

In the middle of the pillars was a circular transfer array that was glowing a demonic red light. If one looked closely, they could see that the transfer array was formed by something that looked like blood vessels. Surrounding it were tubes that connected to the transfer array. They looked like they were fueling the array with some dark red liquid.

The demon-like red light was emitted by the liquid being supplied into the array.

The moment Wang Lin appeared, he scanned the whole area with his divine sense without hesitation. He found out that there were no whirlpool in this area, only the transfer array.

Without saying a word, he rushed next to the transfer array, but didn’t charge into it. After giving it a look, he took out his poison sword from his bag of holding and broke off 10 thorns.

The poison sword disappeared back into his bag of holding. He moved his hands to form illusionary circles, then he placed restrictions on the 10 thorns.

After he finished, he pointed his finger at his brow and spit out a mouthful of golden Qi. The golden Qi turned to threads as it entered the thorns.

The thorns’ whole body shook and scattered as they started to spin with the illusionary circles.

Shortly after, Wang Lin stepped into the transfer array without any hesitation. The moment his body entered the transfer array, a ray of red light shot out from the side and covered the entire transfer array.

[TL Note: The array is saying this] “The time it took to pass the third trial was over the expected limit, but you were able to receive qualification in the second trial. Location: outside the Qi Sea.”

Within the fluctuating rays of blood red light, Wang Lin’s body started to distort until it disappeared without a trace. The blood red light started to disperse, until everything returned to normal.

At that moment, the illusionary circles Wang Lin had left behind scattered in all directions and created restrictions that surrounded the entire transfer array. Following the sudden movement of the illusionary circles, the thorns quickly flew at the transfer array, pierced into the blood vessels, and spread their toxin into them.

After an instant, the entire array no longer emitted a red light, but a black light, however, that black light didn’t last long and slowly turned red again.

At the same time, at the entrance of the fourth realm, many demons from the Blood Sea appeared and quickly arrived next to the transfer array.

One of the demon cultivators looked at the array once and said, “The array has been destroyed. It will take three hours to recover.”

“It doesn’t matter. The body is very large. The soul devourer won’t be able to enter the Sea of Knowledge. As long as he doesn’t enter the Sea of Knowledge, he won’t be able to leave.”

“In three hours, we will split up for the search. This time, we must capture him alive.”

Wang Lin felt like his soul and his body were separated. Soon after, he clearly noticed his body was surrounded by an invisible force that pulled him toward a whirlpool. That whole time, he felt like his body disappear and only his divine sense remained.

He didn’t know how long it had been. Suddenly, the force around his body disappeared as he slowly regained control of his body. When he opened his eyes, he saw a blue world.

This was a very strange place. The sky was blue and so was the ground. It could be said that this world had no ground, only sky, because the ground was really just another sky.

Wang Lin was stunned for a moment, then recovered his calmness. The moment before he was transferred here, he remembered that the voice said that he would be transferred to the edge of the Qi Sea.

With that sentence, Wang Lin knew that this was the fourth realm. Only, the fourth realm didn’t have any obstacles, it was only used as a transfer location.

Wang Lin thought that he had already entered the body of the Ancient God, just outside the Qi Sea.

He pondered for a little and sighed. He never thought that among all the cultivators that tried, he would be the first to enter the Land of the Ancient God.

Before the third trial, Wang Lin still had some hope to enter the Land of the Ancient God, but now, he felt that this place wasn’t a place filled with treasure and immortal pills like Duanmu had said.

Especially at the third trial exit, when all those demons like Hunchback Meng appeared, caused Wang Lin to feel like there was a large rock weighing down his heart. Wang Lin had a feeling that he had entered a place he wasn’t supposed to enter.

Especially the naked ecstasy in the eyes of those demons as they looked at Wang Lin. He was very smart, and after analyzing it once, he realized it must’ve had something to do with what that large soul who was almost a Soul Devour said.

“Before, only Hunchback Meng and one other appeared, but as I was about to leave, so many suddenly appeared. They must be after me. It seems to have something to do with that large soul realizing my identity of a soul devourer.”

As Wang Lin was thinking, his body never stopped moving forward. He felt that those demons wouldn’t give up so easily, and may suddenly appear in front of him.

What Wang Lin needed to do now was to quickly leave this strange Land of the Ancient God.

Wang Lin slammed his bag of holding and a piece of jade appeared. He concentrated a little on the piece of jade, then his expression became unsettled. He put away the piece of jade and quickly formed illusionary circles with his hand.

The piece of jade contained sets of hand signs one must form to create a tunnel to leave here, as stated by Ancient Emperor. There were over 400 signs to make before one could form a tunnel.

Wang Lin felt a bit weird after forming the first set. He continued to form the set until the 34th set, where he stopped and his face paled.

This 34th set looked like the other sets, but in reality, it used spiritual energy without the person knowing. That caused his spiritual energy to fluctuate.

Wang Lin pondered a little and moved on to the 35th set. He quickly formed all the sets in the piece of jade one by one.

When he finished the last set, he pressed his hand forward and a whirlpool appeared, emitting a dark air. However, the instant the whirlpool appeared, it collapsed in front of Wang Lin and disappeared.

As he continued to form the sets, the spiritual energy in his body started to strongly fluctuate. It wasn’t until the whirlpool disappeared that his spiritual energy calmed down again.

Wang Lin’s eyes trembled as he stared at the whirlpool that had appeared.

Wang Lin whispered, “Such a poisonous technique!” He sneered. The whirlpool formed by this technique spun counter clockwise, while all the exit whirlpools spun clockwise.

If one didn’t look closely, they wouldn’t notice the difference. As for if using this technique to form the counter clockwise whirlpool would create an exit to leave the place, Wang Lin wasn’t sure. But he was sure that if two whirlpools met, there would be dire consequences.

Of course, there was also a chance that the exit was created by the collision of the two whirlpools, however, when Wang Lin was using the technique, he noticed that from the 34th set and onwards, the spiritual energy in his body started to fluctuate. The more sets he formed, the more it fluctuated, until it reached its limit at the last set.

If Wang Lin didn’t already notice that it was only his spiritual energy fluctuating and that it was harmless, he would have immediately stopped forming the sets. However, now that he saw the whirlpool, his eyes suddenly turn cold.

He wasn’t sure if this technique could help him leave this place, but he knew that the moment the two whirlpools collided, his spiritual energy would go out of control. It might even explode in his body and spread to his core, splitting his core in half.

Wang Lin was able to realize this because every time he entered a whirlpool, he could feel his spiritual energy get excited and act violently for an instant. Even though it was just for an instant, if it happened in between two whirlpools with the opposite spin, the aftereffect on Wang Lin’s body was something he couldn’t even imagine.

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