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Chapter 178 – Restriction mountain

Wang Lin waved his right hand and the flying sword flew toward him. He carefully guided the flying sword into his bag of holding before relaxing. He didn’t want to be cut by the sword he had refined and die from the poison.

After putting the flying sword away, Wang Lin stood up and walked toward the stone bridge without any hesitation. The tornados howled as they quickly followed him.

Wang Lin carefully moved forward. Although this bridge looked normal, the scene changed and the bridge became 1000 feet long the moment he stepped on it.

A vortex appeared on the other side of the bridge.

Wang Lin’s eyes sparkled. He pondered for a bit before reaching out with his hand. A small creature flew out and landed on his palm. He threw the small creature and it shot out like an arrow toward the vortex.

However, after the small creature only flew 100 feet, a bolt of purple lightning accurately landed on the small creature and turned it to dust.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same. If there were no restrictions here, he could just fly across without any issue. However, he could only take it step by step now. He had to move slowly and without any sudden acceleration. He looked at the 1000-foot-long bridge, took a deep breath, and stepped forward.

Wang Lin remained completely focused with each step. On the tenth step, he was suddenly surrounded by fog and the tornados behind him disappeared.

The second devil also disappeared along with the tornados; even the connection between them was blocked by a mysterious force. Wang Lin couldn’t detect it at all.

Wang Lin wanted to look back, but just as he was about to turn around, he forced himself to stop. Wang Lin’s face was sullen while he pondered, then he sneered and continued to walk forward.

This time it was 100 feet.

A thunderous roar suddenly rang out behind Wang Lin that even caused the bridge before him to shake. Wang Lin immediately stabilized his body. He knew this roar; it was the roar of the desolate dragon from the tunnel.

A fishy and hot breath blew on his back. Wang Lin controlled himself to not even check with his divine sense. This bridge was called the Path of No Return, meaning that once one steps on it, they can’t go back.

Wang Lin didn’t believe that this place could be so simple. Not only could he not go back, but he couldn’t even turn his head around. He most likely couldn’t spread his divine sense toward his back either. In the end, everything must follow the two words of No Return, or else he would die here like that small creature.

Although he couldn’t turn his head or check with his divine sense, he knew that for him to feel this heat it meant that the dragon had opened its big mouth and was right behind him.

Wang Lin was surprised, but he didn’t panic. There was no way for that dragon to appear behind him; it had to be some type of illusion.

Just at this moment, a red light flashed by his right shoulder. His pupils shrank. He clearly saw that the red light was the dragon’s forked tongue. His forehead was covered in cold sweat. He looked sideways and found a sticky substance that released a strange smell on his shoulder.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and began to calm down. His steps were still steady while he gently walked forward. The forked tongue kept flashing by his body, and his clothes flapped under the hot breath. Suddenly, a powerful killing intent appeared behind him.

Wang Lin looked at his flapping clothes and let out a mocking smile. If it was before, he would still be a bit unsure, especially after seeing the sticky substance on his shoulder. However, after seeing his clothes flap like this, he was confident that this was an illusion.

The reason was the thing behind him was supposed to be a desolate beast. Normally, just one breath would have blown him far away at this range, but now it could only make his clothes flap.

Wang Lin was very determined; no matter what kind of sound or movements there were behind him, he still just calmly walked forward. At this moment, the red dragon let out a violent roar and attempted to devour him. Wang Lin could see the dragon coming from the corner of his eye, but he didn’t panic and continued to calmly walk forward.

The moment the dragon devoured him, it turned into a cloud of smoke. Wang Lin slowly walked out of the smoke.

He had walked 900 feet and had only 100 feet left, but just at this moment, he heard a soft cough.

This cough was very soft, but in Wang Lin’s ears it was like thunder booming. He couldn’t help but stop. His body trembled and two streams of tears rolled down his face.

That cough continued. Wang Lin knew that all of this was an illusion and was fake, but he still had the urge to turn around to take a look.

“Tie Zhu… turn around and let dad have a look…”

The familiar voice entered his ears, causing Wang Lin to clench his fist and close his eyes. When he opened them again, his eyes were filled with determination and he began to walk forward again.

“Tie Zhu… mother just wants to see her child. How could you be so ruthless as to not even turn your head…”

Wang Lin closed his eyes again. His body was trembling with each step, but he continued forward without any hesitation. Soon, he arrived at the end of the stone bridge. Throughout these last 100 feet, his parents’ voices never stopped.

When he reached the end of the bridge, his parents’ voices disappeared. The howls of the tornados returned and he regained his connection with the second devil.

Wang Lin still didn’t turn around. After pondering for a long time before the vortex, he took out the jade Li Muwan had given him and activated it. He surrounded the tornados behind him and they entered the vortex together.

Wang Lin disappeared inside the vortex after being pulled by the purple lightning.

What appeared before him when he walked out of the vortex was a large mountain that was covered by clouds. It was so tall that it was impossible to see all of it with all the clouds around it. Compared to the mountain, Wang Lin looked very small.

After seeing the mountain, Wang Lin was shocked, but he was soon able to figure out that the Path of No Return was clearly not the second trial. Otherwise, all of this didn’t match what Ancient Emperor and Duanmu Ji said about needing Wang Lin’s death spell.

He still couldn’t see anything that required divine sense attacks to get past. He continued to look at the mountain and guessed that maybe this was the real second trial.

He spread out his divine sense and his pupils immediately shrank. There was clearly a broken restriction in the foot of the mountain with slivers of red light flashing around it.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit before walking toward the mountain. Before long, he reached where the restriction was. The restriction had clearly been destroyed by someone, leaving behind a hole big enough for one person to pass.

Red light shined from the sides of the hole. He then looked up toward the mountain peak. He immediately became very cautious, because he was certain that there was someone ahead of him.

There was nothing else here besides this mountain, meaning that this mountain was the key for this trial. There was also only one choice, which was to climb to the peak of this mountain.

To a mortal, climbing a mountain like this would be a very difficult task, but to a cultivator, it wasn’t difficult at all.

However, with Wang Lin’s experience here so far, there had to be a restriction that prevented him from flying, so he had to walk up the mountain.

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin turned around and looked at the tornados. He waved his hand and the tornados began to merge together to form a large tornado. Wang Lin jumped toward the tornado. When he got close to it, an opening appeared on the tornado as if it were welcoming him in.

Standing inside the tornado, Wang Lin sent out a command and the giant tornado immediately moved forward.

Right after they passed the restriction, Wang Lin saw with his divine sense that the restriction began to recover and soon returned to normal.

Wang Lin’s heart sank. If the restrictions could recover, then he couldn’t let the person before him open the path for him like he did in the first trial.

Thinking about this, the countless divine senses of the small creatures merged together under Wang Lin’s control through the second devil and spread out.

He carefully controlled this powerful divine sense to check the surrounding area. His heart sank. This place was completely covered with restrictions.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call this place a restriction mountain. Forget climbing straight up; just one wrong step would get him killed.

While Wang Lin was exploring the area with his divine sense, one of the restrictions was recovering and completely returned to normal in the blink of an eye.

Wang Lin withdrew his divine sense. After pondering for a bit, he walked out from the giant tornado. He took out a bag of holding and waved his hand. The tornados, along with the second devil, entered the bag. This bag of holding was one he got from an insect cultivator. It couldn’t hold items, but living creatures could stay inside it.

Wang Lin had tested it with a few small creatures a few days ago. Once he found out that it worked, he was using it to store the small creatures.

After the small creatures entered the bag, he tied that bag to his waist and took a deep breath before he began walking forward. His divine sense was spread out, carefully observing his surroundings.

While he used the small creatures’ divine senses to scan the area, he found that there were openings between the restrictions. However, the openings were too small for the giant tornados to pass through, and the surrounding restrictions were fully functional, so they would activate if touched.

This was why he gave up on the idea of using the giant tornados to charge up to the mountaintop.

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