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Chapter 1737 - My Heart Happens to Stir!

The moment Wang Lin saw the planet rotate, on the ninth floor of the tower, the gloominess on the old man in the gold robe’s face disappeared and was replaced with a smile.

“Nine Cycle Heart Wheel. Even on the Immortal Astral Continent, very few people can break it. The focus of this formation is the heart. The faster one’s heart moves, the more difficult it becomes to break!

“You said that this person was very cunning and very intelligent. It has been many years, and not only did he not die, but his cultivation level has increased greatly. He must have experienced many life and death situations and his mind has been honed to be like that of a demon!

“The smarter the person, the more difficult it is for them to break free! This is only the first cycle; the later it becomes, the more killing potential it has. Once it reaches nine cycles, he will be trapped there for life until his mental energy has been exhausted and he dies!”

When Na Dou heard this, he smiled. He clasped his hands at the old man and said, “With the Ancestor here, this person cannot escape.”

The old man in the golden robe laughed and looked at this right arm. There was a hint of viciousness in his gaze. Even now, his right arm still felt pain. Even when he used his celestial energy, it wasn’t able to alleviate all the pain.

Outside the planet, Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo, who had been observing this whole time, narrowed his eyes.

“This Nine Cycle Heart Wheel’s power is average, but it is difficult for those who don’t understand it to break it… I fear this child can’t break out… Forget it, I’ll watch for a bit longer. If he is really trapped, I’ll save him.”

Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo gently shook his head. He didn’t expect Wang Lin to break the famous Gui Yi Sect formation, but there was a sliver of expectation in his heart.

However, this expectation was very weak. When he noticed this sliver of expectation, he even laughed.

“I shouldn’t expect too much… Even if this generation’s emperor charged into this formation without any knowledge beforehand, he would be trapped!”

Wang Lin’s expression was serious as he looked at planet Five Elements. However, the more he looked, the faster it rotated.

At the start, it was rotating slowly, but now it was several times faster. As it rotated, Wang Lin felt a stinging pain in his eyes and got a sense of vertigo. In those few breaths, his mental energy was rapidly consumed.

This discovery made Wang Lin’s heart tremble, and he didn’t hesitate to close his eyes. However, even with his eyes closed, his divine sense still saw the planet rotate without pause.

“What kind of formation is this?” Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly opened, and his expression was gloomy. Whether he looked or not, his eyes opened or closed, or even if he looked in another direction, the planet was still rotating!

Soon, nine breaths passed, and on the tenth breath, the planet started to rotate even faster. This made Wang Lin feel vertigo even more, and his mental energy began to be exhausted at a rapid rate.

Wang Lin had never experienced this kind of thing in his life. He couldn’t understand what was happening, what kind of restrictions existed inside this formation!

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. He stepped forward with no hesitation!

“Even if this planet is strange, it is still not far from me. I’ll simply ignore it and enter the planet!” Wang Lin moved very fast and crossed an endless distance with one step. However, after this step, Wang Lin’s pupils shrank.

He found that he had walked in place instead of moving toward the planet. The distance between them hadn’t changed and the planet was still rotating!

It was as if the planet had moved as well!

Wang Lin silently pondered. At this moment, the second set of nine breaths passed and the third cycle began. The planet started rotating even faster, becoming blurry in Wang Lin’s eyes.

“What kind of formation is this? So strange!” Wang Lin’s heart felt irritated as the planet continued to rotate. This irritation didn’t come suddenly, it felt like it had always been there. However, the moment this irritation appeared, the rotation of the planet suddenly became faster!

This increase in speed caused the planet to become much more blurry. Right now, it looked like the planet had begun a giant cyclone.

Wang Lin’s face turned slightly pale and he couldn’t suppress the irritation in his heart. It became stronger and stronger, and the rotation of the planet became faster and faster as well!

“Something isn’t right!” Wang Lin rapidly retreated. However, no matter how fast he retreated, the distance between him and planet Five Elements didn’t increase at all!!

This strange change shocked Wang Lin’s heart, and the irritation in his heart became even stronger. At this moment, the fourth set of nine breaths passed and the planet entered its fifth cycle.

The moment it entered the fifth cycle, due to Wang Lin’s irritation, planet Five Elements no longer looked like a planet. It had completely changed into a circle of vortexes that rotated rapidly.

Wang Lin’s body trembled and his chest felt stuffy. As the planet rotated, Wang Lin felt like the world was spinning. It was as if the only one not spinning was himself.

However, this made Wang Lin feel as if he didn’t belong here, it made him feel irritated. The sense of vertigo was painful for Wang Lin, making him want to vomit. He staggered back and his face became deathly pale. His eyes were completely bloodshot.

As he stared at the vortex, on top of irritation, madness appeared in his eyes!

However, the moment the madness appeared, the speed of the vortex increased greatly. Wang Lin’s feet became unstable and he started rotating along with it without him being aware of it.

In the ninth floor of the tower, the old man in the golden robe looked at this and laughed. His eyes were filled with cruelty and joy. He looked outside the tower with contempt and disdain.

“It has already entered the fifth cycle, he can’t escape. Even if I went inside, I wouldn’t be able to enter after the fifth cycle. He can only have his mind be exhausted by the formation and have all his life force wasted!

“This person wants to break into my planet Five Elements? He is simply too arrogant!!”

Na Duo also smiled, but there was still lingering fear in his eyes. He didn’t know as much about the Nine Cycle Heart Wheel as the old man, but he had stepped into it himself a long time ago.

He was well aware of the terror of this formation. He entered a coma in the third cycle and was saved by the ancestor. It took a long time for him to recover. After that, he only felt awe and fear toward this formation.

Outside the planet, Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo gently shook his head and let out a sigh.

“Still not as good as expected. Even if there is only a little bit of expectation, it can turn into disappointment. It is still rare for him to last fifth cycles… I’ll let him experience it a bit more, and when it enters the ninth cycle, I’ll act.” Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo still felt some disappointment, but he understood that if he had rushed into this famous formation without any knowledge before he became a Grand Empyrean, he would be in a similar state.

Wang Lin’s face was deathly pale. In the ninth breath of the ninth cycle, he coughed out blood. This was caused by the exhaustion of his mind. His body began to slowly rotate, but he stopped it by force.

The veins on his face bulged, and irritation and madness filled his mind. He stared at the vortex that was about to reach the limit of its rotation and stood there motionless.

He knew that whether he liked or not, the vortex would still be there.

He understood that whether he thought about it or not, the vortex would still be there! He was aware that if his body rotated with the planet, his mind would be pulled inside. Once his mind had been completely exhausted, the only thing awaiting him would be death!

“Every nine breaths, the rotation of the planet suddenly increases…” Wang Lin endured the vertigo and pain as he forced his mind to calm down to think.

“Nine breaths for one change… The moment I became irritated, the rotation intensified… The moment the madness appeared, the rotation became faster…” The more Wang Lin pondered and thought, the faster the rotation became, making it almost impossible for him to think.

He stared at the vortex, and the more he couldn’t calm down, the more he thought. He needed to find out the cause for everything to be spinning.

Soon, the sixth set of nines breath passed, the seventh, and the eighth… flashed by!

In the ninth floor of the tower, the old man laughed as he waved his sleeve. He took Na Duo outside the tower and stood in the sky.

“The ninth cycle, this person is dead for sure! Na Duo, follow this old man to collect his body!” The old man in the golden robe laughed and was about to walk forward. However, his laughter suddenly stopped and his eyes became filled with disbelief.

“It slowed down!! The rotation slowed down!! Impossible, this is the ninth turn, this… this…”

Na Duo was also terrified, he was originally smiling but that smile quickly turned into fear.

Similarly, outside the planet, Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo was shaking his head and suppressing the  disappointment in his heart. He was about to wave his right hand, but just as he lifted his hand, he stopped. His eyes shined and he lowered his right hand. His ancient heart began to beat.

Inside the formation, when the first breath of the ninth cycle arrived, Wang Lin suddenly closed his eyes.

“Heart stirred… My heart was stirred! My heart was stirred, and as a result, my body, soul, and everything, including the planet, is moving… All of this is happening because my heart is not calm!” The bloodlines in Wang Lin’s eyes disappeared and the madness faded. All irritations disappeared and his heart was as calm as the water.

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