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Chapter 1724 - The All-Seer’s Original Body!

Wang Lin’s original body rushed through the stars, moving at a speed much faster than his avatar. He wasn’t flying using brute force or integrating with the world, he was ripping the world apart to move forward!

Wang Lin’s right hand would rip the space before him as he stepped forward. A thunderous rumble echoed as the space before him was torn open.

He would then instantly enter the rift, and when he reappeared, he had already left the Summoned River!

Using this outrageous method, Wang Lin’s speed reached the peak of what his body was capable of!

In the entire cave world, only Wang Lin could dare to move like this. The inside of the spatial rifts were filled with destructive turbulence, and the cultivators’ bodies could not withstand this kind of impact.

Even ancient demons and ancient devils would find it difficult to withstand this destructive storm. An ancient god may survive a few times but couldn’t do it for long.

Only an Ancient Dao body, which was countless times stronger than an ancient god body, could do this! Only Wang Lin, who had the Ancient Dao bloodline, could calmly enter the spatial rifts and move forward in such an unbelievable way while not caring about the turbulence inside!

The destructive storm landed on Wang Lin’s body but caused him no damage. Instead, the storm itself let out a whimper and collapsed.

In the Brilliant Void, a giant rift appeared out of nowhere. Wang Lin’s powerful body stepped out of the rift. At this moment, Wang Lin’s powerful Ancient Dao divine sense swept the area.

Shortly after, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes and charged off into the distance.

It had only been several breaths of time since he had awakened from his dream dao.

As Wang Lin rushed through the rifts, in the Summoned River, all of the All-Seer’s avatars’ souls arrived. When the last soul entered Wang Lin’s avatar, Wang Lin’s avatar suddenly opened his eyes.

His eyes were filled with struggle and pain. The All-Seer’s soul was taking over his mind and body. Due to the Reincarnation Integration spell, it was impossible for anyone to interfere with this possession.

Blue light surrounded Wang Lin’s avatar. Dao Master Blue Dream calmly stood there and looked at Wang Lin’s avatar. Qing Lin and Master Hong Shan were also there looking at Wang Lin. Different from Dao Master Blue Dream, they were not calm and looked nervously at Wang Lin’s avatar.

“Wang Lin, are you faster than this old man?” The struggle in Wang Lin’s eyes became even more intense and his body trembled, his veins bulging. The ancient words came from his mouth; they were extremely strange and filled with a sense of decay.

The moment Wang Lin’s avatar spoke, his right eye distorted and was replaced by a shadow. He turned to look at Dao Master Blue Dream and company with his right hand. He revealed a smile of contempt.

“The three of you are not weak. Since you want to stop me from leaving, I’ll let you witness my 99th awakening!” Wang Lin’s avatar’s left eye trembled and then slowly calmed down, giving off a ghostly light. He sat down and closed his eyes.

Wang Lin’s original body could feel everything his avatar was experiencing. As Wang Lin’s avatar was being taken over, a planet appeared before his original body in the Brilliant Void.

It was an abandoned planet that was a complete waste. There was no sign of life on it and the entire planet was almost completely covered in deserts.

The rivers had long dried up and the passages were covered by the desert. The seas were black and the countless rotten bodies in the seas made them very dirty.

At a glance, there was a dark fog around the planet. The fog contained a large amount of poison; so much that a mortal would immediately rot and die if they breathed it. Even cultivators would frown upon facing this poison.

There wasn’t any spiritual energy here. As a result, no cultivator would come here. Not even poison cultivators would come, because the poison here wasn’t that strong. The reason it would cause cultivators to frown was not the poison but the stench coming from all the rotting corpses.

This abandoned planet was very ugly and also filled with a stench. Although almost everything here was different from the planet Wang Lin saw in the reincarnation cycles, the aura was exactly the same!

This aura was the soul of this planet. Back then, the soul had just been born, and now its soul was near death, but Wang Lin could still recognize it!

When Wang Lin saw this planet, he rushed forward and broke through the weak atmosphere. He landed on a continent on the planet.

The moment Wang Lin arrived, the fog around the planet was pushed away as if a violent wind had swept by. It was as if a veil had been lifted, revealing everything on the planet. 

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate when he entered the planet. After the wind swept away the fog, Wang Lin appeared above the sea. The black sea didn’t have any waves, as if it was dead!

The foul stench was even stronger, but Wang Lin didn’t mind at all. He rushed into the black sea below.

With a thunderous bang, a giant vortex appeared in the black sea as Wang Lin charged in. The vortex extended until it reached the sea floor. The vortex grew larger until the black silt below was revealed.

The silt had been condensing for countless years and had never been exposed to the sky. At this moment, the silt was also pushed aside until the real sea bed appeared!

This sea bed was not flat but covered in countless small mountains!

“This is the place!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly and he charged forward. He ignored the foul stench and charged straight down!

At the bottom of the sea, there was a cave that had appeared countless years ago. This cave was covered in brown dirt. This dirt was soil that had collapsed into the cave after the countless earthquakes over the years. Buried deep inside the dirt was half a compass!

A gentle wind blew through the cave and pushed the dirt that hadn’t moved for countless years to the side, revealing a corner of the buried compass.

At the same time, a powerful palm grabbed the corner of the compass and pulled it out from the dirt!

Wang Lin’s eyes landed on the compass in his hand and shined brightly.

“Which of us is faster?”

In the Summoned River, after Wang Lin’s avatar closed his eyes, his face changed rapidly. In an instant, he no longer looked like Wang Lin but the white-haired All-Seer!

This kind of possession was like devouring, but it was different from the direct devouring he used to do. This devour was crucial, so he had chosen to devour from the inside to make sure there was no chance of a mistake!

Although his eyes were closed, his body was rapidly fusing. This fusion was his slumber, and once the fusion was complete, he would awaken!

This was his 99th awakening. After he awakened, he could find the other cluster of fog that was separated from him. Once he fused with it, he could take back control of fate itself!

At that time, he would become an extraordinary Heavenly Dao. He would have his own mind and wisdom that were beyond that of many others!

He also knew spells and he could grow without others feeding him! It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that once he took control of fate, the countless lives that had been born in the cave world would be controlled by him. If life was manipulated by a Heavenly Dao without its own consciousness, it wouldn’t pose much of a problem. However, if that Heavenly Dao had its own consciousness, it would be terrifying!

As long as he wanted to, he could even devour everything that came from the Heavenly Dao. At that time, whatever was left had to be something that wasn’t born here. They had to be the three souls and seven fragments, and the people of the Immortal Astral Continent!

In a short period of time, more than half of the fusion was complete. After a few breaths, the fusion was complete and the All-Seer opened his eyes!

The moment he opened his eyes, he revealed a smile. He raised his head and laughed.

“99 awakenings, this old man has finally finished his last awakening. Heavenly Dao, this old man is the Heavenly Dao!!” The All-Seer stood up and his white hair fluttered. An ancient aura spread out from his body and a fog surrounded him!

Wang Lin had seen the fog inside the reincarnation cycles, a form that belonged to the Heavenly Dao!

“Wang Lin, your avatar has been taken. So what if your original body is not dead? This old man doesn’t have time to deal with you!!” The All-Seer’s expression was fierce. He didn’t even look at Dao Master Blue Dream and company. He was about to leave.

However, just as he was about to move, a ray of blue light flashed before him. Dao Master Blue Dream appeared before him, preventing him from moving forward.

“I promised him that I wouldn’t let you leave this place.”

Qing Lin and Master Hong Shan also closed in.

The All-Seer’s eyes lit up and he waved his sleeve. He opened his mouth and inhaled. The world trembled as if it were reversing and endless fog filled the star system, blocking their vision.

However, just as the fog appeared and an illusory mouth appeared to devour the three of them, a burst of blue light shined. An extremely powerful aura came from light and collided with the mouth.

At the same time, a cold voice filled with killing intent came from the distance!

“All-Seer! I have brought your original body here!”

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