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Chapter 1720 - All-Seer, Can You Do It?

On the cultivation planet, the wind blew by and landed on Wang Lin, but it couldn’t take away the chill he felt in his heart. He raised his head and looked into the distance.

In the distance, the All-Seer’s aura became stronger and stronger, revealing his arrogance. In Wang Lin’s eyes, he seemed to be able to see a giant shadow in the distance. This shadow wore a white robe that covered up its body, revealing only a pair of eyes that stared at Wang Lin.

All of this was fake, this was an illusion created by the chill in Wang Lin’s heart.

“He’s waiting for my arrival…” Wang Lin murmured. His eyes revealed a strange light. Wang Lin was not just a reckless man, he had the mind of a devil.

The battle against the All-Seer often required the mind!

“The All-Seer is good at scheming. He is leading me to various places so I can absorb his avatars, causing the avatar soul inside me to grow in order to achieve some purpose… Could that purpose be to possess me?

“On the surface, it should be possession… However, with how cunning the All-Seer is, he may have another purpose!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he stared at the world before him.

“The All-Seer effortlessly copied all the essences I spent thousands of years to obtain after going through many life and death situations. How can that be done so easily?

“I don’t believe he can perfectly obtain all my essences, it’s impossible!” Wang Lin charged forward toward the All-Seer’s aura!

“I, Wang Lin, don’t believe it! Since you, the All-Seer, want me to come, then I’ll come. So what!?” Wang Lin’s expression was extremely gloomy and he continued to ponder as he flew toward.

“Reincarnation Integration spell. If he has really mastered this spell, then his strength will be beyond imagination. Over the countless years, I couldn’t have been the first to integrate with one of his avatars. That means there has been other people who have suffered something similar. Their everything was copied by the All-Seer, but if that’s the case, then the All-Seer would definitely have more essences than just the ones he stole from me!

“He should have many essences by now. If that’s really how it is, this Reincarnation Integration spell is simply too incredible. But if that were really the case, then wouldn’t all the Grand Empyreans on the Immortal Astral Contient be fighting over it?

“If this was really true, what need would there be to cultivator dao, learn spells, or comprehend essences? As long as you cultivate this spell, then whether it is the Grand Empyreans, the Celestial Country, or the Ancient Country, they would all be mere ants!

“I’m confident that this spell must have a great flaw, and it’s big enough to be fatal. Aside from this fatal flaw, this spell might not even be able to really copy essences!” As Wang Lin flew through the stars, he recalled his battle against the All-Seer using essences.

Fire, thunder, and karma. Those collisions of essences replayed in Wang Lin’s mind and he carefully observed them.

“No clues…” Wang Lin frowned and suddenly stopped. His eyes shined brightly and he began to ponder. A moment later, he revealed a decisive gaze and disappeared in a flash.

In another part of the Summoned River, among the rubble, the All-Seer was sitting on a meteor and looking ahead. He still had that strange smile on his face.

“This time he came a bit late… Disciple, compared to Teacher, you’re still too young.”

Shortly after, a ray of light arrived. As ripples echoed, Wang Lin stepped out. He moved very fast and instantly arrived within 1,000 feet of the All-Seer. He landed on a rock and stared at the All-Seer.

The surroundings were completely silent. Wang Lin didn’t speak, he just looked at the All-Seer. Then he suddenly smiled and began laughing. Wang Lin sat down and the gloominess on his face disappeared and was replaced with calmness.

“All-Seer, are you satisfied with my essences?” Wang Lin smiled, looking very relaxed.

“Not bad but a bit less. It is still not enough to completely satisfy me.” The All-Seer smiled and nodded.

“Unfortunately, essences are difficult to comprehend. Over the years, I only comprehended these seven. If you’re not satisfied, how about you send me a few, and once I comprehend them, you can take them. How about it?” Wang Lin smiled as he looked at the All-Seer.

The All-Seer’s eyes narrowed. Wang Lin’s actions aroused a strange feeling in his heart. He stared at Wang Lin, and the smile on his face gradually dissipated.

“You are indeed worthy of being my disciple to be able to calm down so fast. Since you asked Teacher for essences, what harm is there in giving you one…” The All-Seer raised his right hand and pointed to the spot between his eyebrows. When he lifted his finger, a drop of crystal clear water appeared.

“This is the water essence Teacher obtained from someone a long time ago. This is only a trace of it, too little to help anyone break into the third step. Teacher has had it for a long time. Today, I gift it to you. If you can fully comprehend it and give birth to the water essence, then Teacher will thank you.” After the All-Seer spoke, he waved his right hand and the water droplet flew toward Wang Lin. It floated before Wang Lin.

“Any more?” Wang Lin looked at the water droplet before him and smiled.

The All-Seer frowned slightly. He didn’t like Wang Lin’s current expression. The current Wang Lin made him feel some dread. He preferred the previous Wang Lin, who was like a reckless man.

“Since you want essences, it is fine to give you more!” The All-Seer waved his right hand and a handful of soil appeared in his hand. This soil seemed to be living, and it constantly moved in his hand. He waved his hand and threw the soil at Wang Lin.

“Wang Lin, we can continue a game. If you can win this game, you can naturally resolve this urgent crisis, and you will receive Teacher’s gifts… Whether you like it or not, this game started many years ago.” The All-Seer smiled again and he raised his finger to point to the spot between his own eyebrows. He was about to penetrate his skull once more.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and a gust of wind flew by. This wind contained Wang Lin’s Ancient Dao bloodline and surrounded the All-Seer. The rubble around him collapsed and his body trembled. His hand was pushed aside by this wind and his fingertip swept by his forehead, leaving a line of blood.

“Don’t be so quick to die, I haven’t finished speaking.

“If I wanted to kill you, it would be very easy. You don’t need to kill yourself before me to try to disturb my heart by making it look strange. All-Seer, this is not your character… You’re doing this because you’re worried I will see through what you’re trying to cover up. You know this, I know this!” Wang Lin still smiled as he looked at the All-Seer.

The All-Seer’s expression immediately became gloomy. Wang Lin’s action was somewhat outside his expectations. He looked at Wang Lin, whose eyes slowly started shining.

Wang Lin calmly smiled and calmly said, “All-Seer, I ask you, even if you can steal my essences and my memories, can you seal my Ancient Dao bloodline?”

“If you can exhibit any Ancient Dao bloodline power, then I’ll surrender right now and be at your mercy. What could I do then? Can you do it?” Wang Lin revealed a look of contempt.

“Do you dare?”

The All-Seer stared at Wang Lin for a long time and didn’t speak. He didn’t show any Ancient Dao power, he couldn’t! The Ancient Dao bloodline was not something he could copy, and he was using those strange deaths to cover it up. He wanted to disturb Wang Lin’s thought process!

“You can’t, you don’t have the ability. All your mysteriousness is fake! Do you think I’m still the same me from when I first went to Planet Tian Yun? Do you still think I’m the same as I was back in the Demon Spirit Land… All-Seer, your cultivation level can’t surpass mine, and your bloodline is not as noble as mine. Your status compared to me is like an ant. I led the Inner Realm to fight against the Outer Realm while you hid yourself in the dark. My statue was placed in the Celestial Realm and will be worshiped for countless years, yours isn’t!

“I created the Celestial Realm and am worshiped by countless cultivators. You can’t achieve this! Even if you’re good at scheming, all you’re good at is playing tricks in the dark. What do you have to even play this game with me?

“Are you even qualified?” Wang Lin smiled, but his words were extremely vicious.

“I can give you the qualifications, but it’s not me accompanying you to play this game, but you accompanying me! I don’t like hidden schemes, I like open schemes!

“You don’t have any Ancient Dao aura on you! What Reincarnation Integration spell? You can’t copy my Ancient Dao bloodline! Being able to die again and again means these are all your avatars... So, All-Seer, where is your original body?” Wang Lin’s smile became even wider. The All-Seer’s expression didn’t change when he heard Wang Lin’s words, he only looked a bit more gloomy, but his heart trembled.

“The rules of this game are not set by you, but by me! In this game, we will see if I can find and kill your original body first, or if you can take over my avatar in order to possess it or achieve some other unspeakable purpose!

“But no matter what, you can’t afford to lose. I’m merely using a cultivator avatar to play this game with you. If you win, you only win an avatar, but if you lose, it is death!

“Now, even if you don’t want to continue this game, it is impossible. Since you want to play, then I’ll play with you!” There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes, but the smile on his face never dissipated.

As the All-Seer stared at Wang Lin, his pupils shrank.

“My original body will search for your original body. You have to be faster; otherwise, you will lose…” Wang Lin raised his right hand and waved.

The Ancient Dao power rushed out toward the All-Seer.

“Now you can die.”

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