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Chapter 171 – The Jade Li Muwan Left

It was very clear that he couldn’t go around it. If he wished to leave here, he would have to go through it.

Wang Lin secretly sighed. He pointed at the crystal sword and commanded it toward a stone pillar behind him. The crystal sword kept breaking pieces of the stone pillar off and they all floated into the ring around Wang Lin.

Gradually, more and more shattered stones gathered around him. After reaching five or six rings, he withdrew the crystal sword after making some calculations.

Wang Lin charged into the empty area with a massive amount of stones revolving around him. He slowed down once he went deep into the blank area and calmly moved forward. There were no signs of danger.

However, this did not make Wang Lin stop being cautious; it made him even more alert. After being in this strange place for so long, Wang Lin didn’t believe that such a calm and peaceful place existed.

Instead, he thought that he was only feeling a false sense of safety because there was a very powerful creature somewhere near.

He was on full alert, the crystal sword was hidden among the shattered stones, and he was holding a Nascent Soul level charm in his hand. His divine sense was spread out and checking his surroundings. There was also a sliver of it connected to his bag of holding to ensure that he was ready to take stuff out of it in any situation.

He slowly made his way to the center of the calm area. From his current position, if he were to look to his side, he would be able to draw a straight line to where the stone disappeared before.

Wang Lin became even more alert. After traveling for a few steps, he suddenly sensed a great amount of danger from his divine sense. He didn’t hesitate at all to quickly back up and use the Nascent Soul level charm to form a light screen before him.

The moment his body backed up, two arcs appeared where he was just standing. The two arcs connected and formed the shape of a big, open mouth.

The Nascent Soul level charm shook violently in his hand and turned to dust. Using this chance, Wang Lin quickly backed up. Cold sweat appeared on his forehead as he stared at the big mouth that was closing. His heart was shaking violently.

This spacial rift-like creature didn’t open its mouth when the rocks came through but waited for when he passed by. It seemed that it had made Wang Lin its target.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit. Looking at the remaining distance, he was only half way across. He couldn’t help but let out a bitter smile because that was the only Nascent Soul level charm he had. This showed that the power of that mouth was stronger than the attack of a Nascent Soul cultivator.

If Wang Lin had been touched by that creature’s mouth at all, then he would at least be heavily injured, if not dead.

He took a deep breath. After pondering for a bit, he took out a large amount of defensive treasures from his bag of holding without any hesitation. These were treasures he had gotten from killing all those cultivators. However, because they were all low quality treasures, they had been used by him because he saw them as expendable.

After hesitating for a bit, he began to move forward along with the ring of stones. This time he was even more careful as he moved forward with his divine sense spread out. He decided that he would immediately back up if he noticed anything off.

Then, a 100-foot-long half circle appeared before him and more than half of the stones in front of him suddenly disappeared. Wang Lin immediately backed up, but more than half of the stones behind him disappeared as well, and then so did the stones in other directions. This meant that no matter where he went, there would be more of those invisible creatures.

Wang Lin immediately moved to the side, but then the protective layer formed by the hundreds of defensive treasures began to crackle and shatter one by one.

Wang Lin was aghast as he curled himself up and slid to the side, barely dodging past it. He stood 100 feet away with his shirt completely covered in sweat. The spot he was just flying through was surrounded by at least seven open mouths. If it wasn’t for those treasures stalling for a bit of time, he would have already died.

Wang Lin let out a wry smile. All of the stones around him were now gone. While he still had more defensive treasures, they would be all used up if he encountered dangers like this a few more times. Most importantly, Wang Lin was worried that if he was surrounded in all directions by those mouths, then he would die for sure.

He let out a sigh as he took out more defensive treasures. After activating them, he spread out his divine sense and began to carefully move forward again. He looked toward the border of this calm area. If he were to fly at full speed, he could cross this area in only a few moments. However, if he were to really do so, then it was very likely that he would run headfirst into the mouth of one those creatures. At that point, not even a fairy could save him.

He took a deep breath and clenched his teeth as he slowly moved forward. His divine sense was carefully checking his surroundings. Three days later, Wang Lin was completely exhausted, and all of the defensive treasures in his bag of holding had been used up.

In these three days of time, he encountered many life and death situations. One time, half of his body was inside a mouth. If he hadn’t entered the heaven defying bead in time, he would have already died.

Luckily, the heaven defying bead was not inside the mouth of the creatures, so when he came back out, he was not inside the creature’s mouth. However, Wang Lin was afraid of entering the heaven defying bead now because if the heaven defying bead were to get devoured, then even if he avoided death for the moment, he wouldn’t be able to avoid it when the time to be inside it runs out.

Seeing that there was less than ten kilometers left, Wang Lin took a deep breath and pushed forward. Suddenly, a mouth began to open before him. Just as Wang Lin was about to dodge, his divine sense suddenly felt a sense of danger. The one thing he was most afraid of happened.

Mouths shaped like arcs appeared all around him. Those creatures were all opening their mouths simultaneously. Wang Lin felt very frustrated as he frantically searched through his bag of holding until he came upon a very plain-looking, white jade.

This was the defensive formation that Li Muwan had given him as a parting gift to use when he went into closed door cultivation. Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to throw out the jade. He had already made up his mind; if things went bad, he could only enter the heaven defying bead. Even if the space the bead was in ended up being devoured, it was the only choice.

The moment he threw out the jade, the surrounding mouths all opened completely and approached him. However, just at this moment, a ring of green light appeared next to Wang Lin. Then it suddenly spread out and a green dragon came out of the jade. As the dragon appeared, the mouths began to devour the ring of light that had spread out.

The ring of light continued to shake as the dragon circled around Wang Lin. Wang Lin jumped and forcibly charged out through the gap between two of the mouths.

During this process, the dragon continued to roar as its figure became more and more faded. With this charge, Wang Lin covered the last ten kilometers without stopping. Many mouths opened up along the way, but they were all blocked by the green dragon around him.

After completely leaving the calm area, the green dragon was about to collapse. Wang Lin quickly sent out a few seals, causing the dragon become a green gas again and sending it back into the white jade.

Wang Lin heard a quiet ping. When he looked down, he saw a that small crack had appeared on the jade. Wang Lin’s heart ached. He checked it with his divine sense. After finding that it hadn’t become useless, he let out a sigh of relief and carefully put it back into his bag of holding. He turned around to look back at the calm area. His heart was still shivering.

After pondering for a while, he raised his head and jumped onto a stone pillar. He then stomped on the pillar, causing it to shatter. The shattered stones reformed the ring around Wang Lin as he flew upwards.

After several more days passed, Wang Lin’s speed became even faster. After leaving that strange area, it felt like he had entered a different world. He didn’t meet any more of those spacial rift-like creatures, and what was even more surprising was that he didn’t meet any powerful creatures like the dragon either.

As a result, his speed naturally increased. However, he didn’t throw away the stones around him; better safe than sorry. Wang Lin was so caution that unless he was 100% sure he was safe, then there was no way he would throw aways these rocks right now.

As his speed increased, Wang Lin was getting to where he needed to go quicker and quicker. After some time, Wang Lin noticed that the stone pillars around here were the same size as the one he was on when he entered.

This void was simply too large. Wang Lin didn’t believe that he could pinpoint the location of that oval ring of light, so he could only use the size of the stone pillars to estimate his location.

On this day, he stood on top of a cone-shaped stone pillar. His eyes lit up as he looked up. He had been flying horizontally among stone pillars of this size for a very long time, and now he found that oval ring of light.

In the void above him floated a very large oval ring of light. He felt a bit of regret because he didn’t go to the trials. If he completed the trials, he would be able enter the ancient god’s body. There would definitely be things he needed in there, but after going through the dangers of this place, Wang Lin knew that with his cultivation, there was no way for him to survive here.

He let out a sigh of regret as he jumped up and flew toward the ring of light. However, just as he was about to touch the ring, bolts of purple lightning appeared. The bolts intersected with each other and formed a concave, rhombic pattern.

Wang Lin was startled. He couldn’t move forward; it was as if there was a powerful force preventing him from doing so. His eyes sparkled as he stared at the concave, rhombic pattern. This concave was just big enough for a top quality spirit stone.

Wang Lin immediately backed up. At the same time, the concave rhombic pattern disappeared and the purple lightning returned to the ring of light.

He tried it again several times, and the concave rhombic pattern appeared every time. Wang Lin began to ponder. His eyes sparkled as he looked at it for a while before turning around and flying upwards.

He remembered that this place was simply the passage to the first trial. As long as he sat on top of a stone pillar, he would be able to pass through here.

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