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Chapter 169 – Obtaining the Marrow

It was like the sky was collapsing upon them due to a powerful gust of wind descending from above. Without a word, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and took out countless defensive charms. He had a lot of these charms to spare. After killing so many people and stealing their stuff, he had countless low quality charms and treasures.

These charms formed countless light screens around him. Then, at the moment the wind descended, he jumped to the side.

At the same time, Six Desire Devil Lord and Ancient Emperor stopped moving. The two of them didn’t say any useless words to each other. Ancient Emperor had a very serious expression as he threw out an ancient bell. The moment the ancient bell appeared, it immediately became large and began to wave back and forth. As the bell rang, it sent shockwaves out, causing the surrounding stone pillars to shatter.

The snake who was descending from the sky twisted its body to turn and landed head first into the shockwave. It immediately let out a roar and spat out black smoke.

This black smoke was very powerful; the moment the surrounding stone pillars touched it, they would turn into black dust and disappear.

The black smoke that was spat out by the snake was dealt with by Hunchback Meng. He touched one of the pustules on his face and popped it. A very powerful stench came from that popped pustule as well as a black liquid.

The hunchback’s body suddenly disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already before the black smoke. His face looked terrifying at this moment as he opened his mouth and sucked in all of the black smoke. Gradually, the hump on his back became larger and larger. After all the black smoke was sucked up by him, it looked as if he had a small mountain on his back.

He stood wobbling back and forth on a stone pillar while staring at the snake-like creature. He was silently pondering. Slivers of black gas that came out of the pustule that he had broken was sucked in by the toad on his shoulder.

Six Desire Devil Lord’s hand moved to form seals and as he recited a mysterious chant. At the same time, Ancient Emperor threw out the bell. When he did this, his gaze fell on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He quickly backed up and without any hesitation took out the nascent level charm. At the same time, he opened his mouth to spit out the crystal sword. The crystal sword floated before him with its tip pointed at Six Desire Devil Lord.

Six Desire Devil Lord’s gaze paused for a moment before shifting it to the young man next to him. The young man’s face looked terrified as he stared at the snake-like creature, his body trembling.

Six Desire Devil Lord’s eyes lit up as he suddenly shouted, “Fear!”

The young man’s body suddenly started trembling. Black gas came out of his nostrils and his mouth. The black gas quickly gathered to form a black sword that floated in front of Six Desire Devil Lord.

The young man’s body waved back and forth as he stood there dumbfounded with a look of confusion in his eyes.

His right hand pointed at the black sword as Six Desire Devil Lord began to chant. The sword gradually became larger and larger until it became an extremely large sword.

All of this happened in a very short amount of time. Right at this moment, the snake collided with the shock wave from the bell and spat out black smoke again. Six Desire Devil Lord shouted, “Go!”

The black sword before him suddenly began to move and swung down on the neck of the snake-like creature. It landed on the snake-like creature, causing it a lot of pain. The snake jerked its head and sent the black sword flying into the distance.

This caused the young man beside Six Desire Devil Lord to bleed out of his mouth and nose. His body became very weak, and the confusion in his eyes deepened.

Ancient Emperor turned his right hand, causing the bell to ring even faster. One by one, shockwaves were created and sent toward the creature.

Just as the snake-like creature knocked the black sword away again, it was hit by the shockwaves created by the bell. It suddenly shook its body as it revealed a bloodthirsty gaze and opened its mouth. As it opened its mouth, which could swallow a small mountain, a ghostly figure suddenly flew out. Ancient Emperor’s expression changed and the bell quickly disappeared.

Wang Lin’s divine sense had been locked onto the snake-like creature the entire time. When it opened its mouth, Wang Lin clearly saw a smaller snake fly out. It bit the bell and then quickly withdrew.

Hunchback Meng’s eyes lit up as he stared at the snake-like creature from a stone pillar in the distance. He licked his lips and was about to charge out, but the creature had already closed its big mouth.

Hunchback Meng’s abnormal behavior was noticed by Wang Lin. He was wary of everyone present, especially this expert poison user.

At this moment, Six Desire Devil Lord’s gaze turned to the young man beside him again. He pointed at the young man’s head and shouted, “Anger!”

A reddish-purple gas came out of the young man’s mouth and nose. The gas shaped another sword that floated before Six Desire Devil Lord.

Duanmu Ji’s expression was dark as he looked toward Wang Qingyue. They seemed to understand each other as they both quickly jumped down to the snake’s body, took out their magic treasures, and began their attacks.

Duanmu Ji no longer used the gourd but a very large hammer. Everytime he lifted the hammer, many balls of lighting would form and would fall down along with it.

Wang Qingyue didn’t use any magic treasures. When his hands formed a seal, the ancient words for metal, wood, water, fire, and earth appeared. They formed a five elemental formation that slammed into the body of the snake.

Wang Lin’s heart trembled. The techniques of these five people were all powerful beyond imagination. They were not at all things normal people could match. The one that caught his eye the most was Six Desire Devil Lord’s technique. This technique required a sacrifice to be used and that young man became the unfortunate target.

The snake-like creature felt pain. It let out a roar and frantically twisted its body. A vortex began to form around it and the surrounding stone pillars began to be pulled in toward the snake-like creature.

After this large vortex appeared, Duanmu Ji and Wang Qingyue were the first ones to charge back in. The two of them had very dark expressions on their faces. As for Ancient Emperor, his face was even more ugly as the connection between him and his treasure had disappeared.

The vortex became larger and larger. The powerful suction force forced everyone to quickly back away.

The reddish-purple sword in front of Six Desire Devil Lord released a very evil light before darting forward. The black sword that had been knocked always also reappeared and each sword stabbed toward one of the snake-like creature’s eyes.

The moment the swords touched the creature’s eyes, they turned back into smoke and drilled into the creature.

The snake-like creature’s body suddenly paused for a moment as it let out a howl of madness. Its eyes were bloodshot as two streams of smoke, one reddish-purple and one black, were forced out of its eyes. It opened its mouth again and the small snake came back out and devoured the two streams of smoke.

At this moment, a hint of coldness flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes. This was the moment he had been waiting for. He quickly jumped forth and, by borrowing the suction of the vortex, he entered the snake-like creature’s mouth.

At the same time, a green light flashed by him, which turned out to be Hunchback Meng, who had been looking with a cold gaze from a distance with the same idea. Hunchback Meng was slightly startled at the sight of Wang Lin before letting out a faint smile of admiration.

However, this faint smile seemed to contain a sense of cruelty.

Hunchback Meng flew past Wang Lin. His goal was the other snake inside this snake’s mouth. Wang Lin saw this and immediately switched directions. He followed the throat and went in deeper. His target was this creature’s spine.

Li Muwan once said that with any of these dragon-like creatures, the most valuable part wasn’t the core, but the marrow. The reason why Wang Lin risked going in there was for the marrow.

From the moment he saw this snake-like creature, he had been secretly observing it. Li Muwan once said that the effect of the bone marrow depended on the age of the dragon. If the dragon had reached a certain age, then it could help increase the chance of forming one’s Nascent Soul.

Although he didn’t know if this creature was considered a dragon, even if it wasn’t, it should be considered the same type of creature. If he could get the marrow, then it should at least have some effect.

This was why he charged in the moment the creature opened its mouth a second time. He also knew that Hunchback Meng would come in as well. When the snake first opened its mouth, he saw Hunchback Meng’s various expressions.

This made him even more committed to do this. At first he was afraid that people would suspect him after he obtained the marrow, but now that Hunchback Meng was in here, then if anything abnormal were to happen to the creature, it could be blamed on Hunchback Meng.

Also, the two choose two different paths that had no chance of intersecting with each other. Hunchback Meng wouldn’t be able to notice what Wang Lin was doing, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

And even if there were any problems, they wouldn’t act against him. After all, those people were not here for the marrow of this creature but for the corpse of the ancient god.

Wang Lin used the crystal sword as he moved inside the snake, but he was unable to inflict a single wound on the creature.

The deeper Wang Lin moved within the snake, the more heavy his heart felt. Aside from the smaller snake inside its body, there was nothing else but the black flesh walls that surrounded him.

Wang Lin controlled the flying sword and stabbed the flesh with all his might, but he was still unable to leave a mark. The spine was right under this flesh, but not being able to harm it at all caused him to frown.

His eyes sparkled as he quickly moved to a different spot. This time, his target was where the head and the neck connected.

Just at this moment, the smaller snake inside began to tremble and release slivers of black gas. Wang Lin quickly dodged to the side and charged toward the snake’s head.

Soon, he arrived at the head. There was a flashing red filament at the spot where the head and neck connected. Wang Lin took a deep breath and activated all of the spiritual energy in his body. He slapped his bag of holding and suddenly hundreds of flying swords appeared. His divine sense spread out to take control of all of them. All of the flying swords’ tips pointed at the red filament and attacked it fiercely.

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