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Chapter 1588 - Life and Death

“Seven-Colored Lance!” The madman had used this spell before, and Wang Lin even knew the chant and seals for it. However, he hadn’t comprehended it, so he couldn’t use it.

However, he knew the Seven-Colored Lance contained the power to destroy the world. It was an extremely powerful spell that didn’t belong to this world, like the Realm Burning Umbrella!

Everything before Wang Lin dissipated and the only thing that remained was the seven-colored light. His eyes were filled with despair and the aura of death surrounded his body.

Wang Lin understood he couldn’t dodge, escape, or resist… This Seven-Colored Lance was the real life and death calamity.

In his eyes, those rolling clouds seemed to appear once more. He saw the helpless white bird that tried to escape the dark clouds as the rain fell.

That bird clearly appeared before Wang Lin’s eyes. It was filled with despair, reluctance, and struggle, but in the end it was still devoured by the dark clouds.

That bird was the sign of the life and death calamity.

The sky was shrouded in seven-colored light. The lance formed by the seven-colored light got closer and closer. Wang Lin revealed a bitter smile. He understood it was likely he wouldn’t survive this calamity...

“Father, mother… Tie Zhu is very tired. I’ll come and accompany you, OK….” The despair in Wang Lin’s eyes disappeared and was replaced by relief.

He was very tired. He wanted to rest, he wanted to close his eyes, he wanted to live a mortal life. He didn’t want to face those life and death struggles, he didn’t want to consider all the struggles against fate, he didn’t want to drag his parents into it, have to send his parents off and sweep before their grave.

He would rather not know anything himself…. Not know that there were cultivators on planet Suzaku, that there were other cultivation countries, and that there was the Cultivation Alliance outside of planet Suzaku...

He didn’t want to know that the space outside planet Suzaku had countless other planets like planet Suzaku. He didn’t want to know that outside planet Suzaku there was the Cultivation Alliance and that the Cultivation Alliance was only in the Brilliant Void...

He also didn’t want to know that outside the Brilliant Void there was Allheaven, the Cloud Sea, and the Summoned River...

He didn’t want to know that all of this was only the Inner Realm. He didn’t want to know that there was the Outer Realm outside...

As Wang Lin lived on, he faintly realized that there was even more out of that…. And more...

“It’s all over… I’m free… Wan Er, I’m sorry… In the end, I didn’t gain the strength to awaken you… Ping Er, I’m sorry… Your father did his best…” Wang Lin felt bitter as he closed his eyes.

These were his last thoughts before death as the seven-colored lance closed in on him.

As he closed his eyes, the clothes on his chest collapsed and his chest followed. Flesh and blood were ripped apart, and his face was the same...

Dust to dust, earth to earth...

When the seven-colored lance was only a few hundred feet away, warm images appeared before his eyes...

In the yard, his father inhaled from his pipe and spat out smoke before he put the pipe down. There was a small wooden carving of a colt in his hand. His face was filled with a smile. This was his gift for Tie Zhu’s seventh birthday.

Wang Lin crouched next to his father with his hands on his chin and his eyes filled with excitement. He watched the little colt take form. In his eyes, his father was omnipotent, his father was the heavens, his father could do anything.

Not far away, his mother was holding a pan. While feeding the chickens, ducks, and livestock around her, she would look at the father and son pair with a soft gaze filled with happiness.

The image gradually dissipate into countless fragments. These fragments gradually reformed into a secluded valley surrounded by shade.

There was a wooden cabin inside the valley. Li Muwan was sitting in front of the house with her hair coiled up like a madam. Her delicate face radiated happiness as she gently looked at the man before her. She had waited for a long, long time for this moment. Now she could silently watch him until the end of eternality...

Her gentle hand moved over the ancient zither and gentle tunes played.

As the music echoed, Wang Lin held a piece of wood like his father and looked gently at Li Muwan as he carved for her.

The two looked at each other. This valley was filled with an unexplainable feeling, and it was unforgettable.

This image slowly dissipated, and after it turned to fragments, they reformed once more. He was on a tall mountain. As the winds howled, Wang Lin stood silently at the top of the mountain, filled with sadness and loneliness.

He looked ahead and there was melancholy hidden in his eyes. Although it was hidden, it was very strong and leaked out in his shadow. It landed in the eyes of a youth behind him.

This youth wore coarse clothes. When he was behind his father, no matter how strong the wind was, the wind that landed on him became gentle. His father was like a mountain that supported his world. With his father there, he was not afraid of the mountain peak being too high or the wind too violent.

With his father there, he wasn’t afraid of anything.

The youth looked at his father’s back and said earnestly, “Dad, Ping Er will accompany you forever, we will never be apart…” 

The last image in his mind collapsed. And his body collapsed along with it. The seven-colored lanced howled and got closer and closer to Wang Lin.

However, just at this moment, a voice came from the blue light that covered the hole in the sky.


This voice appeared extremely abruptly, and not even the blue light could stop it. As this voice echoed into this world, the expression of the Sovereign changed. His gaze that would never change even of heavens collapsed was filled with extreme fear!

Even when Master Scarlet Soul appeared, he wasn’t like this, but when he heard this one word, his mind almost collapsed and he subconsciously retreated. His face was filled with disbelief and fear so powerful, he couldn’t even conceal it!

“Haha, this king finally found you. Damn it, you actually ditched this king, this king won’t allow it!” In the blue light, the madman was holding half a chicken leg in his hand and had a smug gaze. He walked out from the blue light.

When the madman appeared, a powerful golden light spread from his body.

The expression of the Sovereign changed. Even though he had cultivated for countless years, his mind collapsed.

“Mas…. Mas…” The Sovereign almost lost his wits as he looked at the madman, and his face instantly turned pale.

After the madman spoke, he saw Wang Lin and the seven-colored lance. With a bang, the lance shrouded Wang Lin in a seven-colored glow.

The madman was startled for a moment and let out a shocking roar. Simply ignoring the Sovereign, golden light shrouded him and stepped toward the seven-colored light.

“You can’t die, you haven’t played with this king yet. You promised to take me to a lot of places to play…” the madman roared with madness in his eyes. He rushed into the seven-colored light and hugged Wang Lin’s collapsing body.

The seven-colored lance contained a destructive aura, and when the madman hugged Wang Lin, that destructive force erupted. What made the seven-colored lance so terrifying was that its power would erupt seven times, and each time was stronger than the last!

A series of violent rumbles echoed in a row, each time stronger than before. After seven thunderous rumbles passed, the world trembled and the sky was torn open by force!

Even the water below erupted, and this sealed world turned into fragments. The fragments scattered in all directions like a storm.

This storm ripped opened the world, ripped open space, and ripped open all existence. Then a black hole suddenly appeared. This black hole led to an unknown place, and it was pitch black.

That madman had a complete Celestial Immortal Body. During this collapse, his body had disintegrated several times. In the end, under the destructive force of the seven-colored lance, he held the unconscious Wang Lin, and the two were inhaled by the black hole.

At this moment, as the sealed world collapsed, the Sovereign’s body became blurry. He stared at the black hole that had already dissipated and murmured to himself,

“He really went mad…. Really went mad… It must be him who gave the Immortal Celestial Body to Wang Lin. If he didn’t go mad, he would never have done this… He was seriously injured, and given his character from the past, he would never save anyone. He really…. really went mad… He doesn’t recognize me anymore…” The Sovereign relaxed and his body dissipated.

Just as he was about to dissipate, a person silently walked out beside him. This person was Old Ghost Zhan. The moment he appeared, he pointed at the Sovereign’s blurry figure.

The Sovereign suddenly turned his head, but he was in a trance and was caught off guard. It was too late to dodge now, and he let out a painful groan as his figure disappeared without a trace.

Old Ghost Zhan looked are at where the black hole was and pondered. This sealed world had been created by many third step cultivators in the Outer Realm. Even with the aura leaking from the hole as guidance, it still took him a bit to get here.

“A step late. It’s unfortunate about that celestial blood. As for that madman… Could it really be that person in his memory… I didn’t think he had really gone mad… They were devoured by that black hole. The aura that came from the black hole was clearly the cave wall layer. One step in the Celestial Immortal, one step here…” Old Ghost Zhan shook his head and left.

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