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Chapter 1578 - Heavenly Change!

“The 18th layer of the Tattoo Clan isn’t located in the depths of planet Suzaku but in the Foreign Battleground!” Wang Lin walked up to the wall and pressed his right hand against it. Cracking sounds echoed as the cracks connected and the wall collapsed, revealing a gap.

Wang Lin stood inside the gap. Before him was the Foreign Battleground!

The entire Foreign Battleground was extremely large, almost without limit. Wang Lin saw a few large corpses slowly floating through the endless void.

There was a large amount of ghost-like things drilling through the corpses… In the distance, there seemed to be storms silently raging. Although they were silent, they seemed to be giving off screams that could be heard by the soul. These storms were formed by these ghost-like things.

Wang Lin’s mind trembled and his divine sense spread out. He clearly saw that at this moment, he was also near a huge skeleton. This was not the skeleton of a person but of a dragon-like beast.

He was located near the skull of this beast. The wall he had broken was part of the beast’s skull! He was standing in the skull, looking ahead!

If one looked at Wang Lin from inside the Foreign Battleground, they would clearly see that there were countless corpses surrounding this giant skull!

The distant storms closed in, but when they closed in, countless wandering souls scattered in terror. It was as if they were extremely afraid of Wang Lin’s existence!

Wang Lin was once a Soul Devourer!

Wang Lin stared at the Foreign Battleground. He had been to too many planets and far too many places, but he had never seen another planet with a Foreign Battleground like planet Suzaku!

It was as if the Foreign Battleground only belonged to planet Suzaku, only belonged to the cultivators of planet Suzaku!

While silently pondering, Wang Lin stepped forward. After more than 2,000 years, he stepped into the Foreign Battleground that had given him a new life! He could not forget the day he was killed by the Teng family ancestor. Then, with the help of the Heaven Defying Bead and Situ Nan, his soul entered his place. He then found Mai Liang’s dead body, and that began his new life.

After a long time, Wang Lin’s divine sene continued to spread across the Foreign Battleground. He saw too many corpses and too many wandering souls. All the wandering souls screamed and retreated in fear. However, in the end, they couldn’t escape and could only tremble before his divine sense.

Some of those corpses belonged to cultivators, but most of them were strange beasts. Wang Lin hadn’t seen more than half of those beasts.

His divine sense spread out more and more, surpassing all the places he had gone before. It even surpassed anywhere the cultivators of planet Suzaku had explored. Wang Lin saw even more corpses.

A moment later, Wang Lin’s divine sense seemed to touch the edge of the Foreign Battleground. There seemed to be a faint barrier that confined his divine sense.

His eyes lit up. His divine sense didn’t stop but continued to push outward. A violent rumble echoed across the Foreign Battleground; it sounded like a mirror had shattered. Wang Lin’s divine sense broke the barrier and saw what was beyond it.

It was still the Foreign Battleground, but it was even bigger! Compared to inside the barrier, it was like comparing the river to the ocean!

Wang Lin’s mind trembled and his divine sense continued to spread. In the Foreign Battleground outside the barrier, Wang Lin saw corpses giving off a golden glow! Those corpses that gave off the golden light were celestials!

He saw countless beasts whose corpses were extremely fierce and gave off powerful auras. It was obvious that they were extremely powerful when they were alive.

His divine sense spread out even more. He saw the large corpses of mosquitoes, he saw the corpse of a Ji Qiong, and he even saw countless beast corpses that were hundreds of thousands of feet large!

Aside from the Nether Beast, all the other beasts he had seen in his life existed in the Foreign Battleground!!

Wang Lin’s mind trembled like a wave. His divine sense spread out even more through the endless corpses and finally hit the real edge. His divine sense covered the entire Foreign Battleground.

At this moment, Wang Lin’s pupils shrank and he was horrified.

When his divine sense covered the entire Foreign Battleground, he saw that this whole Foreign Battleground was just a large fragment. This fragment had a strange connection with planet Suzaku, as if planet Suzaku had been born because of it!

This fragment had an irregular shape, as if it was part of something!

Wang Lin’s mind rumbled. At this moment, he thought of the shocking secret the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor had passed onto him. Planet Suzaku was part of the door...

Those words echoed in Wang Lin’s mind and slowly fused with the Foreign Battleground in his divine sense. Aftering gaining such enlightenment, he immediately recognized the Foreign Battleground as part of that mysterious door!

“The door that the Four Divine Sect found… What kind of door is it… Does the ancestor in the Fallen Land know of this…”

Wang Lin stood there for a long time and slowly suppressed the shock in his mind. He eventually thought of the silver-haired woman, the mournful scream she let out when she saw the seven-colored daoist statue.

“I didn’t open the door… I didn’t open the door…” Wang Lin silently pondered.

He didn’t know if the two doors were referring to the same one!

He slowly withdrew his divine sense until he returned to his body. He looked at the Foreign Battleground with a complicated gaze and then left.

Wang Lin had found too many things on this trip back to planet Suzaku. These things were overwhelming and made planet Suzaku feel even more unfamiliar.

“Red Butterfly didn’t die…

“The 19th layer in the Tattoo Clan was sealing the Li Guang arrow…

“The Foreign Battleground from the past was only a small area and there is a wider world outside. It turns out to be part of the door…” Wang Lin sat down on top of a mountain on planet Suzaku. He faced the howling mountain wind as it blew his hair and clothes. There was a complicated gaze in his eyes.

“As my cultivation level increased, I gradually learned about the secrets of planet Suzaku… So it turns out it’s like this.” Wang Lin looked at the dark sky before him and dark clouds gathered. Thunder rumbled in the distance and it began to rain.

A white bird quickly flapped its wings and flew before the clouds in an attempt to avoid the dark clouds that were putting it through a life and death crisis. However, there was a thunderous rumble and the bird’s body trembled as it was devoured by the rolling black clouds.

Seeing this, Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he vaguely felt like something was wrong.

That rain was moving with the wind and hadn’t arrived yet. The gust of wind blew the moist air toward Wang Lin and brought the chill of the rain. It was very cold.

This rain was the autumn rain.

The sky gradually became completely dark and the thunderous rumbles continued. It seemed to be coming closer and closer to the peak Wang Lin was on. The dark clouds were like black ink spreading across a piece of paper.

The rain became even heavier.

The clattering of the rain entered Wang Lin’s ears, becoming more and more intense. The dust on the ground was supposed to be kicked up by the rain but didn’t move at all.

The small pebbles around Wang Lin on the mountain would originally be blown away by the wind, but right now there seemed to be an invisible force suppressing them. They remained motionless.

A thunderous rumble echoed and a few more bolts of lightning connected the heavens and earth in the horizon before Wang Lin’s eyes. They lit up the dark clouds, looking like silver snakes or a mark.

Looking at the rolling black clouds, Wang Lin let out a deep breath and an inexplicable sense of irritation entered his mind. Wang Lin frowned and suppressed the discoveries he had made on planet Suzaku. Right now, he was going to complete his life and death, karma, and true and false essences!

He would then refine the slaughter essence sword Qing Shui had given him and use his six essences to break open the Void Gate!

Wang Lin stood up and was about to leave. Behind him, the rolling clouds rushed over as if there was a slaughter god inside staring at Wang Lin. It wanted to devour and destroy him just like the bird.

The lightning crisscrossed and flickered. As the rain fell, a killing intent erupted from the black clouds. That killing intent appeared very abruptly!

Wang Lin’s right foot that had just risen suddenly stopped and all the hairs on his body stood up. The powerful feeling of a life and death crisis shook his body as he stared at the black clouds. His expression was extremely serious.

“Something’s wrong!!” The three images Wang Lin saw before flashed through his head. The flying bird died, the dust didn’t drift, and the pebbles didn’t move!

This life and death crisis was beyond what he felt in the Ancient Tomb and beyond any encounter he had after returning to the Inner Realm. This was like the life and death calamity that Red Butterfly had brought and was something Wang Lin had to face!

Only after surviving this life and death calamity would he be qualified to continue living! This was the enlightenment he had gained the moment he saw the rolling black clouds in the distance!

The rolling clouds didn’t have real killing intent; this killing intent came from the change in the thunder created by the clouds. It came from Wang Lin’s own intuition. This change didn’t happen earlier or now but just as Wang Lin noticed it. It was a heavenly change!

“Heavenly change!” Wang Lin’s pupils shrank. He didn’t hesitate to spread his divine sense out across the entire planet and rush into space. Once he saw the space outside, his expression changed!

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