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Chapter 1558 - Seven-Colored Figure!

Qing Shui’s body trembled violently. The thorn in his chest was pulled out several inches by Wang Lin. A suction force came from the wound, holding onto the thorn, and Wang Lin felt that suction force.

As Wang Lin pulled the thorn, a strange aura went from the thorn into Wang Lin’s heart. Wang Lin’s heartbeat increased and the sound of his heart beating surged out like crazy.

The rate of his heartbeat became even faster and soon became an intense pain that washed over his body.

Just at this moment, a ghostly voice came from behind Wang Lin. “The first thorn was sealing his heart!”

Wang Lin stopped for a moment. He hadn’t noticed anyone was here before, so when he heard this voice, his pupils shrank and he slowly turned around.

The mountain Qing Shui was on was floating in the air and had separated from the seven-colored finger. When Qing Shui’s soul returned to him, the the seven-colored finger before him had disappeared from this Seven-Colored Realm.

However, when Wang Lin looked back the seven-colored finger that dissipated had re-appeared. The light from the seven-colored finger was very weak, to Wang Lin it look like the seven-colored finger collapsed but instead of dissipating it reformed into a vague seven-colored figure.

Although this figure was blurry, its gaze was clear as it looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin silently pondered as his ancient god stars rotated rapidly. The ancient devil stars in his right eye also rotated rapidly. His left hand formed a seal and his right hand loosened from the thorn.

The blurry seven-colored figure quietly said, “Don’t be nervous, you can continue to save him. I won’t stop you…”

Wang Lin didn’t relax at all. He immediately recognized that this seven-colored figure was the same one he saw in the image inside the blood mist.

Wang Lin understood a lot about the seven colors. He had the seven-colored statue, saw the seven-colored daoist refine a dao spirit, and he also saw the same seven-colored daoist in the illusion inside the ancient tomb.

Looking at the blurry seven-colored figure, Wang Lin couldn’t determine if this was the person that had made his scalp go numb. However, the aura this figure exuded was very calm.

“Ancient inheritance… Immortal celestial body… Five essences… You have a lot of secrets within you.” The quiet voice still came from the seven-colored figure.

“Who are you, Your Excellency?” Wang Lin’s mind trembled, but his expression didn’t change. If this person was really who he thought he was, then it would be no surprise that he knew his secrets.

“Any one of your secrets can be considered a great fortune by anyone else… However, to me, they are useless for the time being…” The blurry seven-colored figure shook his head. He pointed at Qing Shui as he looked at Wang Lin and said, “You can continue, this is the opportunity I gave you. If you can save him, you can take him away. If you can’t, then leave… This is your only chance.”

Wang Lin’s right hand stopped forming the seal and he didn’t turn around before grabbing the thorn in Qing Shui’s chest. The moment he grabbed it, the aura of Qing Shui’s heart surrounded him once more.

As this aura spread around Wang Lin, he felt intense pain in his heart, but he suppressed it. He slowly pulled the thorn out.

The more he pulled, the more pain Wang Lin felt in his heart, as if there was a hand trying to crush his heart! Fortunately, he had the body of an ancient god, which had astonishing recovery power. As the intense pain washed over him, he was quickly recovering.

The blurry seven-colored figure looked at Wang Lin and slowly said, “The body of the ancient inheritance is really good… Back then, Ye Mo scattered 3,000 drops of blood to retain his inheritance, and it wasn’t wasted…” 

When the pain in Wang Lin’s heart reached its limit, his eyes lit up and his right hand mercilessly pulled the first thorn out! Qing Shui clenched his teeth and his body trembled but made no sounds. However, his face that was hidden under his scattered hair was twisted with pain.

Blood covered Qing Shui’s body, and just as the blood was about to erupt, Wang Lin quickly placed a seal on the wound. The seal flashed and the blood slowly disappeared.

Wang Lin silently pondered as the rejection force inside his body rumbled. The interaction between the celestial and ancient god powers caused endless rumbles to come from his body. The thorns outside Wang Lin’s body collapsed due to this rejection force.

Only those thorns that were buried deep within his body remained, as if they had taken root.

The moment the stone Black Tortoise’s back shattered and the 100,000 thorns shot toward Wang Lin, he used both the Light and Shadow Shield and the Ancient God’s Blessing. All of this was hidden by the thorns and couldn’t be seen by those outside.

However, even so, he still couldn’t stop the attack of the thorns, only delay them slightly.

As Wang Lin stood there to regain his breath, the pain in his heart slowly dissipated. He looked at the blurry seven-colored figure before his hand grabbed the thorn stuck through Qing Shui’s throat.

“This second thorn is sealing his muscles!”

Wang Lin’s pupils shrank slightly and he said, “I wonder what your excellency meant by Ye Mo’s 3,000 drops of blood!”

The seven-colored figure seemed to laugh as he shook his head and said, “If you can pull out three thorns, I can tell you a secret about the Ancient Ones…”

Wang Lin couldn’t fathom the thoughts of the seven-colored figure. He had spent great amounts of effort to observe Qing Shui since birth to force Qing Shui to remain in a state of grief and despair. In the end, he set this formation in order to harvest the slaughter essence.

However, from what Wang Lin had seen the seven-colored figure do and say, it seemed he didn’t care at all. This caused Wang Lin to guess his previous speculations.

The indifference in the seven-colored figure’s tone didn’t seem fake in Wang Lin’s view, he really didn’t care...

“What is he doing this for…” While Wang Lin pondered, he grabbed the second thorn in Qing Shui’s throat and pulled. As he pulled, Wang Lin felt like all the muscles in his body were being pulled indefinitely. He had felt this pain when he drew the bow earlier, and it was something he could endure.

Wang Lin mercilessly pulled out the second thorn!

Qing Shui clenched his teeth and let out a muffled groan. Sweat covered his body as he endured the unimaginable pain.

Wang Lin’s face was deathly pale as his right hand grabbed the third thorn on Qing Shui’s left arm.

“This third thorn and the fourth thorn on his right arm are sealing his divine sense!” the seven-colored figure said with a calm voice.

Wang Lin let out a roar as he grabbed the third thorn and pulled. His divine sense was hit by a powerful force from the third thorn. It felt like his divine sense was seriously injured after it had spread out.

Wang Lin coughed out a mouthful of blood and then pulled out the third thorn with a fierce expression. He didn’t hesitate to grab the fourth thorn in Qing Shui’s right arm and mercilessly pull.

Wang Lin’s injured divine sense was hit by the powerful force once more. His mind rumbled and he coughed out blood again. The rejection force in his body surged, causing his body to tremble constantly.

Qing Shui’s arm fell and he looked up at Wang Lin. It seemed his gaze couldn’t see the seven-colored figure, only Wang Lin. There was sorrow, relief, and excitement in that gaze.

Wang Lin wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth and smiled at Qing Shui. However, soon, his eyes narrowed. Qing Shui’s gaze reflected Wang Lin’s surroundings. Wang Lin could only see himself but not the seven-colored figure.

“He can’t see me… Only you can see me here. You’re a very interesting spirit cultivator, just like that little cultivator, Zhan, who surprised me. All exceptions created here… If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m confident you have nothing to do with me, I wouldn’t believe that creation could be so wondrous.” The seven-colored figure sighed.

“He said I’m not related to him… What does that mean… The person named Zhan? Is he talking about the dead Zhan Kongli or… Old Ghost Zhan?” Wang Li didn’t look at the seven-colored figure. His eyes lit up and he slowly asked, “What do you mean by Mo Yi’s 3,000 drops of blood?”

The seven-colored figure smiled and looked at Wang Lin. He began to speak with a hint of reminiscence. 

“At the start, there was no cultivator from the Ancient Country, let alone Ancient Ye Mo… But he still came. Before his death, he scattered 3,000 drops of his blood. 1,000 became ancient gods, 1,000 became ancient devils, and 1,000 became ancient demons. As the years passed, the 3,000 drops of blood fused or diluted.

“That is the origin of your three Ancient Clans here.”

Wang Lin’s mind trembled. He couldn’t believe this person’s words completely, but it was extremely similar to what the ancient demon soul inside the drum had said in the Demon Spirit Land!

Ancient Demon Bei Luo once said that the Ancient One was the first generation of heaven-defying cultivators. He died fighting the heavenly dao, and later the ancient gods, ancient demons, and ancient devils appeared!

The three Ancient Clans were the second generation of heaven-defying cultivators!

Although it was not the same as what the seven-colored figure said, if the two were combined, a clear image would appear!

“Ancient Ye Mo was lured here by the ancient celestial emperor, or the seven-colored figure here. That battle was the ancient battle where the Ancient One battled the heaven that was mentioned by Bei Luo!

“The 3,000 drops of blood eventually turned into the three Ancient Clans. Those drops that fused became the royal bloodlines! Just how much of this is true?” Wang Lin took a deep breath.

1. I’m officially changing Ancient Order -> Ancient Ones for better flow when reading.

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