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Chapter 1538 - Golden Sky Black Earth!

The moment Wang Lin opened his eyes, a round mark appeared between his eyebrows. This mark was almost exactly the same as the one the madman had!

The appearance of this mark immediately made the new blood in his body surge as if it was boiling.

Originally, the power from the blood and the Ancient Order power had reached an equilibrium. Although the blood held the advantage, it couldn’t destroy the Ancient Order power.

However, the appearance of this mark set off the beacon of war. This caused Wang Lin’s bloodline power to suddenly surge and try to destroy his Ancient Order power.

As a result, the Ancient Order power that had been suppressed erupted in a berserk counter attack. And Wang Lin’s body became a battlefield of life and death!

The power of the bloodline was an outsider that had just fused with Wang Lin, unlike the Ancient Order power that had accompanied him almost all his life. The fierce battle between the two had reached a terrifying degree.

One of the stars between Wang Lin’s eyebrows collapsed, and a surge of Ancient Order power entered his body and his body quickly recovered.

However, just as his body recovered, the mark between his eyebrows suddenly released a powerful force, causing Wang Lin’s body to collapse!

This collapse was a complete collapse. His arms, legs, whole body, including his head and original soul, all collapsed. However, before his flesh and blood scattered far, an extremely pure celestial spiritual energy rapidly condensed into a blurry figure!

This blurry figure was an origin soul. However, this wasn’t the origin soul of a cultivator but that of a true celestial, a celestial origin!

After the celestial origin appeared, all the scattered flesh and blood immediately gathered to form a body. This body was crystal smooth and gave off endless celestial spiritual energy. It also gave off a powerful aura!

However, the moment this body appeared, it trembled and collapsed again along with another star between Wang Lin’s eyebrows!

The celestial body collapsed, and as the blood and flesh splattered, a powerful surge of Ancient Order energy appeared. The flesh and blood quickly gathered and a 10,000 foot ancient god suddenly appeared!

However, before the ancient god body appeared for long, it collapsed once more!

Wang Lin suffered unimaginable pain. His Ancient Order power was on the weaker side, so it had to rely on shattering his stars!

He no longer had a choice, the ancient god power inside him was going to turn into a storm that would destroy everything. He felt like when that time came, he would without a doubt die!

He had to maintain balance and make them fuse. Otherwise, this fortune would become a life or death calamity!

The seventh star collapsed and the seventh celestial conversion happened. Now all seven stars had shattered, and all of this had happened in an instant! Every shattered star caused the Ancient Order power inside his body to increase greatly. After seven stars broke, the Ancient Order power inside Wang Lin was heaven-shaking!

Just at this moment, the eighth cycle began!

What Wang Lin shattered was the vortex that hadn’t formed into a star yet. A thunderous rumble echoed and his body quickly changed between Ancient Order and celestial for the eighth time!

After the eighth time, Wang Lin would face the fact that he had no stars left to shatter!

His ancient god body suddenly exploded, and as his flesh and blood splattered, the celestial spiritual energy appeared once more to form the celestial body that had collapsed several times! Immortal celestial body!

This immortal body came from the celestial ancestor body. It was because of the mark that Wang Lin had this immortal body. The mark between his eyebrows flashed and the celestial spiritual energy inside his body became even more intense. His bone marrow created even more blood that circulated through his body. It seemed like the celestial body was going to completely suppress his ancient god body!

However, all of this was far from over. If Wang Lin was only an ancient god before he got the Ancient Order inheritance, then, at the last moment, he would lose his ancient god inheritance, become a real celestial, and then die from his body exploding!

However, this ancient god inheritance was that of a royal ancient god! And it was also the Ancient Order inheritance. The mark not only changed his bloodline but also triggered the Ancient Order inheritance in his body!

Just like what the madman had said, this mark couldn’t be given to outsiders and definitely couldn’t be given to the three clans from the Ancient Nation!

A roar came from Wang Lin’s mouth and countless cracks appeared on his celestial body. At the same time, the Ancient Order power inside him surged. Although there was no star left to shatter… this surge seemed to have caused Wang Lin’s second trial to arrive early! The second trial arriving early was completely due to the will of the Ancient Order power inside Wang Lin when it was faced the possibility of being driven out!

There were two vague wills inside Wang Lin’s body, one Ancient Order and one celestial. The collision of these two wills was the cause of all of Wang Lin’s fortune and danger!

The early arrival of the second trial caused countless cracks to appear on the celestial body, then the body exploded. The power of the explosion collided with the power of the second trial. The two powers frantically destroyed each other, wanting to wipe each other out. At this moment, it was as if everything, including Wang Lin’s origin soul, was going to be destroyed!


Wang Lin’s whole body began to disintegrate. His ancient god flesh and blood entered the planet, causing the ground to tremble. Waves of invisible ripples spread. These ripples caused all the mountains to collapse, making the entire continent as flat as a mirror!

His celestial body collapsed and shot into the sky with his broken origin soul.  The sky seemed to separate from the world inside the Nether Beast, and after it replaced everything, the sky was golden!

The heavens and earth had changed!

Golden sky and black earth! This was like something out of a myth, but it appeared right now!

The madman had awakened and was lying there, watching all of this. He rubbed his eyes and muttered, “Has this king’s eyes gone bad? Golden sky and black earth. Isn’t this the first sign of the celestial ancestor descending that my big brother talked about…” 

Just at this moment, a heaven-shattering roar came from the earth. The entire earth trembled as if a power was erupting outward. The madman saw a giant black shadow come out of the ground. It was like a mountain, and it shot toward the sky!

The giant shadow was as tall as the heavens itself; it was an ancient god! It looked exactly like Wang Lin! His seven stars were rotating rapidly and he waved his giant fist toward the sky!

At this moment, the golden light made the sky look like a golden ocean, and a golden figure walked out of it. This golden figure was filled with celestial spiritual energy and gave off a majestic aura. He coldly stared at the ancient god rushing up and waved his sleeves, setting off endless golden ripples!

From afar, it looked as if the person in the sky was wearing a very large, golden cloak, but this cloak was the entire sky! This person also looked like Wang Lin! The round mark emitted endless golden light, and with a wave of his hand, he charged at the ancient god!  

The two Wang Lins closed in in an instant as if they were going to fight to the death!

They got close and closer! In a flash, the two Wang Lin collided. Just as they were about to collide like two mountains crashing into each other, a ghostly light flickered between them!

This ghostly light was a bead, a bead that was only the size of a baby’s fist!

The Heaven Defying Bead appeared once more!

The madman that was lying there suddenly opened his eyes and stared this bead. He muttered, “This is… It seems very, very important, as if even my big brother is looking for it… This object, it… Uh, I forgot, what is it? Little Red, what is that?”

A thunderous bang echoed. The power of the golden sky and black earth collided with the Heaven Defying Bead!

The Heaven Defying Bead slowly rotated. After one rotation, the golden sky was instantly absorbed by the Heaven Defying Bead. Then a golden body suddenly appeared outside the Heaven Defying Bead!

The Heaven Defying Bead rotated again. On the second rotation, the ancient god was absorbed just like the golden sky. The ancient god power permeated the golden celestial origin and formed the body of an ancient god!

However, this ancient god body gave off a faint golden glow! He was Wang Lin!

Time seemed to stop at this moment. After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly opened!  His left eye contained a golden dog and his right eye had a bolt of golden thunder. The round mark between his eyebrows had disappeared and the seven ancient god stars were rotating in its place, but those seven stars were now golden!

Golden stars!

The moment he opened his eyes, his body trembled and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. He viciously stared at the madman that was in a daze before he took a step and fell to the ground. He then closed his eyes and began to cultivate.

The madman trembled and pretended he didn’t see anything. He continued to whistle and look at the other direction. However, he was observing Wang Lin’s reaction from the corner of his eye.

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