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Chapter 1535 - Madman!

There was a sky and stars in the strange world inside the Nether Beast, but there was no life. To be more accurate, very few lives. Before Wang Lin, there was only one other person!

It was that poor cultivator that was scared by the Nether Beast twice and thought the world inside the Nether Beast was the real world outside.

There was a semi-collapsed cultivation planet inside the Nether Beast. This planet was no longer round, there was no vegetation on it, and it was completely silent.

A cultivator with broken clothes filled with facial hair crouched there and stared at a body on the ground.

“Strange, is this person not dead? A few days ago, before I left, he wasn’t this large, and after leaving for a few days, he grew quite a bit. From the looks of this, it will take a few years to be completely grown… Well, it seems to have something to do with my blood…” The dull-eyed cultivator touched his chin as he walked around the corpse several times and kicked it a bit.

“Damn it, you dare to pretend to be dead before this king?” The cultivator glared and kicked the body. Seeing no response, he immediately went for a few more kicks. Finally, he giggled and jumped on the body. After jumping on it for a hour, he felt satisfied and lied down on the ground, staying at the sky in a daze.

He had been searching this place for countless years, but he hadn’t seen a second person. He still remembered that an unknown number of years ago, he was also lying here, looking at the sky in a daze.

He had been begging the heavens to give him a fellow cultivator to play with.

He thought of this almost everyday, but this time was different. Just as he thought of this, his eyes widened and there was a flash of light in the starry sky. He saw something fall from the sky and land on the other side of this planet.

He was startled for four or five days before he reacted. He then rushed toward the other side of the planet in joy.

He had found this broken body there and brought it back here.

“Finally, someone to accompany me… Although it’s a dead man, how can a dead body be growing again? Oh… Maybe, who knows. I say, today is going to rain… Little Red, go bring the Rain Shelter Jade.. Eh? I ate it last time I got drunk, you say… Then go ask the Lee family for another. Damn it, if they won’t give it, tell them this king will ask my big brother to steal it tomorrow!

“That might be the case… Maybe there isn’t enough silver to use… What if there is not enough… Little Gui, go find my big brother and tell him to give me some. If he doesn’t give any, tell him that tomorrow this king will let… Uh, I’ll go steal it myself!” The cultivator didn’t even know what he was muttering. This phenomenon started when he was trapped in the Seven-Colored Realm. If it wasn’t for this random muttering, he would have really gone crazy.

After muttering for a long time, he let out a big breath and he looked at the corpse. His expression suddenly changed and became fierce.

“You dare to scare this king? Let’s see how this king will deal with you!” he roared.

As he roared, he jumped into the air and his hands formed seals, creating a large amount of spells that launched at the body. The earth rumbled for a long time, and before the rumbling stopped, this madman cultivator used even more spells.

The bombardment continued for several consecutive days… If a third step cultivator saw the spells this madman was using, they would terrified!

“Little Pink, take my move!” The madman raised his right. The world rumbled and then a giant palmprint appeared. However, the palmprint seemed to be lacking power and immediately collapsed when it touched the body.

However, the palm was filled with power and majesty. This was the most authentic War Spirit Print! It was like the War Spirit Print the Lord of the Sealed Realm left at the God Sect, but the one used by this madman was even more authentic!

“Little Silver, watch how this king hits you!” the madman roared, then he pointed at the sky. The entire sky suddenly turned into the a canopy and a giant pillar that supported the sky appeared. It was a giant umbrella!

“Realm Burning Umbrella, burn for this king!” The madman waved his right hand and the umbrella shrank until he could hold it in his right hand. He poked the body on the ground with it, but although the umbrella was powerful, it was, in fact, powerless. The moment it touched the corpse, it immediately dissipated.

“Old Man Li Guang, take told man’s arrow!” The mandman smiled and raised his hands as if he was holding a bow. There was no bow in his hands, but an arrow suddenly appeared and shot toward Wang Lin.

“Seven-Colored little girl, your husband has been forced away by my big brother. I say, you better follow this king. You see, I can use the seven-colored spell as well!” The madman raised his right hand and there was a flash of seven-colored light. The seven-colored light turned into a spell wheel that flew forward.

Time slowly passed. The madman continued to chatter and used large amounts of spells that had never appeared in the Inner or Outer Realms!!

It wasn’t until a few days later that the madman slowly stopped. He was gasping for breath on the side and revealed a look of satisfaction.

“Not bad, not bad. This king’s spells have become even stronger, not bad! Now it’s time to practice my strength.” He stood up and walked up to the corpse. There was a bow in the corpse’s hand!

The bow was being held tightly by the corpse, but its string was broken. It was attached to the bow on one end and the other was fused with the flesh of the corpse.

The madman rubbed his hands and grabbed the bow. His face turned red as he tired to drag the bow away. His body jumped and he continued to roar.

“Damn it, this damn person from the Ancient Nation holding the Li Guang bow. Even when dead, he is still so strong… Eh, what did I just say? Ancient Nation? Li Guang’s bow?”

The madman was startled for a moment and loosened his hand. He then thought for a long time. He looked at the corpse and shook his head, saying, “Ancient Nation, that feels very familiar… I feel a lot of hatred…” After a long time, he still couldn’t think of anything. He scratched his head and let out a sigh as he looked down at the body before him. He then bit his finger on his right hand and place it in the mouth of the corpse.

“Drink it, drink more so you can quickly regrow your body so you can play with me…” He had not just been feeding this body for one or two days. Ever since he found the body, whenever he remembered, he would feed the body some of his blood.

“This king’s blood is very precious. That little girl from the Li family begged me for many years before I gave her a drop. And there was also who, who, who, who, was it? Little Red, who was it?

“Oh, it was that sect’s saintess who was kidnapped by that person. If not for the fact that I thought she was pitiful, this king wouldn’t have given it to her.

“One drop of this king’s blood is more precious than the Dao Sage!

“Alas, there is no food to eat. Little Red, go to the Chi Mu family to get me some fruit. That fruit their family grows that only grows once every 100,000 years. The Dream Fruit. Bring it to me. If they don’t give it, tell them that this king will get my big brother to steal it for me tomorrow!”

As the madman muttered to himself, he didn’t notice that the corpse that was rapidly recovering suddenly slowed down after absorbing his blood. Not only did the recovery stop, but it reversed, making the injury even worse.

There was a power that was rejecting this blood like crazy, as if they couldn’t exist together. However, during this rejection, there was a hint of fusion… This corpse was Wang Lin!

The blood from the madman couldn’t merge with the Ancient Order power inside him at all. The two devoured each other like crazy, as if they were in a life and death struggle. This mutual destruction caused Wang Lin’s body to go through a strange change. This change seemed to be changing his bloodline… A change from a mortal to a true celestial!

The Li Guang Bow hadn’t recognized another owner since its owner’s death, and not even Old Ghost Zhan thought anyone would be recognized as its owner. As this change took place within Wang Lin, a heaven-shaking change was happening with the Li Guang Bow as well!

If Old Ghost Zhan saw this personally, even he would be filled with disbelief!

The broken bow string that had grown into Wang Lin’s body was slowly fusing with Wang Lin’s new bloodline. The power of Wang Lin’s bloodline was slowly permeating the entire bow.

The bow gave off faint cheers of excitement that only Wang Lin could hear. This was a cry of joy for finding another master after its first master had died countless years ago!

The bow felt that Wang Lin’s changing bloodline was 100 times more pure than its previous master, like the difference between water and wine!

The madman stared at the sky in a daze and continued to mutter to himself.

“It’s raining… Eh, Little Red, come and rub your master’s shoulders…

“Go tell my big brother that this kid is tired and am not going to cultivate. I’m going out to play… Tell him to not come find me. Once I play enough, I’ll go back. If he dares to find me like in the past, I’ll cut all relations with him!”

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