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Chapter 1527 - Allheaven and Summoned River Move!

There was a flash of axe light and space itself seemed like it was going to be split apart. The heaven-shattering rumble gave off a pressure that shook the hearts of the invading cultivators.

It was as if everything in the world had disappeared and this giant axe was the only thing that remained!

There were still many cultivators before Grandmaster Yun Luo who hadn’t retreated yet. They looked in shock as the giant axe rushed toward them!

The Outer Realm cultivator in front was a middle-aged man in black. He only had time to raise his hand before his body and form a seal as he subconsciously tried to resist. However, the axe just whizzed past him.

A line of blood appeared between his eyebrows and quickly extended across his body. The clothes he was wearing gave off a tearing sound as they split. His face still retained the horror as large amounts of blood ejected from his body and he was split in half!

There were dozens of cultivators behind this middle-aged man. It was as if the Stop spell had been used on them when the giant axe passed by. Their bodies trembled and were cut in half.

It was impossible to describe the speed of the axe. Before the howling dissipated, the hundreds and thousands of Outer Realm cultivators behind those dozens felt their vision blur. Their vision never returned.

Their bodies collapsed as the sound of the axe passing by echoed!

The cultivators behind them all remained still like statues until the axe passed through them like  a meteor. A line of blood appeared between their eyebrows and they died one by one.

It seemed like no force could stop this axe from penetrating through all the cultivators. The axe closed on the deathly pale Grandmaster Yun Luo.

A rare sense of helplessness appeared in Grandmaster Yun Luo’s eyes. Her vision was enveloped completely by this monstrous axe. It was as if everything in the world had disappeared and this murderous axe was the only thing that remained!

All of this happened too fast. When the axe closed in, Grandmaster Yun Luo only had time to bite her tongue and cough out a mouthful of blood. The blood formed a palm-sized blood shield!

This blood shield was an octagon with very uneven edges. The moment the blood shield appeared, the axe landed on it.

A shocking sound echoed across the stars. The blood shield was like a piece of tofu, it couldn’t even withstand one blow!

The runes on it shifted rapidly, changing into a net that wanted to stop the axe!

As the rumble echoed, the net was of no use and the axe pierced through it onto the blood shield. The blood shield broke without being able to hold off the axe at all. The axe landed on Grandmaster Yun Luo’s delicate body before she could even react!

The axe swing went through Grandmaster Yun Luo’s body and into the gap in Realm Sealing Formation behind her. The entire Realm Sealing Formation trembled!

All of this happened in an instant. When the Realm Sealing Formation trembled, Grandmaster Yun Luo coughed out a mouthful of bright red blood and her body split into two pieces of clothes that began to fall.

If these two pieces of clothes were connected together, they would be the same as a doll mortal children would play with. This doll had a nose and eyes, it looked exactly like Grandmaster Yun Luo!

“It’s an avatar!” Wang Lin stepped forward and arrived at where Grandmaster Yun Luo was. His eyes were filled with killing intent as he stared at the two pieces of clothes. He waved his left sleeve and a monstrous fire burned those two piece of clothes.

“Even if it’s an avatar, I can find your original body!” Wang Lin had made up his mind to kill Grandmaster Yun Luo. The moment he realized this was an avatar, his left hand formed a seal and the two pieces of burning clothes collapsed.

As they collapsed, two strands were extracted by Wang Lin’s spell. They intersected as if they were two snakes and formed a vortex!

“Nether Guide, pass!” With a roar, the vortex formed a black hole. The black hole was completely dark and it was unknown where it led to!

However, just as the black hole appeared, the thunder tattoo in Wang Lin’s right eye flashed. The Ji Realm that was sealed as an accompanying thunder shot out of Wang Lin’s right eye without hesitation and flew into the black hole!

At the same time, the fire essence rushed into the vortex behind the Ji Realm thunder. Thunder and fire rushed in!

In the Ancient Star System, one of the three forbidden lands of the Sovereign Council. This place didn’t exist in normal space. It was the holy land Grandmaster Yun Luo’s ancestors had passed down for generations!

The lake was clear and there was an island in the middle. She was sitting under a pavilion on the island, wearing white, and her long, black hair flowed down. Her face was pale and her eyes were closed. The moment her avatar was killed by Wang Lin, her body trembled and she coughed out a mouthful of blood!

The blood turned into blood mist that drifted away. A few drops landed on her white clothes, making for a shocking sight!

She opened her eyes, revealing that they were filled with fear. However, her expression suddenly changed. She looked up just as a black hole-like vortex appeared above the island she was on!

The moment the vortex appeared, the sound of thunder rumbling began to echo!

The thunder was red, and the moment it appeared, it died the sky blood red. A bolt of red thunder descended down on the island Grandmaster Yun Luo was on!

As the red thunderbolt descended, it grew larger and larger until it was more than 1,000 feet long. It was like a bolt of heavenly thunder that was going to destroy everything on the island!

The pressure of the Ji Realm spread out from the red thunder. A heaven-shaking bang echoed when the red thunderbolt landed on the island.

The entire island trembled!

After the thunder, the endless fire surged and surrounded the island. From afar, it looked like a sea of fire burning. Even the water in the lake was dissipating into white gas due to the sea of fire.

The thunder and fire mixed together. The island trembled violently as if a giant hammer had struck it. It was torn apart into pieces and scattered in all directions!

“Third divination, the heavenly thunder descends… Fourth divination, the sea of fire burns… Fifth divination, the island scatters...” Grandmaster Yun Luo was sitting on a piece of the island at the center, and the pavilion behind her gave off a gentle light. She coughed out blood once more, and her face was ashen as she bitterly looked at the world around her.

“Ancestor’s eight divination, the fifth dinvation!”

Just at this moment, the Ji Realm thunder closed in on Grandmaster Yun Luo after destroying the island. It looked like countless blood snakes swimming, making for a shocking sight.

This red snake-like thunderbolt rapidly condensed on the gentle light around Grandmaster Yun Luo. An instant later, it collided with the gentle light.

The gentle light began to distort and condense until it was wrapped tightly around Grandmaster Yun Luo’s body. It flickered violently in an attempt to resist the Ji Realm thunder.

However, the gentle light was clearly no match. After resisting for a few breaths, it collapsed. The endless red thunder rushed in toward Grandmaster Yun Luo’s original body!

When the red thunder arrived, Grandmaster Yuo Luo bitterly waved her jade-like hand. A black skeleton appeared before her.

This skeleton gave off ancient aura. It was the bones of her teacher!

The moment the bones appeared, the red thunder seemed to be attracted and rushed into this skeleton. Thunderous rumbles echoed and the skeleton suddenly collapsed!

“Sixth divination, ancestor’s remains shatter… Seventh divination, the soul returns to merge with the clan… Eighth divination, the autumn orchid revives… Ninth divination…” Grandmaster Yun Luo’s voice gradually dissipated within the rumbles. After her master’s bones had absorbed all the red thunder, they collapsed. The fragments formed a storm that wrapped around Grandmaster Yun Luo’s body.

Her body shattered and completely disintegrated; even her origin soul collapsed. However, her soul fused with the storm of bone fragments and disappeared along with the storm in a flash.

In the Cloud Sea battleground, Wang Lin was holding the giant axe up as he stood there, and his gaze swept past the Outer Realm cultivators. There was a flash of killing intent in his eyes!

The poison ocean howled across the stars and the tens of thousands of mosquitos beasts roared as they moved with the poison ocean, charging toward the 100,000 Outer Realm cultivators!

In the distance of the Cloud Sea, large ripples suddenly appeared. Inside the ripples, one, two, three… more than 900 cultivation planets suddenly flew out!

The Allheaven reinforcements had arrived!

Even further away, bolts of lightning appeared out of nowhere. They ripped open the void and quickly closed in. It wasn’t say a few bolts of lightning but countless bolts!

The Summoned River reinforcements had arrived!

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