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Chapter 1517 - Breaking the Formation!

Master Enlighten East smiled, but he dismissed this idea in his heart. He looked at the 90,000-cultivator army and felt the fierce and crazed killing intent. He couldn’t help but reveal a cruel expression.

“No need for mercy. These wolves’ killing intent is already monstrous, how can I not let them kill? As for that little cultivator, Wang Lin, at most he is only at the Heaven’s Blight stage. He has only gotten a bit lucky to achieve what he did. Killing him will be too easy; there’s no need to make a fuss!

“This first battle’s primary purpose is to kill and steal. The second is to place the transfer array. The final matter is to kill that little cultivator Wang Lin on the way!”

Just as Master Enlighten East thought of this, he suddenly looked into the distance. At the same time, Master Nan Zhao, the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor, and Grandmaster Yun Luo all looked into the distance.

A powerful pressure spread out from the rumbling sound and completely suppressed the raging roars of these 90,000 cultivators. This sound was overwhelming, and it soon attracted the gazes of all 90,000 cultivators.

A giant, black palace suddenly appeared. It was too big, the size of a cultivation planet. It was surrounded by endless fog, making it blurry!

One could only vaguely see thousands of cultivators in black floating around the palace. They all had the same mark between their brows, a black sword!

Every cultivator in black gave off an extremely cold aura. They had indifferent expressions as they floated forward outside the black palace!

A howl of killing intent shrouded the star domain!

“It’s the Sword Clan!!”

“The guards of the Sovereign Council’s Heaven Punishment Palace are the Sword Clan!!”

“Rumor has it that every cultivator of the Sword Clan has terrifying power. They also cultivate the Soul Piercing Strike, which has amazing power!”

“The Sword Clan has appeared. This must be the Sovereign Council’s Heaven Punishment Palace! I didn’t expect the Sovereign to move one of the four palaces for the first battle!!”

The large, black palace slowly closed in and the pressure from it slowly spread out. The 90,000 cultivators all bowed toward the palace.

“We all greet the Heaven Punishment Palace!” The 90,000 cultivators’ voices were like a wave.

Outside the Realm Sealing Formation, the giant palace slowly stopped. The thousands of cultivators in black coldly stared ahead.

“Under the order of the Sovereign Council, this old man came to oversee the battle…” An ancient voice came from the black palace. This voice released a pressure that immediately suppressed the voices of the 90,000 cultivators.

“Now this old man will open the Realm Sealing Formation, and this war will begin…” As the voice came out, there seemed to be a sigh. Shortly after, a ray of light flashed out from the black palace!

This was a sword, a sword made of crystal light!

The sword was seven feet long and three inches wide, and its blade was crystal clear. At a glance, it was dazzling and contained endless Joss Flames. It caused the space around it to distort.

One could clearly see many Joss Flame realms inside this distortion, with countless Joss Flame Souls living inside. They sat there and offered their Joss Flames.

In the Ancient Star System, there was a world that shouldn’t exist within a spatial rift that had been created.

This place was filled with celestial spiritual energy. There was a celestial mountain here, and the mountain’s peak was hidden among the clouds. There was a woman standing on this peak.

This woman looked middle-aged. She wasn’t an absolute beauty, but gave off an air of grace and elegance. She was wearing a palace dress and there was a bright red oval blood mark between her eyebrows!

Looking at the sky, there was a flash of coldness in her eyes. She raised her jade-like hand and pointed at the sky, causing a jade scepter to appear. There were flowers on the scepter. These flowers were originally dead, but when the woman pointed at them, they seemed to gain life and began to bloom.

When the flowers bloomed, nine petals fell off, forming a vortex that disappeared without a trace.

“Since you haven’t decided, I’ll give you hand!” the woman whispered as she removed a golden hairpin with her left hand and threw it forward!

Waves of zither music were coming from the top of Mount Blue in the Blue Silk Clan. Although this music was beautiful, it was very strange. Sometime it was as if it was ready to ambush and kill, but at other times it was gentle. These two extremes fused together to form a very complicated emotion.

Dao Master Blue Dream closed his eyes as his hands moved over the zither. He seemed to be hesitating, as if he was making a choice!

Li Qianmei was calmly sitting opposite of her father. She was silently looking at her father and hadn’t said a word.

Just at this moment, ripples echoed above Mount Blue and there was a flash of golden light. It was a hairpin, a hairpin a woman would place on her hair!

The hairpin broke through void and headed straight for Mount Blue. It penetrated the roof of the house and mercilessly stabbed into the ground between Li Qianmei and Dao Master Blue Dream!

The zither music suddenly stopped! One of the strings suddenly broke and flew up high into the air. Dao Master Blue Dream opened his eyes and looked at the hairpin before him. There was a painful struggle in his eyes.

After a long time, he let out a sigh and waved his right hand. The broken string broke off from the zither and was surrounded by a blue light. Daoist Master Blue dream bit his tongue and spat out some blood. The blood fused with the string and flew off into the distance.

Outside the Realm Sealing Formation, the world beside the black palace rumbled. Nine petals appeared next to the crystal sword, forming a monstrous storm!

At the same time, blue light flashed violently and a broken string appeared. This string contained Dao Master Blue Dream’s blood, his cultivation, and was connected to his mind, so it contained powerful Joss Flames.

In the extreme western part of the Ancient Star System, the world here was slightly white. Any cultivator who came here would feel coldness in their mind. Even if they activated their cultivation, they would be frozen!

In the distance, there were nine cultivation planets. From a distance, they looked like nine large pieces of ice, or to be more accurate, one piece!

A giant piece of ice and nine frozen cultivation planets!

There was a child about seven or eight years old sealed inside this vast ice. At this moment, this boy filled with death energy opened his eyes. His eyes were extremely strange; there were three pupils inside each eye!

Three-pupil cultivator!

The moment he opened his eyes, thunderous rumbles echoed across the ice around the nine planets. Then a giant, phantom eye appeared inside this ice!

This eye was the same as the boy’s, it also had three pupils! At this moment, the three pupils flew out into the stars.

In the Ancient Star System, there was another spatial rift filled with celestial spiritual energy. There was a continent floating there. This continent gave off an ancient aura, and no one knew where it came from.

There was a woman sitting on the continent. She was wearing a red dress and even her hair was red. She looked very bright!

Although she was sitting there, her red dress wasn’t loose but very close-fitting. Looking from behind, she had an amazing waist! Combined with her hips and the curves of her upper body, it was enough to cause any cultivator’s heart to pound!

Her face was very beautiful and very white. Her eyelashes trembled and she slowly opened her eyes. There was a hint of natural sadness in them, and she slowly raised her jade-like hand to bite it. This image was enough to make anyone go crazy!

There seemed to be a sigh and then she broke her finger. She waved her hand and three drops of blood flew out, turning into three large, hideous ghosts. These ghosts looked terrifying, and they let our roars that echoed across the sky as they flew into the air!

A moment later, the three ghosts bowed at the woman in red and then disappeared!

Outside the Realm Sealing Formation, there was a flash of ghostly light beside the crystal sword, string, and nine petals. An phantom eye suddenly appeared here. This eye had three pupils, making for a shocking sight!

Just as the eye with three pupils appeared, a roar echoed. The three giant ghosts tore open space itself and appeared!

The various treasures formed by the powerful cultivators of the Outer Realm gathered. In the Ancient Star System, in that floating palace that belonged to the Sovereign, the person in the black robe that was forced back again by that roar looked up. He raised his withered hand and fiercely reached forward!

“Fishing for the Moon in the Well!” the man in black said with a hoarse and weak voice that echoed inside the palace.

The Realm Sealing Formation began to tremble before the 90,000 cultivators and became blurry. It was as if there was a powerful force that wanted to extract the soul of the Realm Sealing Formation!

As the formation trembled, there were flashes of light, and various formation spirits appeared. And those blood treasures gave off a shocking aura!!

It was the trembling from the Realm Sealing Formation that attracted Wang Lin’s attention. His pupils shrank and he looked over!!

There was such a thing as coincidence in this world. If there was no Realm Sealing Formation, those 90,000 cultivators would’ve clearly seen the white-haired Wang Lin looking at them from the other side of the formation!!

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