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Chapter 1515 - Sealed Lord!!

As for the Nether Beast, all of its fluffy hair was standing up straight. It was staring at the surrounding cultivators and roaring as if it were going to rush out at any moment.

Its reaction speed was very slow, so it hadn’t noticed Wang Lin’s sudden departure. It was still roaring and making a fierce expression. It slowly seemed to hear the rumble behind it.

It faintly perceived that something was wrong. Why were these cultivators not looking at it but looking behind it instead?

Wang Lin’s voice slowly entered its ears. It made the Nether Beast subconsciously turn its dull head to take a look.

Just like this, it slowly turned around and looked at the empty space behind it. It stared in a daze at Wang Lin, who was a distance away from it, charging at Daoist Water.

After a moment of daze, the Nether Beast’s eyes suddenly shrank. Its roar suddenly stopped and an even more violent roar came out. However, this roar was clearly different from before. This was a roar of fear!

All of its fluffy fur that was standing up straight immediately withered. Fear filled its eyes, its body trembled, and it immediately retreated. Within its fearful roar, one could even hear its heart beating rapidly.

It was obviously frightened, and it desperately charged toward Wang Lin. Its eyes were filled fear and grievance, especially when it thought about how it had fiercely roared at those terrifying cultivators without its master. When the Nether Beast thought about this, its heart trembled in fear.

Wang Lin closed in on the escaping Daoist Water and arrived next to him in a flash. His right hand formed a fist. There was no phantom fist, his fist directly smashed down this time!

“This punch is for the Lord of the Sealed Realm!” Wang Lin’s expression was fierce, but his words were calm. When he approached on Daoist Water, his punch landed.

A miserable scream echoed and he coughed out a mouthful of origin soul essence. His origin soul became bleak and his eyes were filled with despair.

“You can’t kill me, I’m a third step cultivator… I…” Before he could finish speaking, Wang Lin closed in and threw another punch!

“This punch is for Li Qianmei!” Wang Lin’s voice was calm to a terrifying degree. Daoist Water’s legs exploded.

Miserable screams echoed once more. Madness appeared in Daoist Water’s despair, but this madness was nothing to Wang Lin!

“I’m the slave of the Lord of the Sealed Realm. Accept me as your slave and your strength will increase greatly! Don’t kill me!!”

Wang Lin’s expression was indifferent as he stepped forward and threw the third punch!

“This punch is for the cultivators of the Cloud Sea, for your attempt to kill the Origin Sect!” Wang Lin said while grinding his teeth, and his punch landed on Daoist Water’s chest.

Daoist Water’s origin soul trembled and became even more transparent. It was as if his origin soul was about to dissipate forever!

“This punch is for your golden storm!” Wang Lin roared angrily as he threw the fourth punch!

Daoist Water’s body was pushed back and his left arm exploded!

“This punch is for me, Wang Lin!” Wang Lin’s right hand rose up. It was as if he was holding the stars and the moons as he smashed down!

A thunderous rumble echoed. Wang Lin’s right fist penetrated through Daoist Water’s chest, creating a giant hole!

Daoist Water’s eyes had already turned lax and he was thrown far away. The intense pain washed over him and allowed him to become sober for a moment.

“This punch is for… It’s not for anything, just to kill you!” Wang Lin couldn’t think of anything and charged forward. His right hand formed a fist and he shot toward Daoist Water’s remaining origin soul!

At his final moment of being sober, Daoist Water roared his final ace!!

“I’m connected with Mu Bingmei, killing me is the same as killing her!! She is your woman! Kill me!! Kill me!!” Daoist Water’s roar echoed across the world and entered Wang Lin’s mind!

Wang Lin’s killing shot stopped three inches away from Daoist Water!

Daoist Water’s mind shook as he looked at Wang Lin’s fist. His face was extremely ferocious and he smiled madly. “How come you’re not killing me? Kill me!! Come and kill me!! Kill me and Mu Bingmei will die!! This old man has long been preparing. That stupid Mu Bingmei didn’t know anything. This old man helped her recover her cultivation and gave her pills so that our souls would be connected!

“What does that golden bell count as? She is my real talisman!!” Daoist Water laughed as he waved his remaining right hand. The world distorted and a scene appeared.

A large formation appeared inside the distorted scene. A woman was sitting inside, and there were shocking blood marks on her white clothes!

Her face was pale. She seemed to notice something and her eyelashes trembled as she opened her eyes. Her eyes seemed to penetrate the distortion and fall on Wang Lin.

She smiled, but this smile was filled with death… “I know you have always hated me…

“I know you have always felt pain in your heart…

“I know Liu Mei had wronged you… Liu Mei is me and I’m Liu Mei…

“Over the years, as I weakened, I gradually forgot I was Mu Bingmei. I know I want to become Liu Mei…

“I know there will be nothing between us. Because of Ping Er’s existence, we can only become the most familiar strangers… I know… I know…

“I didn’t have to take that pill, but I’m tired… The destruction of the Brilliant Void, the destruction of my home. I’m the only one left, and I can’t bear it anymore… Even if my cultivation recovers, so what… So what if I’m the Holy Saintess… I just want to see my child, but I can’t…

“Our relationship is ill-fated, a thorn in your heart… You won’t say it, but I know…

“I have no complaints about dying by your hand through this method. This is what I owe, not you but Ping Er… I owe him a lot, a lot… I’m not a good mother… If Ping Er awakens, I hope you tell him… Li Muwan is his mother. I… am unworthy… With my death, the 2,000 years of entanglement between us will be over. You will be free, I will be free…” Two lines of crystal tears flowed down Mu Bingmei’s eyes and slowly dripped onto the blood stains on her clothes. This caused the blood stains to become blurry.

She closed her eyes as she raised her right hand and pressed down between her eyebrows!

Daoist Water was startled. At this moment, he seemed to care even more about her life. Wang Lin silently pondered. When he saw Mu Bingmei’s right hand press down to kill herself, his eyes shined. His fist that had stopped three inches away from Daoist Water no longer hesitated and shot forward!

At the same time, he raised his left hand and pointed at the distorted  image. With one word, Mu Bingmei’s body suddenly stopped.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and an unimaginable force rushed into Daoist Water’s tattered origin soul. His right hand collapsed and the force rushed into his head, erasing his soul! A miserable scream echoed!

Daoist Water, servant of the Lord of the Sealed Realm, head elder of the God Sect, third step cultivator of the Cloud Sea Star System, was dead!!

The moment he died, a complex chant came from Wang Lin’s mouth. Almost no one could understand this chant, only the disappearing 9-star ancient demon from the Ghost Sect was shocked when he heard this!

“Ancient Order life transformation spell!! This the Ancient Order life transformation spell!! The rumored life transformation spell that the ancestors could only use three times in their lives!!”

The Ancient Order life transformation spell was something Wang Lin had acquired from his inheritance. It was useless for Li Muwan, but right now it could transfer all of Daoist Water’s vitality to Mu Bingmei, who was connected to him!

Daoist Water’s soul was destroyed, but his vitality essence was left behind. At the last moment, Wang Lin didn’t completely destroy him but kept the vitality essence that was linked to Mu Bingmei!

If it was in the past, Wang Lin wouldn’t have been able to do this, but right now he could!

Mu Bingmei, who was stopped by the Stop spell, trembled. Daoist Water’s vitality essence entered her body through a strange method and began a bizarre fusion!

“You don’t owe Ping Er or me.” Wang Lin looked profoundly at Mu Bingmei and removed the Stop spell.

It was at this moment that the Nether Beast closed in with fear and grievance in its eyes. It anxiously returned to Wang Lin’s side, its eyes filled with grievance. It seemed to be complaining about why Wang Lin had suddenly left, making it still feel lingering fear.

After returning to Wang Lin’s side, the Nether Beast seemed to regain confidence. It began to roar and all its fur spiked out once more. It revealed a powerful appearance as it stared at the cultivators ahead. It was as if was it going to charge on Wang Lin’s command.

However, aside from roaring, it maintained a part of its attention on Wang Lin. If Wang Lin retreated, it would retreat without hesitation. It was obvious that what had just happened had taught it a lesson, and this lesson was still fresh in its mind.

Its heart would tremble when it thought about how it hadn’t noticed Wang Lin leave and was still roaring. Feeling annoyed and ashamed, its roar became even more violent.

Those waves of roars swept away the bloody death of Daoist Water and entered the ears of the silently pondering cultivators.

“The cultivators of the Demon Sect greet the Lord of the Sealed Realm!” The cultivators of the Demon Sect pondered for a bit and then bowed with their sect master.

“The cultivators of the God Sect greet the Lord of the Sealed Realm!” The people of the God Sect had witnessed everything that had happened and clasped their hands with complicated expressions.

“The Cloud Sea’s Ghost Sect greets the Lord of the Sealed Realm!” Esteemed Great Void from the Ghost Sect clasped his hands.

“The cultivators of the Cloud Sea greet the Lord of the Sealed realm!” Even more sound came from all directions and more cultivators paid their respects!

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