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Chapter 1492 - Literary Battle!

If there was no vendetta between third step cultivators but they had to kill each other, they still maintained a mutual respect for each other. After all, among the vast amount of people in this world, far too few could reach the third step.

Master Lu Fu had been a third step cultivator for a long time and had no feud with Wang Lin. Right now they had some confrontation due to Blood God, but it was merely a confrontation.

Master Lu Fu wouldn't offend Wang Lin too much due to Blood God. In his view, Wang Lin was no longer just his equal but held a slight advantage.

However, he believed that he had more experience than Wang Lin due to being at the third step for tens of thousands of years, so he wasn't afraid.

Although Wang Lin hadn't reached the third step, his body could match a third step cultivator. He had also encountered many third step cultivators in the Outer Realm, so Master Lu Fu was nothing in his eyes!

Since Master Lu Fu had remained stubborn, Wang Lin didn't mind teaching Master Lu Fu a lesson. After he became a 7-star ancient god, he hadn't battled anyone other than Tuo Sen. At this moment, Wang Lin had the intent to battle Master Lu Fu.

Master Lu Fu's eyes lit up and he stared at the spot between Wang Lin's eyebrows. He felt the monstrous battle intent, causing his pupils to shrink, and he quickly changed his mind.

"Fellow Cultivator Wang Lin, the Allheaven Star System can't withstand a battle between the two of us at full strength. Once the Realm Sealing Formation is triggered, it won't be worth it… How about the two of us do a Literary Battle, best two of out three wins!

"If you win, I'll personally hand over Blood God, but if you lose, you must quickly leave! You're not allowed to enter Allheaven without my approval!

"Do you dare to do a Literary Battle with this old man?" Master Lu Fu felt that even if he battled Wang Lin, it would be a tie. As a result, they would be in a deadlock.

If he became careless for a moment, he would be injured. If he was injured now, it would affect his plans of stealing Joss Flames from the Outer Realm. He had to worry about this matter.

"Literary Battle?" Wang Lin had never done a Literary Battle with someone before. After hearing Master Lu Fu's words, his eyes revealed a strange light.

The Inner Realm couldn't compare to the Outer Realm. If two third step cultivators battled, the space would collapse and the Realm Sealing Formation would appear. Wang Lin knew this well.

"That's correct. Although there are very few third step cultivators in the Inner Realm, there are still a few. We won't casually battle each other. If we trigger the Realm Sealing Formation, it won't be worth it!

"As a result, the Literary Battle Covenant was formed!

"The first battle is refining. You take out materials and refine a treasure. This treasure will be used for the first battle! If you're not good at refining weapons, refining a pill is fine! Even soul refining is OK!

"The second is the battle of dao intent!

"The last battle is a display of spells. After the three battles, a victor will be decided and thus we will not be on bad terms the next time we meet!"

Wang Lin revealed a smile as he looked at Master Lu Fu. He waved his sleeve and laughed. "That's fine. Since you want a Literary Battle, I can accompany you."

When Master Lu Fu heard this, he relaxed a bit. When he saw the battle intent in Wang Lin's eyes, he felt that Wang Lin was filled with confidence and vaguely felt like something bad was going to happen. He had always been cautious, and as Allheaven's ancestor, he couldn't afford to lose.

Therefore, he mentioned the Literary Battle Covenant. Now that he saw Wang Lin agree, he couldn't help but sneer in his heart.

"This man is young and hasn't cultivated for a long time. Although his cultivation has reached this level, he must be lacking in other areas!" Master Lu Fu had reached the third step tens of thousands of years ago. He had been stuck at the early stage of Nirvana Void due to the lack of Joss Flames, so he had begun exploring refining, alchemy, and restrictions. He was extremely confident.

Master Lu Fu slowly said, "Fellow Cultivator, please chose something to refine for the first battle!"

"Refining a treasure is good." Wang Lin looked profoundly at Master Lu Fu.

Master Lu Fu's expression remained the same and he nodded, but he sneered in his heart. His treasure refining skill was far stronger than his pill refining skill. Even his most powerful treasure was refined by him after obtaining a broken treasure.

He no longer wasted time with Wang Lin and waved his hand. The vortex around him began to rotate and endless fog appeared. A storm appeared and he jumped out from the vortex. He appeared above the giant formation.

Behind him, the tens of thousands of Thunder Celestial Temple cultivators looked over. There was fervor and respect in their gazes. Master Lu Fu, Allheaven's ancestor!

Even the three people inside the vortex became respectful. To the people of Allheaven, Master Lu Fu was god!

To be able to personally see their ancestor refine was enough to make their hearts pound in excitement.

"Today, this old man will refine a treasure that will stay in the Thunder Celestial Temple. After the battle against the Outer Realm starts, a Celestial Ranking will be created. Those that kill the most enemy cultivators in the first three months will be gifted this treasure!" Master Lu Fu's words entered the ears of all these cultivators.

As the sound of his voice echoed, a soundwave was set off. The tens of thousands of cultivators were all excited and shouted in exhilaration!

Master Lu Fu was 1,000 feet away from Wang Lin above the formation. He pointed at the stars and countless lights began to shine across the star domain.

In the blink of an eye, the entire star domain was covered by starlight. Then an extremely gorgeous scene appeared!

"Today this old man will use the starlight as the root!" His right hand reached out and the endless starlight began to gather like crazy in his hand.

In a flash, a shadow of starlight appeared. This was the shadow of a giant tree!

The giant tree was made up of starlight and gave off a dazzling glow. At a glance, it looked like it was formed from countless planets. This tree was hundreds of thousands of feet tall and it floated there among the stars.

"Use the dust that has filled Allheaven since ancient times as the body of the tree! Condense into the treasure!" Master Lu Fu's voice echoed and his left hand swept across the stars. The entire star domain rumbled, and this rumbling spread across all of Allheaven.

It turned into countless ripples. At this moment, countless invisible dust particles were forced to reveal themselves. There was also a powerful suction force that pulled them toward him.

It was as if a storm that filled all of Allheaven had brought all the endless dust particles into the tree made of starlight.

These dust particles were, in fact, just dust. When they entered the starlight tree, it was no longer blurry and it quickly took shape.

Wang Lin's expression remained calm as he watched Master Lu Fu refine. The tree made of starlight that was hundred of thousands of feet tall appeared in an instant as if it was solid!

To use space as the soil, the dust as the nutrients, and the starlight as its soul, it was as if a tree that had always existed since ancient times had suddenly appeared!

A powerful might slowly spread out from this tree, and as it spread out, a powerful vitality spread out as well. This made the tens of thousands of Allheaven cultivators behind Master Lu Fu become spirited!

"The treasure has taken shape, but it is lacking an essence. Although this old man is from Allheaven, I was graced by the Wind Celestial Realm and have gained an understanding of wind essence. Now let's fuse my wind essence into this tree!"

Master Lu Fu opened his arms, and with a wave, a powerful wind appeared from his body. Nine vortexes appeared in his eyes, and every time they rotated, the wind from his body became even stronger.

In an instant, all the storms in this world collapsed and were caught inside. A shocking power was formed, and it charged at the big tree.

Wang Lin's expression was still calm when his body was hit by the wind. His thunder and fire essences appeared in his eyes. After the layers of the wind were offset, his body didn't move at all.

The powerful gust of wind landed on the big tree, causing it to tremble as if it had awakened from a deep slumber. The aura of a pseudo Nirvana Void treasure spread out.

"Now it has essence, but it is missing blood! Since this old man plans to leave it in Allheaven ,it should be the blood of cultivators of Allheaven!" Master Lu Fu's eyes lit up and his right hand pointed at the tens of thousands of cultivators before him.

The moment he swept his hand, a drop of blood formed between the eyebrows of those cultivators, and they all condensed before Master Lu Fu. Then Master Lu Fu bit the tip of his tongue and spat out the blood of a third step cultivator. Then the two drops of blood fused and he waved his sleeve.

The blood immediately flew toward the tree and fused with it.

At this moment, the connection of blood appeared in the mind of every cultivator behind him.

After doing all of this, Master Lu Fu let out a roar. The wind vortexes in his eyes rotated rapidly. Then his hand mercilessly slam down on the ground below him!

"The final step is to suppress the star as a treasure!"

The hundred thousand feet tall tree rumbled and rapidly shrank. The hundred thousand foot tree compressed to only 100 feet. Its shocking aura spread out and space itself trembled!

"This treasure will be named Allheaven Tree. What does Fellow Cultivator think?" Master Lu Fu had a proud look in his eyes, and there was a flash of relief within them. He had used Allheaven as the root, the cultivators as blood, his own essence as the core, and his cultivation to compress it. Although it was not the strongest treasure, being able to refine it in such a short period of time left him very satisfied!

In particular, that mouthful of blood and essence energy made his heart ache, but in order to win this Literary Battle, he had given it his all.

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