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Chapter 138 – Distant Heaven Pill

A very skinny and old man walked out of the Lou He Sect section. He was wearing a black robe and his face was filled with wrinkles. His eyes were dull, as if his soul wasn’t there. His eyes turned and then he said, “Whoever kills the most enemies each month will be given a Distance Heaven Pill.”

The moment the Distant Heaven Pill was mentioned, Wang Lin noticed that all of the surrounding cultivators became tense and their breaths became ragged.

There was some information about the Distant Heaven pill in Ma Liang’s memory. There were no more than 30 of these pills in Hou Fen and it could be considered one of the top pills in Hou Fen because it could increase one’s chance of forming their core. If someone who just formed their core consumes it, then they would immediately enter the early stage of Core Formation and stabilize. The key ingredient had long gone extinct; these 30 or so pills were carefully preserved from over 1,000 years ago.

After that, 5,000 cultivators were split into teams, each with their own mission. Wang Lin was among them.

The teams were to spread out and kill any cultivator they saw. The Nascent Soul cultivators would also be around to help deal with enemy Nascent Soul cultivators.

Wang Lin was assigned to the 8th Squad of the 10th Brigade. There was a total of 30 people in the 8th squad, all from various sects. It contained five Foundation Establishment cultivators, while the rest were 13th or 14th layer Qi Condensation cultivators. The person leading them was a Core Formation cultivator from the Evil Demon Sect. For some reason, Wang Lin was the only person from the War God Shrine in his squad.

Their mission was to help the 10th Brigade take control of a medium-sized spirit vein. As a Foundation Establishment cultivator of the War God Shrine, Wang Lin received a Core Formation treasure. This treasure wasn’t very strong. It could be used many times, so the quality of each attack was low. It would not be inappropriate to say it was quite weak.

Before he left, Feng Luan ordered someone to call Wang Lin over.

Feng Luan stood at the window of a beautiful loft looking over Hou Fen. After a long time, she threw out a piece of jade and said, “Hong Er said that you were extremely powerful in the foreign battleground, so why is your cultivation level only mid stage Foundation Establishment?”

Wang Lin caught the jade. After sweeping it with his divine sense, his expression became strange. This jade contained a small portion of a map. It included about seven or eight countries north of Hou Fen. It even showed the rank of each country and what products they were known for.

After pondering a little, his eyes lit up. He was able to guess the hidden meaning behind her words.

Feng Luan waved her hand and said, “There are a total of three pieces to this map. If you can kill 50 Foundation Establishment cultivators, I’ll give you the second piece. If by the end of the war you can kill 150 or more Foundation Establishment cultivators, I’ll give you the last piece.”

Wang Lin left without saying a word. He understood what Feng Luan wanted. There was no such thing as charity in this world, only unfair exchanges.

In comparison to the other Nascent Soul cultivators in Hou Fen, this Feng Lou was at least quite sympathetic. Because of the matter with Zhou Zihong, she dealt with the matter of him possessing Ma Liang’s body. As for the map, her intentions were clear. If Wang Lin had the ability, he could have the map, but if he didn’t, then he couldn’t blame anyone if he were to die on the battlefield.

Wang Lin originally didn’t intended to get mixed up in this war, but now he had other plans. The map was only one reason. That Distance Heaven Pill was the main reason.

A pill that could increase the chance of his core forming was something he must have. According to his plans, he already had a high chance of forming his core once he created his three cold cores, but there was still a chance of failure.

Wang Lin was really anticipating reaching the Core Formation stage. Once he successfully forms his core, he will be the number one cultivator below the Nascent Soul stage. Thus, he won’t allow any mistakes to be made. With the Distance Heaven Pill and the Underworld Ascension Method, he was 80% confident in forming his core.

Thinking about this, his eyes released a powerful killing intent.

The invasion team from the Hou Fen Union spread out on the second day. Ten Nascent Soul cultivators circled the area. The moment an enemy Nascent Soul cultivator appears, they will immediately teleport over.

A team of 30 cultivators flew north on their flying swords and stopped above a desolate mountain. An ordinary looking old man, whose eyes would occasionally reveal powerful killing intent, proudly said, “The cultivators of the 10th Brigade have already began their attack on the people around the spirit vein. I believe they will have reinforcements coming, so our job is to stop anyone from passing this 500 kilometer area. All of you, spread out and immediately report to me if you find anything.”

With that, the old man sat down on the ground and closed his eyes. This old man, Zhang Zili, was the captain of the 8th squad, an early stage Core Formation cultivator from the Evil Demon Sect. He only cared about the five Foundation Establishment cultivators; the rest weren’t worth his attention.

Wang Lin took one step and flew far into the distance. He landed on top of a canopy and began to cultivate. As for the rest of the team, they all spread out to look for places to cultivate. Soon, it was completely silent in the area aside from the sound of breathing.

Zhang Zili opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings with contempt. He was very dissatisfied with being assigned to this place. In his mind, he should be in the main army, attacking the enemy’s sects. If that was the case, there would be enough targets for him, but now he was assigned to this place where there wasn’t even any guarantee that there would be any reinforcements for them to stop.

Time slowly passed. Suddenly, Wang Lin opened his eyes. He looked into the distance and sneered.

At this moment, Zhang Zili also noticed the change and stood up. He looked into the distance and saw more than 10 flying swords coming this way. He licked his lips and spat out a black light. The moment the black light appeared, it turned into a pair of scissors. He waved his hand and the scissors flew out. He let out an insidious smile and shouted, “Kill!”

With that, he took a step and his body shot out like a sword. The rest of the 8th squad flew into the air to form a blockade.

The two sides didn’t waste any time talking. The moment they saw each other, they attacked. The 15 or so cultivators of Xuan Wu were all Foundation Establishment cultivators, so when they saw Zhou Zili, eight of them placed down a very strange sword formation and surrounded Zhou Zili. Suddenly, Zhou Zili was trapped inside the formation, unable to escape. This caused him to curse loudly.

The remaining seven people began their battle with the 8th squad.

Wang Lin’s eyes turned cold. He didn’t have any time to waste as he had to get the map and Distance Heaven Pill. At this moment, his body moved and he shot out his flying sword. Like lightning, the sword went through a Foundation Establishment cultivator’s chest, causing blood to spray everywhere.

His Ji Realm Divine Sense spread out and the remaining six Foundation Establishment cultivators’ eyes immediately dimmed. Then his flying sword quickly stabbed through their chests.

From an outsider’s point of view, these seven Foundation Establishment cultivators died to Wang Lin’s sword. Little did they know that these cultivators’ souls had been destroyed.

The moment the seven Foundation Establishment cultivators died, both sides were completely startled. Whether it was the eight cultivators surrounding Zhou Zili, Zhou Zili, or the rest of the 8th squad, they all had their gazes locked onto Wang Lin.

That killer flying sword was currently floating around Wang Lin, releasing a very cold aura.

The faces of the eight people surrounding Zhou Zili immediately turned pale. One of them quickly shouted, “Retreat!” Shortly after, the eight of them quickly retreated and tried desperately to escape.

Zhou Zili looked at Wang Lin and revealed a hint of dread. He wasn’t confident he could kill seven Foundation Establishment cultivators in an instant like that. He believed that Wang Lin was hiding his cultivation level to look like a mid stage Foundation Establishment cultivator. He secretly cursed, but suddenly thought that this idea was really good. Once the enemy drops their guard, it would create great opportunities.

But none of those things were important right now. Those eight Foundation Establishment cultivators were able to use some kind of formation to trap him. This was a bit too embarrassing, especially when it happened in front of his own team.

Zhou Zili’s face was gloomy as he charged out to chase them. Just as he was about to catch up, the eight cultivators used some strange technique that made white gas come out of their bodies. The white gas surrounded their legs and made their speed increase by one fold.

Zhou Zili sneered. He formed a seal with both of his hands and pressed it on his chest. Suddenly, he spat out a golden core that was emitting thick spiritual energy. After pointing with his finger, the golden core shot out and quickly caught up to the eight Foundation Establishment cultivators. The golden core smashed into three of them before returning to him.

The three who were hit coughed out blood and fell from the sky.

The remaining five didn’t even bat an eye as they pushed their bodies to the limit to escape. Zhou Zili let out an angry roar just as the bodies of the five that escaped suddenly went limp and fell from the sky.

Zhang Zili suddenly became very cautious as he saw Wang Lin approaching from the distance. After seeing this, his expression quickly changed. Just as he was about to speak, he heard Wang Lin’s voice.

“There are no less than 100 cultivators coming from behind us!” With that, he passed by Zhou Zili’s body and disappeared into the distance.

At the same moment, Zhou Zili also noticed more than 100 flying swords in the distance. He turned around to leave and saw that Wang Lin had already disappeared. He couldn’t help but secretly curse.

The rest of the 8th squad saw that things were going south and retreated toward the spirit vein.

After Wang Lin flew far away, he made sure no one was around before entering the ground with the earth escape technique and moved south.

He had killed 12 Foundation Establishment cultivators just now, so he only needed 38 more to get the second piece of the map. This would be very difficult if he traveled with his teammates. Although it wouldn’t be as safe, he would need to move alone if he wished to get enough kills to get the Distant Heaven Pill.

Hundreds of flying swords flew by toward the spirit vein. Wang Lin stared at them with a cold gaze and followed them.

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