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Chapter 1325 - Projection Avatar

Thunderous rumbles echoed and space itself flipped upside down. There was no sky or earth in space, but Wang Lin's mind contained its own world. At this moment, a shadow appeared!

This shadow was like a cloud. It churned and rumbled as it spread. Then a portion of the cloud sank and became the earth!

The rest of the cloud floated up and formed the sky!

Sky and earth appeared!

All of this happened in an instant. As the woman closed in with her spell, with a wave of Wang Lin's hand, the earth became the sky!

The sky rotated and became the earth!

Even the woman in white couldn't help but move with it!

"You followed me the whole way and wanted to kill me, so you deserve to be killed!" Wang Lin's right hand mercilessly pressed down. The earth that had become the sky came crashing down!

As the earth descended, the world trembled and an unimaginable pressure appeared. The expression of the woman in white changed!

"Dao Master Blue Dream's Heaven Reversal Stamp! He passed that spell to you!" The woman stopped moving forward and her body was reversed. Then her hands formed a seal and she muttered something. White light came from her body to resist this spell.

However, the Heaven Reversal Stamp was one of Dao Master Blue Dream's great spells. At this moment, the earth that became the sky smashed down.

The spatial crack created by the woman in white immediately collapsed! The white light from her body also disintegrated! At this moment of danger, she opened her mouth and spat out a white jade. The moment the jade appeared, the world trembled and the jade floated before the worman, forming a white barrier!

Thunderous rumbles spread across the stars. The earth and sky overlapped at this moment, creating an even more violent pressure. Space itself seemed like it was ready to collapse as large amounts of spatial cracks appeared.

A moment later, everything disappeared. The world that had appeared disappeared the moment the sky and earth overlapped. However, the destructive aura created by it still lingered.

The woman's face was pale and killing intent filled her eyes. The jade floating around her made it so she wouldn't be killed by the Heaven Reversal Stamp!

"You send mere projection avatar with only third Heaven's Blight cultivation and dare to try to kill me? If not for you having a strange body that made it hard for me to detect you, I would have killed you a long time ago!

"Since the first time I noticed you, I have been wondering about something. If you were really a third step cultivator, how could you have allowed me to me leave so easily? If you have a real body, how come I couldn't smell you even when you were that close? If you had a real body, why would you need a treasure to resist the Heaven Reversal Stamp?" Wang Lin smiled. His words were like knives that cut into the woman in white.

This was the speculation in his mind. In order to confirm this speculation, he didn't escape and instead decided to fight with the woman in white!

If this person really was a third step cultivator, then even if he used Spatial Bending, it would be difficult to escape. However, if she wasn't, then he, Wang Lin, also wasn't someone who could be easily provoked!

"You're a mere projection avatar without a body. You wanted to absorb my 'divinity' and even used an illusion to turn into my loved one. Just for that you must die!" Wang Lin took a step forward and waved his hand after he spoke. The Wind and Rain World suddenly spread out to 10,000 feet. The battle souls on the fragments flew out and charged at the woman in white!

The woman's expression was gloomy. She had to admit that she had underestimated Wang Lin's ability. She had only met Wang Lin by accident and thought she had a foolproof plan. However, she didn't think that he would notice her on their first meeting, nor that on the second meeting she would be at a disadvantage in battle!

"Unfortunately, my original body can't come; otherwise…" There was a flash of coldness in her eyes. However, at this moment, she saw the battle souls inside the Wind and Rain World, and her expression changed once more!

"This… This is…" While she was shocked, the countless souls rushed out and surrounded her. There was a milky white aura around them when they began their attack.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the woman in white quickly retreated. Her hands quickly formed a seal and she reached toward the void. Black light appeared in her grasp and flashed rapidly in her hand.

"Spirit Destruction Light!" There was a flash of killing intent in her eyes and she waved her hand. Just as the black light shot toward the battle souls, the Wind and Rain World suddenly disappeared and turned into countless smaller worlds around each battle soul to resist the black light.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the world. The battle souls were forced to retreat before the black light, but none of them were damaged. All the attacks were negated by the Wind and Rain World around them.

The woman in white continued to retreat, and in the blink of an eye, she retreated thousands of feet. Wang Lin took a step forward and closed in on the woman in white. She had the jade protecting her, so she wasn't afraid of getting injured. She raised her right hand once more and even more black light gathered to form a black longsword!

The moment this sword appeared, the world changed colors and a thunderous rumble echoed. She looked at wang Lin and wave her right hand. The black longsword flew directly at Wang Lin!

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. The moment the black longsword arrived, his hands formed a seal and he softly said, "Light and Shadow Shield!

After he spoke, all the light in space began to gather. All light, including starlight and light invisible to the eye, gathered around Wang Lin like crazy.

As the light gathered, a giant light shadow appeared. The black longsword closed in and immediately collided with the light shadow.

A heaven-shaking rumble echoed and spread. The light shadow shined brightly when the black longsword collided with it. While a majority of the light shadow collapsed, the reflecting force caused the black longsword to turn around and shoot toward the woman in white!

The moment the woman in white saw Wang Lin's Light and Shadow shield, her pupils shrank! She quickly retreated, but the black longsword was too fast and landed on the barrier around her body!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and her face became even more pale. The jade protecting her became even more dim! However, it wasn't over. Right after reflecting the black longsword, Wang Lin charged out.

He raised his right hand and monstrous blood light appeared. The blood sword appeared in his hand, and he mercilessly chopped down!

"Die for me!!"

As he roared, a monstrous blood light lit up space and created a monstrous killing intent toward the woman in white. Her expression changed once more as she anxiously formed seals and created countless layers of protection before her body.

However, the blood light was too fast and directly pierced through the countless layers of protection before colliding with the jade. A thunderous roar shook the world, and space itself trembled. A cracking sound came from the jade and a crack appeared on it!

The woman in white coughed out a mouthful of blood. She retreated and her body became blurry and disappeared!

Seeing the woman coughing out blood, Wang Lin's pupils shrank and he was startled for a moment. His speculation was that she was only a projection avatar and was not corporeal. However, looking at it now, she had blood!

However, he was battling and therefore didn't have time to think. Killing intent filled his eyes as he charged out with the blood sword. His five essences rotated in his eyes and he looked around. He once more found the woman in white.

He mercilessly chopped down with the blood sword once more!

"Original body, save me!!" The woman in white had a mournful expression as she quickly retreated. She began to chant and wave her hand. The jade with a crack shined brightly. A white, jade-like hand came out of the light and gently pointed at Wang Lin, who was closing in.

The appearance of this hand caused the world to stop. Even light dimmed. Everything seemed to become pale before this hand!

It was as if the entire world was replaced by this hand! And everything the hand was pointing at collapsed!

The moment the finger pressed down, Wang Lin suddenly felt a powerful sense of life and death crisis, far stronger than with Daoist Water! Wang Lin suddenly stopped and he didn't hesitate to wave his hand. The thousands of Wind and Rain Worlds instantly fused into one and surrounded his body.

At this moment, Wang Lin used the Light and Shield once more. Large amounts of light gathered and formed a giant light shadow!

Just at this moment, the index finger of the jade-like hand collided with the light shadow around  Wang Lin. The light shadow trembled and made a noise that sounded like it couldn't withstand it. It began to collapse!

As it collapsed, waves of reflecting force shot out and resisted the finger. However, the finger wasn't stopped at all and directly penetrated the light shadow. This caused the Light and Shadow Shield to completely disintegrate!

The moment it disintegrated, it landed on the Wind and Rain World around Wang Lin's body. The world trembled violently and the souls inside howled. Milky white aura came out of the souls to resist this finger!

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