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Chapter 117 – Title

Death of Wang Lin


The 30,000 souls went in and out of the dragon as if they were having a party. Teng Huayuan was stunned as the dragon passed through the souls and charged toward him.

Teng Huayuan’s expression became very unsettled; however, he didn’t have any time to think and quickly backed up. He threw out several defensive magic treasures to stop the dragon, but no matter what the magic treasures did, they couldn’t stop the dragon. The dragon passed through them as if they weren’t there, let out a roar, and swallowed Teng Huayuan.

Lin Yi’s expression was strange. He looked at the giant, who was enjoying the show, and found that the giant’s expression was also strange. The two looked at each other and then the giant laughed and looked at the dragon with a playful expression.

Teng Huayuan only felt a gentle wind as the dragon devoured him. The dragon looked very fierce, but the moment it touched him, the dragon disappeared without a trace.

It had been a long since Teng Huayuan had felt cold sweat, but at that moment, his back was covered in sweat.

“Illusion…” Teng Huayuan’s face went from green to red. Finally, he couldn’t hold it in and cursed out loud. This was the first time he had cursed since reaching the Core Formation stage a few hundred years ago.

He was scared to death by an illusion in front of all of the cultivators of Zhao. Teng Huayuan’s anger suddenly reached its limit. He gloomily slapped his bag of holding to take out the black flag and kill Wang Lin’s family members one by one right in front of him, but just at that moment, points of light appeared in the air. The light gathered and the youth appeared again.

Without a word, he waved his hand and a flash of cyan light filled with coldness shot toward Teng Huayuan.

Teng Huayuan sneered. Not only did he not back away, he went forward instead. He reached out with his hand and sarcastically said, “The first one was an illusion, but the second one might not be! Is this little trick all you have, Wang Lin?” With that, his hand grabbed the flying sword.

There was a flash of green light and the flying sword disappeared. It reappeared behind Teng Huayuan and mercilessly charged toward his back.

There was a tink sound as the sword stabbed at a piece of metal. The sword bounced back very far. From the torn piece of Teng Huayuan’s clothes, one could see a golden plate of armor.

A cold light flashed across Teng Huayuan’s eyes as he moved forward with a dark expression. He appeared before the youth and grabbed toward him with black lines that extended from his fingernails.

At the same time, he waved his left hand and eight blood pillars appeared. The eight pillars joined together to form a cage.

At the same time, the youth in the air not only didn’t panic, but revealed a mocking expression. As Teng Huayuan’s hand drew close to him, the youth’s body turned into a point of light and slowly disappeared.

Two cyan grains of light, one big and one small, appeared where the youth was. The two cyan grains quickly collided with each other.

Teng Huayuan’s expression suddenly changed. At that very moment, a wave of cyan light spread out and instantly covered everything in a one kilometer radius.

Everything within one kilometer became an ocean of ice.

Lin Yi narrowed his eyes and thought, “Interesting, this little guy is interesting. He not only has the Illusion City’s Thousand Illusion bead, he also has the Underworld Sect’s Blue Ice. That flying sword is also not normal. Although it is an imitation, it is still powerful.”

The giant in the sky was also startled as he looked toward the formation at Jue Ming Valley and let out a strange smile.

In the sky, the film in the circle formed by the two black dragons had almost completely melted. It was about to open.

The eight blood pillars around Teng Huayuan let out cracking sounds as they were instantly frozen over and lost their effect as a prison.

At the same time, waves of blue ice quickly climbed up Teng Huayuan’s legs. He felt waves of coldness enter this body, causing it to become stiff. However, he didn’t panic. This level of coldness wouldn’t affect him much. He cycled spiritual energy through his body and recovered.

At the same time, Wang Lin, who was at the entrance of the Jue Ming Valley, suddenly used one of his two remaining teleports.

He appeared just as the blue light spread out. With his body’s resistance to the cold, he wasn’t affected and silently appeared behind Teng Huayuan.

He knew that with his strength, he had no chance in a fight against a Nascent Soul cultivator. Teng Huayuan would only have to raise his hand to kill him countless times, so Wang Lin didn’t even think about getting revenge. Even though he was filled with killing intent, he suppressed it. He reached out and grabbed toward Teng Huayuan’s bag of holding.

Teng Huayan noticed Wang Lin when he appeared behind him. He suddenly turned his head and saw that it was Wang Lin. He understood what was going on, but his body was still recovering from the stiffness, so his movements were slow and Wang Lin’s appearance was sudden.

By the time he saw Wang Lin, Wang Lin was already on his bag of holding.

Teng Huayuan revealed a hideous expression and shouted, “Explode!”

A destructive force suddenly came out of the bag of holding when Wang Lin’s hand touched it. The force entered his body and ran through his arm. The explosion started at his fingertips and rapidly spread. Wang Lin clenched teeth. The flying sword appeared, cut off his hand, and he used the force of the explosion to push himself back.

At the same time, his left hand moved and grabbed the bag of holding with his attraction technique as he quickly escaped.

When Teng Huayuan regained his mobility, he took a step forward. He instantly moved out of the area of the cyan light and chased after Wang Lin.

He caught up in the blink of an eye, reached out, and shouted, “Wang Lin, do you think that just because you have my bag of holding, you will be able to open it? Since you killed my great-great-grandson, I’m going to refine your soul into the soul flag and let you suffer torture worse than death!”

Wang Lin’s right hand had completely shattered. He used his spiritual energy to freeze his arm to stop the bleeding. He didn’t dare to touch Teng Huayuan’s bag of holding. He was holding it with his attraction force technique.

Teng Huayuan felt very annoyed as having to deal with a Foundation Establishment junior before everyone was already a very shameful thing. If he had instantly caught or killed Wang Lin, it wouldn’t have been too bad, but he was tricked into a sorry state by an illusion and then that blue ice restrained his body for a while. On top of that, even though it was only for a short period of time, Wang Lin had managed to steal his bag of holding.

He wasn’t feeling any less insulted than if had been slapped in the face, and this wasn’t just one slap, it was like being slapped repetitively.

What annoyed him the most was that Wang Lin clearly wouldn’t be able to survive one hit, but knew how to teleport. This shocked Teng Huayuan greatly as teleporting was something only Nascent Soul cultivators could do.

In addition to all of this, what shocked Teng Huayuan the most was Wang Lin’s determination and decisiveness to cut off his own right hand to stop the explosion from spreading. At this point, Teng Huayuan couldn’t help but praise Wang Lin, but that praise was quickly submerged by hatred.

The more decisive Wang Lin was, the more Teng Huayuan wanted to kill him.

“Wang Lin, you can’t blame anyone for killing my great-great-grandson, but you can rest assured. After I kill you, I’ll go wipe out old man Jimo, who sent Teng Li after you, and his disciples to accompany you in hell.” Teng Huayuan sneered in his heart and waved his hand. Suddenly, a cold wind started to blow. 30,000 souls came out and charged at Wang Lin.

In order to prevent Wang Lin from using teleportation again, Teng Huayuan hit his own chest and his Nascent Soul appeared above his head. With a roar, his Nascent Soul shrunk greatly. A ball of blood came out of the Nascent Soul’s mouth. The moment the ball of blood appeared, it began to expand until it enveloped the area.

Due to the effect of the curse, the moment the blood surrounded the area, Wang Lin found that his body was immediately immobilized. He was about to teleport away until he looked straight ahead and saw something that made his body tremble. He stared at the souls coming at him and wept two streams of blood. The souls he was looking at had expressions filled with pain and one of them was his father.

Teng Huayuan noticed Wang Lin’s expression. He suddenly decided not to rush things. He eerily laughed. “Did you see it? Did you really think I would put your entire family’s souls in just one soul flag? Wang Lin, you’re too navie.” With that, he pointed with his hand and the 30,000 souls stopped. Then, Wang Lin’s father’s soul separated from the group and charged toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin gritted his teeth as a stream of blood leaked out of his mouth. He watched as his father’s soul entered his body. While enduring the awful pain, he started to laugh miserably. His laughter became louder and louder as he coughed out several mouthfuls of blood. He raised his head and shouted, “So this is the cultivation world. Good! Good!” He slammed his forehead and spat out a mouthful of Yin spiritual energy. He carefully wrapped it around his father’s soul in a way that wouldn’t freeze it.

Teng Huayuan watched Wang Lin and suddenly felt a chill in his heart, but shortly after, he felt that it was kinda funny that he would be scared of a Foundation Establishment cultivator. However, he couldn’t stop the chill in his heart from intensifying. He waved his hand again and another soul came out of the cluster of 30,000 souls. This time, it was Wang Lin’s mother.

Wang Lin’s body shook as he let go of the bag of the holding he was holding with his attraction force technique. That bag was now useless to him.

Memories of his childhood, of before he entered the Heng Yue Sect, flooded into his mind.

“Wang Lin, see how merciful I am, to let you reunite with your parents?” As Teng Huayuan talked, he pointed with his finger and Wang Lin’s mother’s soul entered Wang Lin’s body.

The pain in his body was nothing compared to the pain he felt in his heart. Wang Lin could feel that his heart was bleeding. He coldly stared at Teng Huayuan as he once again used his Yin spiritual energy to freeze and preserve his mother’s soul.

Teng Huayuan let out an eerie smile and said, “Okay, let the games end. I know you want to use the tunnel to the foreign battleground to escape. You can give up on that idea.”

With that, he reached out and Wang Lin’s bag of holding flew into Teng Huayuan’s hand. He crushed the bag of holding, destroying everything inside along with the tokens.

At the same time, the 30,000 souls charged into Wang Lin and began to devour his flesh and spiritual energy. Countless human faces appeared under his skin.

There were even ones that charged toward Wang Lin’s parents’ souls, which were surrounded by Wang Lin’s ice, but Wang Lin used his body to protect them.

Shortly after, Wang Lin’s left hand was devoured at a visible rate before him. After that were both of his legs. Throughout this entire time, Wang Lin didn’t let out a sound as he stared coldly at Teng Huayuan. This caused the chill in Teng Huayuan’s heart to become even stronger.

The giant in the sky stared at Wang Lin and excitedly thought, “Hostility aura! This is hostility aura!”

As the 30,000 souls rampaged through him, his body slowly dissipated. Teng Huayuan revealed a serious expression as he muttered to himself, “Li Er, your great-great-grandfather is getting revenge for you. Watch, it’s not over yet. Once his body is destroyed, I’ll take his soul…”

Wang Lin let out a miserable laugh. He couldn’t feel the pain in his body. He took the chance while he could still breath to use his attraction technique to wrap around the ice that contained his parents’ souls and moved them to his chest. This was the only thing he could do. Even if he were to die, he wanted to die with his parents.

He didn’t regret coming out of the Jue Ming Valley. He knew that if he were to hide, he would only be able to temporarily escape, but even if there was a sliver of hope, he wouldn’t give up on it. Coming out gave him a sliver of hope in stealing back his parents’ souls. If he had stayed inside, he wouldn’t have even that tiny sliver.

His body was locked within this blood prison. He had already tried to teleport away, but found that he was unable to. Right now, there was only hatred in Wang Lin’s heart.

“Father, Mother, Tie Zhu is unfilial. If there is another life after this, I hope I’m not your son because I… am unworthy… without me, you guys wouldn’t have to suffer…” Wang Lin wept blood as he closed his eyes…

Just then, an ancient voice came from Wang Lin’s chest. Shortly after, Wang Lin’s body exploded. The 30,000 souls escaped Wang Lin’s body in a panic as a beam of light grabbed Wang Lin’s parents’ souls, broke through the blood prison, and entered the foreign battleground.

The film that was more than 80 to 90% melted suddenly collapsed under the impact of the ray of light.

The giant’s and Lin Yi’s expressions suddenly changed when they saw that ray of light. Lin Yi shouted, “It’s…” Just as he started, he immediately shut his mouth and jumped toward the foreign battleground. However, the moment he touched the circle formed by the two black dragons, he was bounced back.

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