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Chapter 115 – Untitled

The formation shined and one person walked out.

Teng Huayuan was about to teleport out when he suddenly stopped. Fury erupted in his heart because that person wasn’t Wang Lin at all, but an early stage Foundation Establishment disciple from Wu Feng Valley.

Teng Huayuan’s face was extremely gloomy. With his right hand, he crushed a dozen or so souls before he calmed down.

The moment the disciple appeared, he quickly ran to Teng Huayuan and the black robed old man. He knelt to the ground. His voice was filled with fear as he said, “Dead, they are all dead. Even senior apprentice brother Wang Peng is dead. I was far away, so I was able to escape…”

The black robed old man looked at the disciple. He suddenly hit the disciple on the head with his palm and said, “If they are dead, you shouldn’t be the only one alive.” With that, the disciple’s head shattered like a watermelon.

A gentle wind blew and the smell of blood spread. All of the small families and sects became silent as they looked at the old man’s direction. No one dared to talk about Wu Feng Valley anymore.

Suddenly, the surroundings became silent as the formation started to shine again.

This time, a very large number of people walked out. They walked out one after another, and Teng Huayuan realized that they were disciples of the Xuan Dao Sect, but he still carefully looked at them.

Suddenly, Teng Huayuan’s expression changed. His face was filled with killing intent. His body suddenly moved and disappeared. He reappeared next to a Xuan Dao Sect disciple and said, “You finally came out!” With that, his hand reached toward the head of a youth that had just walked out.

The youth’s eyes flashed cold. The moment Teng Huayuan’s hand reached out, the youth disappeared and reappeared in the air as several people exclaimed.

“It’s him! It is him who killed senior apprentice brother!”

“He stole our token! Ancestor, it was him!”

“I also saw him kill everyone from Wu Feng Valley.”

All of the disciples that had come out of the valley became very excited and started to shout. Inside the valley, they were all afraid of Wang Lin and had suffered for more than three months because of him, but now that their elders were all here, they became brave.

Teng Huayuan didn’t think that Wang Lin could teleport and was startled. That’s why Wang Lin got away. His face was gloomy as he shouted, “Wang Lin, I want to see where you can run to!”

Just at that moment, a scream came from the He Huan Sect.

“All of the tokens that were inside the valley are in his hands. He has at least five tokens!”

The moment those words came out, all of the cultivators that were present started talking as they looked at the youth. Even Lin Yi became interested as he looked at the youth. He revealed a surprised expression as he chuckled and silently shook his head.

Teng Huayuan shouted, “Fellow cultivators, this person killed my great great grandson, so we have a personal grudge. Today, I’ll kill him and I won’t take any of the items on his body, but if anyone dares to obstruct me, then don’t blame me for making you my enemy!”

Lin Yi suddenly laughed. “Okay, none of the cultivators of Zhao will dare to get in the way. I want to see if you, Teng Huayuan, dare to kill him.”

The moment Lin Yi’s words came out, everyone was stupefied. Although it was not convenient to talk about it, everyone had their own guesses on the meaning of those words.

Teng Huayuan didn’t dare to be arrogant before Lin Yi, but he couldn’t help but frown as he was unable to understand the meaning of Lin Yi’s words.

Punnan Zi’s eyes lit up as he looked at the youth in the air with a strange expression. The more he looked at the youth, the more familiar the youth seemed, but after thinking about it for a long time, he couldn’t think of who it was and became very confused. He thought that no matter how he looked at this youth, he was only at the Foundation Establishment stage, so why wouldn’t Teng Huayuan dare to act?

Not only him, but all of the Nascent Soul cultivators were very confused.

Just at that moment, the eyes of the youth in the air turned cold. He didn’t fear the people present at all as he raised his head and an enormous aura fell from the sky. It was as if the heavens were crashing down. The youth’s hair and clothes were moving without wind as slivers of spiritual energy escaped from his body.

All of the surrounding cultivators, especially the experts from the top sects, were shocked. Even Teng Huayuan, who was about to teleport, suddenly stopped.

In their eyes, the youth’s cultivation level had increased at a rapid rate. This was something they had never seen before in their lives.

The youth’s cultivation level went from the early stage of Foundation Establishment to the mid stage, then to the late stage. It rapidly increased to early stage Core Formation, then to mid stage Core Formation, and finally late stage Core Formation.

It was not over yet. When he reached the late stage of Core Formation, an invisible ripple started from the youth and spread out. A one foot tall Nascent Soul appeared and quickly went back into the youth’s body.

The surroundings were so silent, it was scary. They would have never thought that they’d see someone’s cultivation level climb from early stage Foundation Establishment to early stage Nascent Soul.

And it was still not over. The youth raised his hand and his cultivation level climbed up to mid stage Nascent Soul. Only once he reached the mid stage of Nascent Soul did he finally stop.

At that moment, the youth’s face was filled with an evil aura, his hair moved strangely, and he pointed at Teng Huayan and asked, “Do you dare to fight with me?”

At that moment, to everyone present, the pressure from this youth was 100% genuine pressure from an expert. Even the Nascent Soul cultivators had looks of disbelief in their eyes.

Lin Yi rubbed his fat chin. He faintly smiled as he observed the youth and secretly thought, “Which family’s little brat came to play in my territory? He holds the thousand illusion bead from a rank 5 country. I believe that his backing isn’t small. These thousand illusion treasures are uncommon even in Illusionary City. I remember that this bead is split into three ranks, from Nascent Soul to Soul Transformation. The stronger the bead, the higher that person’s position.”

Teng Huayuan’s face was extremely ugly as he looked at the youth in the sky. He suddenly understood the meaning of Lin Yi’s words. After he hesitated for a bit, he coldly snorted and said, “Wang Lin, I don’t believe that you’re at the Nascent Soul stage. How could you have entered the Jue Ming Valley? If you’re below the Spirit Severing stage, it is impossible to enter!”

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