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Chapter 1037 - Meeting

When Wang Lin's finger landed on the 18 Hell Celestial Sealing Stamp, there was a flash of red light. It was as if a blood-colored light had filled the cave and made the flowers red.

As the blood light became brighter, a red mist came out from the 14th layer. Blood Ancestor stared at Wang Lin with a bloodthirsty gaze from within the red mist. However, he immediately noticed Yao Xixue's presence and looked over. He was startled for a moment and then his expression became gentle.

Yao Xixue's face was pale as she looked at everything before her.

"Blood Ancestor, I promised you back then that I'd let you meet your daughter. Now I have completed my promise." Wang Lin waved his right hand and the red mist around Blood Ancestor dissipated. This released him from Wang Lin's control.

Blood Ancestor's soul flashed red and gradually took human form. He stared at his daughter before him, and his eyes filled with excitement.

"The matter from back then is over now. Yao Xixue schemed against me and was sealed for hundreds of years. You wanted to kill me and ended up like this. I was also a cause in this matter as Yao Xixue lost her memory to become a puppet for the wind demon to get revenge. Now that I've saved her, let us forget the past.

"From now on, you two no longer have anything to do with me. Our karma is cleared. If you continue to entangle me, then don't blame me for killing both of you and not allowing either of you to enter the reincarnation cycle!"

Wang Lin's calm voice contained a hint of coldness. He waved his sleeves and walked into the distance.

"Blood Ancestor, you don't need to return to the 14th layer. I set you free to accompany your daughter. This is the Celestial Emperor Cave in the Demon Spirit Land. You two can find a place to hide until the entire cave has been opened."

Yao Xixue's gaze fell on Wang Lin's back, and she was filled with confusion. She couldn't think of anything but also didn't want to think about it. There was a voice in her mind telling her that her past was like the wind. It was now gone and she should just let it be....

Yao Xixue could tell it was her voice, as if they were the last words she left herself before losing her memories.

Blood Ancestor looked at Wang Lin, who gradually walked away, and revealed a complex expression. After the seal was released, he regained his consciousness. Although he was only a soul, someone of his cultivation level could find a way to reform his body and continue to cultivate.

When Wang Lin's leaving figure entered his eyes, there was no longer the hatred he had in the past.

Blood Ancestor understood that if Wang Lin wanted to kill them, it wouldn't take any effort. Wang Lin didn't kill them and instead gave him freedom and his daughter a new life.

After letting out a sigh, the hatred was no longer important. What was important was his daughter's safety. Although she was left with no memories, it might have been for the best.

After experiencing all of this, Blood Ancestor felt old. The only thing in his mind was allowing his daughter to live peacefully… It was better to let everything else go.

Blood Ancestor looked kindly at Yao Xixue and softly said, "Child, come with Dad."

Although she had lost her memories, she felt a sense of trust toward Blood Ancestor from her blood. The father and daughter duo gradually walked away.

".... Dad, was what he said just now true?"

"Truth and lies are no longer important. We will have never have contact with him anymore… He is not someone we can provoke…" As Blood Ancestor spoke, he looked into the distance. He could no longer see through Wang Lin.

"He is no longer a junior that I don't even need to pay attention to. In just these several hundreds of years, he has already grown to such a degree…"

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he slowly moved forward. His method in dealing with the karma regarding Yao Xixue might seem strange from someone else's point of view. However, as long as he thought that that was how it should be, then that's how it will be.

Wang Lin gradually walked away step after step. A powerful aura began gathering in his body, and it became stronger as he walked. In the end, this aura was monstrous.

Wang Lin's eyes became brighter under this monstrous aura.

After he dealt with the matter with Yao Xixue and escaped from that karma, his dao heart became complete. Wang Lin could feel his stagnant cultivation beginning to show signs of a breakthrough.

Yao Xixue and Blood Ancestor had disappeared into an restriction to wait for the day the cave was completely opened. Looking around the cave, there was no one else left in the cave.

The ruin caused by the explosion of the Celestial Burial Pool was still there. Not far away was the deep pit where the Celestial Burial Pool was. Slivers of cold energy came out from inside the pit.

After looking around, Wang Lin's gaze looked ahead. This was only the outer part of the Celestial Emperor Cave, and he was not even close to the inner part. From here, he could see the large amount of pavilions and buildings in the distance.

These buildings formed an irregular pattern. At the end of Wang Lin's line of sight, he could see a palace in the depths of these buildings surrounding by a veil of dense, black fog. The palace could barely be seen.

While pondering, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he slapped his bag of holding. A jade appeared in his hand. It was a celestial jade that gave off a gentle light.

Wang Lin originally obtained this in the Demon Spirit Land. Inside it was the Stop spell and the method for refining celestial guards. Wang Lin remembered that when he examined the jade, there was also a map inside.

However, Wang Lin felt like this map was unfamiliar, so he didn't pay much attention to it. Looking at the cave now, he vaguely felt it was familiar.

Then he remembered the map in the jade. When he took out the jade, his divine sense went inside it, and his expression changed. The place the map depicted was this Celestial Emperor Cave.

Wang Lin carefully examined the map and carefully remembered everything. After pondering for a bit, he didn't move carelessly. Instead, he retreated next to the pit left by the Celestial Burial Pool and looked down.

The pit was completely dark, and his gaze couldn't pierce it.

"This place is not bad!" Wang Lin took a step and entered the pit. However, he didn't descend very fast; he only went down few hundred feet. Then Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding, causing a dozen large swords to fly out and sweep the sides of the pit.

Gravel flew everywhere, and a moment later, a cave was formed. Wang Lin went inside and sat down.

After taking a deep breaths, Wang Lin placed many restrictions before he calmed down. Then he slapped his bag of holding, causing a ray of silver light to fly out, and it turned into a beautiful woman.

This woman looked at Wang Lin but didn't speak. She sat down next to the entrance and guarded Wang Lin.

Wang Lin examined the silver female corpse while he sat there. He felt like there was something different around her after she absorbed the flower poison. However, he couldn't tell what it was.

He spread out his divine sense and found that the original control seal inside her body was still there. It wasn't damaged at all, and all the other hidden restrictions he had placed were there as well. Only then did he relax and close his eyes to cultivate.

"Now that my cultivation is showing a sign of a breakthrough, I must take this chance and ascend. Only then can I gain a better chance in this Celestial Emperor Cave."

When he closed his eyes, the origin energy inside him suddenly cycled through his whole body. A trace of fiery heat came out from his body, but it stayed within certain distance from his body and didn't spread.

His domain had made a breakthrough due to the matter with Yao Xixue. Now that Wang Lin began using his cultivation, his cultivation, which was stagnant at the peak of the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer, began to loosen.

Time slowly passed. In the blink of an eye, three days passed. During these three days, Wang Lin didn't move, and the origin energy inside his body cycled even faster. In the end, the flow of his origin energy was so smooth, it was impossible to tell where it began or ended.

The silver female corpse had protected Wang Lin the whole time. She would often look at Wang Lin for a long time, and there would be a trace of confusion in her gaze. However, this trace of confusion would be immediately hidden very well.

On the fourth day, Wang Lin opened his eyes. After pondering for a bit, he took out few origin souls of people he had killed. Then he devoured them without any hesitation.

"There isn't enough origin energy here, so this is the only way to make a breakthrough!"

While Wang Lin's cultivation level was increasing from the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer, a shocking scene occurred far away from the Celestial Emperor Cave. Every Alliance cultivator who saw this was shocked.

There were red flames coming from the distant horizon. It was as if the flames were coming to burn everything into nothingness.

The red flames gradually closed in and became brighter and brighter. The light was extremely harsh, and it looked as if the endless flames were going to sweep across the stars. They were also moving at an unimaginable speed.

An extremely large Vermillion Bird with wings hundreds of kilometers wide was flying at the front of the flames.

This Vermillion Bird was composed of fire, and its unimaginable heat could be felt from far away. The heat from this Vermillion Bird would shock all cultivators.

Wherever the Vermillion Bird passed, the pupils of all the nearby cultivators shrank and they rushed to avoid it. They didn't dare to approach at all. Any powerful cultivator with any worldly knowledge suddenly felt an ancient name explode in their mind when they saw the Vermillion Bird!

"Vermillion Bird Divine Sect!!"

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