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Chapter 1036 - Your Name is Yao Xixue

The flower restriction in the Celestial Emperor Cave was completely activated by the fight between Wang Lin and the wind demon. The large hand grabbed the God Slaying Spear and immediately tried to drag it down.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes and he shouted, "Collapse!"

After he spoke, the black light from the God Slaying Spear intensified until it was like a black sun. Even the arm formed by the ocean looked black from the light.

The moment this black light reached a limit, a loud bang echoed across the world and a devastating destructive force swept by. The arm made of sea water collapsed and even the sea water itself dissipated.

However not only did Wang Lin's expression not relax but became even more serious. Even the wind demon's expression changed as she stared at the ocean.


A low roar came from the ocean. This roar was heaven-shaking and turned into a sound wave that echoed across the world. The thunderous rumbles couldn't cover up this roar.

At the same time, the ocean churned violently and started to rise. Wang Lin's pupils shrank and the scene before him made him gasp.

This wasn't water rising into the air, but the humanoid figure formed by the ocean sitting up!

This was a giant whose size was impossible to estimate. Just sitting up made it feel as if it was about to pierce the sky. Its huge body was composed of water, and when it sat up, the deep seabed was revealed.

The ocean was no longer there; only this giant made of sea water remained.

A sea giant!

It was impossible clearly see its appearance with its muddled facial features, but its large ears made it look nothing like a cultivator. It coldly stared at the small Wang Lin and wind demon in the sky. Then it slowly raised its hand, which set off a huge wave, and reached toward Wang Lin.

Before it even closed in, a loud rumble rushed at him like a gust of wind. Wang Lin immediately retreated and dodged the approaching palm.

"A mere restriction formed by dew. I don't consider you worth of my attention!" Two balls of flame appeared in Wang Lin's eyes and the Vermillion Bird Tattoo on his body glowed red.

The moment the giant's hand swept by, Wang Lin opened his arms and a sea of flames erupted from his body.

The moment the sea of flames appeared, it began to sweep the area as Wang Lin's origin energy surged out. In the blink of an eye, it filled the sky and caused a loud rumble!

This scene was extremely shocking. The sky was covered in a sea of flames, and below it was a giant made of seawater!

The moment the giant's arm closed in, Wang Lin let out a roar within the sea of flames. Wang Lin's will infused into the flame and the entire sea of flames descended from the sky at the giant.

The sea of flames fell like a rain of fire down on the sea giant. The flames released high heat before they even closed in on the giant. The wind demon saw this from a distance and gasped. She dreaded Wang Lin even more now.

In almost an instant, the sea of flames gathered from all directions around the sea giant. Large amounts of water vapor spread out as white mist in a ring shape.

The sea giant roared once more. As it roared, it was as if all the water inside its body was boiling, and then it suddenly scattered in all directions.

It looked as if the sea wanted to devour the sky. From a distance, you wouldn't be able to tell Wang Lin was fighting, because it looked like the sky and ocean were battling each other!

The sea was majestic and charged directly at the sea of flames in the sky. In an instant, a monstrous wave that was like a wall that connected to the sky swept across. It formed a ring and began contracting toward the center like crazy.

The rumbling was heaven-shaking. As the sea wall closed in, all of the flames were immediately extinguished. The wall shrank until it was only 1,000 feet from Wang Lin, and all the fire it touched had collapsed.

As it contracted, a giant face appeared within the wall when it was 1,000 feet from Wang Lin.

This was the face of the sea giant. The moment it appeared, it let out a roar and opened its mouth. It then charged at Wang Lin to devour him!

The flame in Wang Lin's eyes burned brightly and the Vermillion Bird Tattoo shined through his clothes. With a thought, a Vermillion Bird cry came from within his body.

This Vermillion Bird cry was powerful and majestic. Just at this moment, Wang Lin's entire body began to burn and the red Vermillion Bird rushed out from his body and opened its wings. At this moment, an indescribable sea of flames appeared!

The moment the sea giant's mouth arrived, a trace of killing intent flashed in Wang Lin's eyes, and he softly said, "Vermillion Bird Flame!"

After he spoke those words, the Vermillion Bird above him suddenly expanded its wings and endless flames erupted and spread in all directions!

These flames were boundless, and as they spread, miserable roar came from the sea giant as it was forced to retreat.

Even the wall-like wave that was within 1,000 feet of Wang Lin immediately evaporated when it came in contact with the flame. The water turned to mist and was pushed back!

It retreated several times faster than when it closed in. However, the Vermillion Bird's flames chased closely after it. At this moment, the wall of water dissipated and condensed back into the sea giant.

However, the size of the sea giant had changed greatly. It was now less than 10,000 feet tall, and it was no longer sitting but standing.

The moment the sea giant reformed, the Vermillion Bird flame descended and surrounded the giant. Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he pointed forward.

The Vermillion Bird let out another cry. It turned into a ball of flames and charged like a meteor toward the sea giant. It broke through the seawater and went inside the sea giant.

Miserable roars continued to come from the sea giant. It was surrounded by flames already, and when the Vermillion Bird charged in, even its insides were burning!

As the sea giant was burning from both inside and outside, it waved its arms as if it was struggling. However, it couldn't stop the water that formed its body from being turned into gas that filled the sky.

This made the wind demon reveal an extremely bitter expression. She finally realized the gap between her and Wang Lin, and this made her silently ponder.

However, there was a flash of viciousness in her eyes that were filled with frustration.

As the sea giant struggled in vain and its body continued to dissipate into mist, its body got smaller and smaller. Just when it was about to disappear completely, the sea giant let out a thunderous roar and its entire body began to contract until it was only one drop of water. Then it unexpectedly broke through the flames and charged straight at Wang Lin.

The Vermillion Bird cried once more and chased closely after the drop of water.

The drop of water was so fast that it instantly closed in on Wang Lin. It was obviously its last struggle before death! But Wang Lin didn't panic, and a flash of blue light came from his right eye. The azure light shield immediately appeared before him!

There was a thunderous roar when a powerful impact hit the azure light shield. It was pushed back several inches by the force, but it didn't crack. It blocked the attack of the drop of water.

At the same time, the Vermillion Bird closed in and surrounded the drop of water with unimaginable heat. The water droplet became smaller and smaller before it finally disappeared after one final roar.

The roar of the sea giant still echoed across the sky. However, when the last water drop disappeared, the entire sky rumbled as if it was going to collapse. At this moment, the sky seemed to be torn, and the seabed shattered inch by inch.

This collapse only lasted for several breaths before the sky shattered. The seabed also shattered and exposed the green beneath it!

This entire world was only a drop of dew on the leaf of a flower. Wang Lin only felt his vision blur, and when he reappeared, he was in the flower field he fell in before!

The moment the ocean world collapsed, the wind demon charged out at full speed. Her goal was to charge into another restriction to escape.

However, just as she moved, Wang Lin's figure appeared. Terrified, the wind demon was going to retreat when a cold voice entered her ears.


The wind demon's body suddenly stopped. Although she recovered in an instant, it was enough for Wang Lin. Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed at a scar on the wind demon's face.

With a sizzling sound, the scar on the wind demon's face disappeared, revealing white skin below it.

"Yao Xixue, I won't kill you. I will save you… This will clear our karma and let you meet your father. After that, we will go our own ways and never meet again."

Wang Lin's right hand didn't stop. Every time he pressed down, one of the wind demon's scars would disappear. His hand was very fast, leaving behind many afterimages.

Before the Stop spell stopped working, another Stop spell was used. Fear filled wind demon's eyes. She had already guessed what Wang Lin was going to do.

As Wang Lin's right hand continued to move, the countless scars on the wind demon slowly disappeared until none were left. At this moment, the wind demon returned back to her previously beautiful self.

Her jade-like white skin seemed like it would shatter from just a breath. The crystal clear color emitted a special kind of charm.

For an instant, Wang Lin thought he could see the Yao Xixue from back then...

Finally, Wang Lin pointed to the spot between the wind demon's eyebrows. The wind demon's body immediately trembled. She remembered how Wang Lin had used that strange teleportation spell when the battle started. He could have seriously injured her, but instead he had chosen to simply point to between her eyebrows.

During that moment of crisis, she didn't think too much. However, when Wang Lin pointed to between her eyebrows again, the wind demon seemed to realize something.

"The first point was to make yours and Yao Xixue's memories fuse and thus create an opening. Only then would there be a chance for a rescue…" Wang Lin seemed to be talking to himself as he pointed at the wind demon one last time. His eyes revealed a strange light.

When the wind demon saw this gaze, a chill swept her heart.

"If you had really done as you promised, help Yao Xixue get revenge, then you would've been part of the karma rather than an intrusion… If that were the case, I wouldn't have interfered.

"However, you didn't do that. I don't care that you cheated Yao Xixue, but you destroyed the chance for my life and death domain and karma domain to evolve… Moreover, your inheritance is only memories, and the real you is dead… Although you call yourself a demon, you are just Yao Xixue. You can't die, because you're just a memory."

The mysterious light in Wang Lin's eyes became even stronger. Then he opened his mouth and inhaled deeply!

Wang Lin used the most overbearing devouring spell passed down from Qing Shui! What he devoured was the demonic energy inside Yao Xixue!

The fear in the wind demon's eyes reached its limit when this suction force appeared. She felt all the demonic energy in her body get sucked into this cultivator's mouth.

The demonic energy came out of the wind demon and was sucked into Wang Lin's mouth. Finally, even the memories engraved inside Yao Xixue's soul were also inhaled by Wang Lin.

"You shouldn't have left your memories inside Yao Xixue. There is no hatred between us, so I'll find another vessel for you…"

The fear in Yao Xixue's eyes dissipated and her body trembled. Confusion filled her eyes and she was extremely weak. The moment she became sober, she immediately retreated a few steps, and the confusion in her eyes became even stronger.

"You are…" Yao Xixue stared at Wang Lin, but her mind was completely blank. No matter how much she tried, she couldn't find any memories. The fear of having no memories immediately appeared on her face.

The current her was helpless, and the fear on her face clearly landed in Wang Lin's eyes.

"Your name is Yao Xixue… And I'm a friend of yours…"

"Yao Xixue…" Yao Xixue muttered softly, but confusion still filled her eyes. However, there was a hint of caution in her gaze at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin let out a sigh, then he opened his mouth and a ray of ghostly light came out. This startled Yao Xixue, and she exclaimed and retreated once more. Her gaze was no longer cautious but filled with fear.

After losing all her memories, she was like a mortal seeing a cultivator use spells for the first time!

The 18 Hell Celestial Sealing Stamp appeared before Wang Lin. After pondering for a moment, he pointed at the 14th layer. There was only one soul inside the 14th layer! This soul was surrounded in a mist of blood and gave off a monstrous amount of resentment. It was Blood Ancestor!

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