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Chapter 1013 - Specter

No one knew that what the fifth cave in the Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm where Celestial Lord Qing Lin was looked like, not even its size.

Only Qing Lin was allowed to enter back then. No outsiders were allowed, and any offenders were killed!

Even Qing Shuang had never taken half a step inside here. This fifth cave was Qing Lin's absolute secret!

At this moment, as the purple light dissipated, everyone disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin felt as if his body was shattered into countless pieces by the purple light. This feeling was very strange, but he felt no pain.

It felt as if it had lasted forever, but in reality, it only lasted an instant. Wang Lin appeared in a unfamiliar place.

This place was covered in black sand, and it was impossible to see the end of the horizon. Wind that moved the sand like a tornado blew by.

Even the sky was dim, as if there was a grey shroud above the sky. If one looked up for too long, they would feel oppressed.

Wang Lin looked at the sky as he stood in the black sand, his expression gloomy.

His divine sense had already spread out, but his divine sense, which could easily cover the entire Demon Spirit Land, couldn't find the edge of this space. Wang Lin was the only person inside his divine sense range.

It seemed that everyone that had entered was scattered, and it would be very difficult to meet each other.

While pondering, Wang Lin floated into the air. However, after he only floated 100 feet, his expression changed and he felt a sense of crisis descend from above. He landed without hesitation and a ray of blue right shot out from his right eye and turned into the azure light shield.

Just as the azure light shield appeared, grey gas descended from the sky. It was so fast that it immediately touched the azure light shield.

There was a bang and then Wang Lin retreated more than 100 feet before he stopped. A cold glint flashed in Wang Lin's eyes. He then formed a fist and threw a punch without hesitation.

The ancient god shadow appeared behind him, and his fist contained the power of an ancient god. This fist collided with the grey gas and made the grey gas collapse.

However, not only did the collapse of the grey gas not let Wang Lin relax, it caused his pupils to shrink, and he quickly retreated.

The collapsed grey gas didn't dissipate but turned into 10 strands of even more powerful grey gas that shot at Wang Lin from 10 different directions.

The rumbles continued when Wang Lin was forced to retreat, and the grey gas moved even faster, chasing him. Although it was all blocked by the shield, the impacts still caused Wang Lin's body to tremble.

He retreated for more than 10,000 feet. When he saw the grey gas attack once more, Wang Lin spat out a mouthful of essence origin energy at it.

When they collided, Wang Lin's hand formed a fist and he threw a punch. The scene that made Wang Lin gasp occurred once more as the rumbles continued.

The more than 10 strands of grey gas collapsed, but they turned into more a hundred strands that charged at Wang Lin.

"What the hell is this!?" Wang Lin's scalp felt numb. He didn't suffer much backlash during the first punch, but the backlash on the second punch was huge. His hands were still sore from the punch.

Although the pain soon disappeared, Wang Lin didn't dare to throw a third punch.

As he rapidly retreated, the azure light shield surrounded Wang Lin, resisting the attacks of the grey gas.

Wang Lin's figured move like a line across this desert of black sand as he retreated from the pursuit of the grey gas. Wang Lin's movement drew a long line in the desert.

Teleportation had no use here, and Wang Lin even tried to use Spatial Bending. Although he could use it, no matter what he did, he could only move one inch!

"I have just entered, but I've already encountered such a strange thing." Wang Lin revealed a wry smile. Seeing how the grey gas was relentless in its pursuit, killing intent flashed in his eyes.

His right hand formed a seal and then Wang Lin suddenly turned around and shouted, "Call the Wind!"

Since his physical force couldn't destroy the gas, Wang Lin chose a celestial spell.

After he spoke, dense, black wind appeared in this dim world and then four black dragons appeared.

However, just as the four black dragons appeared, the sky changed as if it was the raging sea!

From a distance, countless strands of grey gas appeared in the sky. The grey gas linked together to form a whirlwind that swept the area. Wang Lin was stunned as the four black dragons from Call the Wind were swept away.

Wang Lin felt his scalp tingle and escaped once more. The grey whirlwind behind him became larger and larger as it absorbed more grey gas. In the end, it was over 10,000 feet wide as it chased after Wang Lin.

While Wang Lin escaped, he could feel the suction force from behind him. What shocked Wang Lin was that wherever the whirlwind passed, black gas would appear and be absorbed by it.

As a result, the whirlwind grew larger and larger as it chased him.

"What exactly is this!?" Clenching his teeth, the ancient god furnace appeared around Wang Lin. His ancient god power entered the furnace, causing him to immediately disappear. When he reappeared, he was 1,000 feet away.

Although it was only 1,000 feet, it gave Wang Lin determination. The whirlwind only took a second to cross 1,000 feet. Even if he used all of his ancient god power on the furnace to escape, it still wouldn't be enough.

If he wanted to truly escape, he had to make the whirlwind stop. Even if it was just for a second, it would give Wang Lin a glimmer of hope.

He jerked his head back and touched his bag of holding. More than a dozen swords flew out of his bag.

The moment these swords flew out, they formed a sword formation and charged at the incoming whirlwind.

There was no time to feel heartache right now. As the dozen or so swords closed in on the whirlwind, Wang Lin shouted, "Swords, explode!"

As he shouted, one of the large swords gave off a destructive aura and exploded into countless fragments that shot at the whirlwind. At the same time, the remaining big swords all exploded like this.

The countless fragments swept through the whirlwind, causing it to pause for a moment.

While he felt heartache for the swords, the ancient god furnace flashed. He disappeared and reappeared more than 1,000 feet away. After he appeared, the ancient god furnace flashed once more.

After flashing nine times in a row, Wang Lin appeared almost 10,000 feet away, but he didn't relax. The whirlwind paused for a moment and continued to chase after him.

Wang Lin had a bitter expression as he clenched his teeth and his right hand reached out. A crack appeared before him, and as his right hand reached out, the illusion of the God Slaying Spear appeared.

Holding the God Slaying Spear, Wang Lin threw it!

This spear immediately closed in on the whirlwind and went through it. The destructive aura erupted and exploded forth as if the heavens and earth were shaking.

The whirlwind collapsed!

Taking this chance, Wang Lin used the ancient god furnace once more. He used it dozens of time at once.

However, his expression immediately turned pale at the scene behind him.

The whirlwind that collapsed was the same as the grey gas. It turned into dozens more whirlwinds of the same size and chased after Wang Lin.

No matter what he tried, he couldn't make the whirlwind disappear. The more he attacked, the more whirlwinds appeared. This was the first time Wang Lin had encountered something like this!

With his cultivation, he naturally saw that none of the whirlwinds were fake and were all real!

"I can't scatter it, use treasures, or cast spells. Once this whirlwind shatters again, it will turn into hundreds. How will I dodge it then?"

The whirlwinds got closer and closer and continued to absorb the grey gas that appeared, making it stronger. Wang Lin knew that even with the ancient god furnace, he could only keep this up for a short period of time. Soon, the whirlwinds would close in.

"Since I can't dodge them, I must resist them!" Wang Lin simply stopped. He couldn't give the whirlwinds more time to power up. The moment he stopped, his ancient god power filled his body and his body expanded greatly!

The true body of an ancient god appeared once more!

This body that was thousands of feet tall seemed to be able to support the world. The five ancient god stars rotated rapidly as the 10 whirlwinds closed in. Wang Lin let out a roar that shook the world!

He no longer escaped. As he walked forward, the ancient god furnace flashed and he disappeared. When he reappeared, he was before a whirlwind.

Within the depths of the fifth cave in the Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm stood a wooden bridge. Under the bridge flowed black water. Sometimes, a hideous shadow would flash by in the water.

There was a person sitting on the wooden bridge.

It was impossible to see his appearance, but one could vaguely see that the figure was wearing a suit of armor. He was covered by a dense, black fog that was filled with devilish energy. The devilish energy was dense, as if this was a devil hell!

His body was motionless and remained sitting. Before him floated a small bottle. The bottle was sealed by a cork, making it impossible to see what was inside.

The person inside the black fog slowly opened his eyes. His eyes were filled with bloodlust, and he licked his lips. He spoke with a hoarse voice that sounded like friction between bones. "Who will be the first one to come out… It has been many years since I tasted human flesh…"

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