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It's too late means it's too late (2)

Song Ting Yu's step stopped, his hands was fisted. He seemed to bear patiently of his anger, yet very quickly he controlled it. He turned his body, and smiled coldly: "Lin Cheng Huan, it's too late means it's too late."

Lin Cheng Huan kept standing on the ground, even he forgot to respond.

Song Ting Yu carried Su Ran from the bed, Tian Mi looked this and busily stopped him: "What are you doing?"

"Move aside."

Tian Mi also in anger: "Now the weather outside was not really good, what are you thinking by carrying her out? You want to take her to go down the mountain? Do you know she is high fever? How if the illness got worsen? How about the kid inside her? Even though you don't happy with this situation, could you think for Su Ran? Wait until tomorrow morning that her illness turned well, then the weather is good, then you can go, alright?"

Song Ting Yu used his hand to check her temperature on her forehead, indeed it was scorching hot.

His face was calm and collected, he didn't say anything and placed her down on the bed, and pulled the blanket.

Tian Mi took the ice bag that she borrowed before from the owner, and passed it to him: "Lay it out on her forehead, she should be cooling down."

Song Ting Yu took the ice bag and placed it on Su Ran's forehead. Then, he pulled the chair beside the bed, he sat down on it, then ignored everything else.

Tian Mi looked at Lin Cheng Huan, looked at how pitiful his face, at how he stood on the ground and fixed his stare on Su Ran.

She sighed inside her heart, she moved forward and pulled his hand: "He would take care of Ran Ran, you come out with me."

She dragged him out of the room to the living room outside. This moment just exactly the time when the owner got inside from outside.

The owner of the house closed the door tightly to avoid the cool wind to get inside, he went over: "Ms Tian, Mr Lin, how is Miss Su Ran?"

Tian Mi said courteously: "She's getting better, thank you."

The owner of the house said: "Then ti's good. Tonight just stay here. It is blowing and snowing heavily, you positively couldn't go off the mountain. Just go tomorrow morning after the weather is getting better."

"Okay, thank you."

"You're welcome." The owner of the house waved his hand, and prepared to leave, yet he was stopped by Tian Mi's calling.

Tian Mi casted a glance to Lin Cheng Huan's face: "Excuse me, do you have any medical kit?"

Actually the owner had noticed the bruises on Lin Cheng Huan's face, but he was not a meddlesome person, he also could felt clearly there was something wrong with the atmosphere so he didn't ask.

"I have, have, wait for me for a while. I will give it to you."

Quickly the owner found the medical kit and placed it on the table.

Tian Mi was very thankful: "Thank you."

The owner said that no need to thank, then he left.

Tian Mi sat on the sofa and was about to help him to apply the medicine: "Let me help you to apply the medicine."

Lin Cheng Huan didn't say anything, Tian Mi also didn't say anything more, she knet down on the sofa and helped him to treat it: "Are you okay?"

Lin Cheng Huan still in silent mode.

Tian Mi closed the medical kit box, and remembered what had happened: "No matter what Song Ting Yu still Su Ran's husband. In the past I felt these four years he never back once. This time his return, he would also didn't want to save Wei Xi so he just be reluctantly be together. Four years ago, he should be very hate Ran Ran, I thought toward Ran Ran, he should has no feeling, but looked like I was thinking wrongly….."

But on one hand, how about Lin Cheng Huan who always waiting for Su Ran?

Lin Cheng Huan leaned on the sofa, but his gaze toward the room, despite he was locked out and couldn't see anything.

Inside the room.

This moment inside of Song Ting Yu's heart was not really calm, he looked at Su Ran, who laid down on the bed with her two red burning hot cheeks, he had various feeling inside his heart.

It was feeling of distress and resentment.

He used his finger to stroke lightly Su Ran's red lip petal. Thinking over, what should he do to erase the mark of his kiss on hers?

Su Ran's sleep didn't really smooth and steady, her brows were frowning.

Song Ting Yu's long finger massage her brows, lowered his head. He leaned over Su Ran, his eyes were cold, he always doesn't dissipate.

He lowered his voice: "Su Ran, I really hate to be unable to kill you."

He noticed now his mood was greatly influenced by Su Ran, rise and fall, completely break him away from his control, because he used to be in control, naturally, he didn't like this kind of feeling!

This night, Song Ting Yu didn't really sleep because he was taking care of Su Ran, this period of moment he was focusing on her condition and temperature.

Luckily, Su Ran's temperature, in the midnight, finally her temperature lowered down. Her face also lost her redness, her frowned brows started to loose, and started to sleep peacefully.

The wind outside to calm down again, the snow also started to stop.

After he decided that Su Ran's condition was stable, he leant on the chair and closed his eyes. He got rest but very quickly he was awake again.

The sky outside started to brighten.
At this time, Tian Mi opened the door and got inside: "How is Ran Ran?"

She moved forward and placed on her forehead, she released breath, and noticed Song Ting Yu was wearing his coat, she in puzzlement said: "You want to bring her homme."

"Although her temperature is stepping down, but her condition possible to be repeated. So needs to see the doctor." Song Ting Yu didn't explain much, he wore his coat, and took Su Ran's clothes. She noticed Su Ran's body was covered by a coat of a male. He didn't need to think who jacket was it, his eyes were dark, and took that man's coat.

Tian Mi didn't know whether to laugh and cry, the narrow-minded man really a bit terrifying.

She picked the coat from the ground, and went over. Song Ting Yu already helped Su Ran to arrange her clothes and Tian Mi passed another clothes: "The outside is still too cold, it's better for you to cover her with this clothes."

Song Ting Yu helped Su Ran's wear her shoes, he looked at Tian Mi coldly, and said coldly too: "No need."

"Song Ting Yu, you really are…." He knew that a lot of men was a bit petty-minded in this aspect, so at last she let it go. She took off her blue coat: "Cover her with this clothes, this is mine okay? Su Ran is still sick."

Song Ting Yu looked at her, and as before he didn't take it: "You just wear it."

Tian Mi was about to say something, he wrapped Su Ran, and carried her on his back.

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