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.Hi, guys. It's only a chapter for today! I'm still tired of Chinese New Year vibes and I can't find time in between to do the translation. Maybe tomorrow I will post 2 chapters. Thank you for supporting Su Ran and Song Wei Xi.


Here is Chapter 36:

Song Ting Yu, You are Unqualified to be Wei Xi's Papa

Su Ran kissed his little face: "There will be no problem, Wei Xi, don't be afraid."

She used her hand lightly to pat his shoulder, on one side she appeased him, on the other side said to him. She prepared to leave, suddenly from the group of people appeared a person. When everyone was not yet responded, there was a sharp and clear slap voice.

When looked clearly the man in front, everyone was drew out a cold breath.

Didn't expect that person to be Chen Jing.

Su Ran only felt her face to scorching hurt, yet Chen Jing slapped her once, and nearly move forward to do more, but at last she just hurriedly being pulled Song Ming Xuan to leave.

"What are you doing, hurry up let's go!"

But she was still full of anger that she said: "Su ran, if something happen to Zhi Rui, I will not let you go…!"

Originally this matter happened during Song Clan annual party, already enough to let people make fun of it, moreover Chen Jing's sudden attack and coercion because of Zhi Rui. This condition let people felt outrageous, perhaps will happen only in the movie.

Song Ting Yu already left, now also only Song Ming Xuan remained to deal with the aftermath.

This so-called yearly party could not progress anymore, so the guests also slowly went away.

Song Wei Xi's eyes were red, he used his hand to clasp Su Ran's cheeks that was slapped by Chen Jing, and said: "Mama, I help you to blow it, are you hurt?"

He said it, and really he slowly slightly blow Su Ran's cheeks.

Su Ran felt her eyes became and more and more warm up, yet she tried hard to control it, she steadied her breath, shook her head: "It's okay, mama doesn't feel hurt, let's go home."

The time she carried Song Wei Xi to leave, they met with Song Ming Xuan, and Chen Jing already was not by his side, didn't know whether she left for Bai Zhi Rui or not.

Song Ming Xuan moved toward her, and used his hand to stroke Song Wei Xi's hair, then said to Su Ran: "Don't think too much, you take Wei Xi home first to get some rest."

"I know, Pa."

Because at first she came with Song Ting Yu, so Su Ran didn't have her car. So she only able to take Song Wei Xi to take taxi.

During the trip to home, Song Wei Xi always tightly snuggled closed to her, so it was obvious that he was quite afraid.

When they arrived home, Madame Song was furious, even though she didn't attend the annual party, but it didn't mean she didn't have any spy there. Regarding everything happen there, she already know it clealry.

She used her walking stick and one after another slapped the ground, her face was in a bad mood: "I just know that once that opera singer is back, there will be something bad happen! This properly arranged party, now has become a whole city laughing stock!"

On her side was stood several old staff of Song company, because Madame Song's rage, they didn't dare enough to talk about anything.

Madame Song's fury was slightly calmed down when she looked at the mother and son. She always fond of Song Wei Xi, naturally she didn't want to get angry in front of him, so she hurriedly waved at Song Wei Xi: "Wei Xi, come here to great grandma."

Song Wei Xi went over, she immediately hugged him: "My good boy, did you shock because of that?"

Song Wei Xi hugged her shoulder: "Great grandma, I saw that auntie bullied my mama, but I didn't push her, she fell down by herself…."

"Great grandma knows, knows. Our Wei Xi is a good kid, how is it possible that he will do something like that?" Madame Song busily comforted him, and used her pale old hand to stroke his head: "Wei Xi, don't be afraid, also don't mind this thing. Grandma know it was unrelated to you, you didn't do anything wrong, okay?"

Song Wei Xi nodded with his red eyes on display.

Madame Song passed him over to Su Ran and said: "Ran Ran, you bring Wei Xi up to get some rest. Don't think too much of this accident."

This moment, Su Ran actually really touched, because that kind of circumstances when there was no one around them to witness what was and why was that happening, all people just only caught a sight of Bai Zhi Rui fell down, and they was stood on top. So they all attacked and pointed the blame to her.

There was someone told Madame Song about the condition in the party, but also unabled to say concretely what, but at this conditions, Madame Song still believes in here.

Madame Song is a rational person, not because her dislike of Zhi Rui, then she decided to trust Su Ran.

She just really believe in her.

This point Su Ran really understood.

Su Ran took Song Wei Xi upstairs, and used a lot of time to hold him, and he slowly fell asleep.

This matter for this little kid actually really very hard to understand.

Su Ran looked at this condition, she also felt really sad.

After Song Wei Xi fell asleep, Su Ran didn't immediately leave, she sat down on the bedside to look at him. Her mind wandered around what was happening today, it all really too chaos, and she felt really tired. So at last she slept beside him.

She didn't for how had she fall asleep, until a hand patted her shoulder, the she was awake again.

Madame Song stood beside her with her loving face said: "Ran Ran, go back to your room. The weather is too cold. You will be cold if you sleep here, let Wei Xi being taken care by the nanny."

Su Ran nodded, and extended her hand to turn off the light. She followed Madame Song to leave Song Wei Xi's room, and went to her room: "Grandma, you also rest early."

When she was in the room, she looked at the clock, it was already twelve o'clock.

Didn't know how was Bai Zhi Rui's health, but no matter what, Song Ting Yu positively very distressed, so tonight he would not be back.

And Chen Jing, supposedly will stay there.

She was so caring of Bai Zhi Rui, she will not willing to leave right?

Su Ran threw her phone on the bed, she kicked her shoes, and started to open the zipper of her dress. At first she wanted to let herself to not think anymore about today's matter, she needed to take a bath, needed a good sleep.

Yet after pulled the zipper, and took off the dress, she still thought about her.

She perhaps…. was pregnant….

She was pregnant with Song Ting Yu's kid.

She suddenly felt the air surround her was somewhat rarefied, almost unable to breath. She wrinkled her eyebrow, used her hand to cover her pit of stomach.

Suddenly the door was opened by someone.

She panically used her dress to cover herself which only wear an underwear, and looked toward the door.

The one opened it unexpectedly was Song Ting Yu.

He still wore that suit from the annual party, as before he gave his suit to cover Bai Zhi Rui, so now he only wore a blue shirt with roll up sleeve which already full of dry up blood mark.

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