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Mother Tian nodded and opened the door to get inside. Tian Mi also knew that Gu Dong Cheng came. This moment her face turned white and used the blanket to cover herself. She curled up and trembled.

"Mi Mi…" Mother Tian pulled the blanket and Tian Mi threw herself to her embrace. She was crying: "Ma, let him go, let him go away…"

"It's okay. He is gone. Mama will not let him get close to you again, and hurt you. Don't you cry…" Mother Tian was really sad. Her good daughter, lively and active one, now had changed.

Because Tian Mi's mood was unstable so Su Ran also accompanied Mother Tian to stay in the hospital for several days. She also came to lawyer office to meet Lawyer Zhou and discuss about Song Ting Yu's case. She didn't have any good rest.

Today she came out from the office with Tang ZI Chu. She felt dizzy. She slowly started to stumble, luckily Tang Zi Chu supported her: "Are you okay?"

Su Ran massaged her temple and shook her head: "I'm okay, probably because these days I didn't have any good sleep.

Tang Zi Chu also understood. Song Ting Yu was in a deep trouble. How can she have a good sleep, supposedly she didn't sleep these days.

"You should take a rest, if not Chief Song will be worried."

Su Ran felt a bit better and smiled: "Thank you…"

She just said and her phone rang. She answered it: "Mrs Song, Xiao Wei Xi disappears…"

This call was from Lin family's maid. These days she was responsible to take care of Song Wei Xi. Su Ran was running around these days so she was unease to take Song Wei Xi.

She also didn't take him to the kindergarten, she wanted to take him later on when the situation was getting better.

"How could it be? Where was he before?"

Su Ran's first response was it's Gu Dong Cheng….

She couldn't help but to think that way because Gu Dong Cheng held grudge on her for killing his daughter.

Tang Zi Chu knew that there was trouble so he took the car. He let Su Ran got inside the car.

The maid was worried and crying: "I didn't know what happened. It's my mistake. I saw that recently Xiao Wei Xi kept on staying at home, I couldn't reject his request so I brought him out to stroll around. I also took the driver. We strolled around and I kept on holding his hand tightly. But suddenly someone with shopping cart passed by me and I let him go. I fell down to the ground and when I looked for Song Wei Xi, he was gone. I looked for him around the whole market. But I couldn't find him…"

"I'm sorry I'm sorry…" The maid kept on saying that.

Su ran hung up.

Tang Zi Chu drove quickly to the market. They looked around the market and nearest place. But they couldn't find Song Wei Xi.

From the afternoon to the night. Even it was cold, Su Ran couldn't feel anything. She just kept on looking for him. She tried to control her emotion and said that she should be calm.

She took a deep breath for a while. Then took her phone to call Gu Dong Cheng. She just wanted to know whether he took her child.

Would it because his daughter is gone so he also wanted to take revenge from Song Wei Xi?

Gu Dong Cheng answered: "Speak."

"Gu Dong Cheng, do you ask someone to take Song Wei Xi?"

"Song Wei Xi is missing?" Gu Dong Cheng seemed to be surprised: "How can you not take a good care of him? All traffickers really likes a small kid like him, wouldn't he be kidnapped? It's only a small chance that you will find him. I'm afraid that you can't meet him again…"

"Gu Dong Cheng, don't you pretend with me. It's you right, give me back Song Wei Xi. If you have some problems with me, then just attack me, what are you doing by attacking little kid?" Su Ran couldn't endure it, how can there's a person like him?

Gu Dong Cheng laughed loudly: "Do you think it's my doing? Do you have an evidence? If you have, you should go to the police. If not I will sue for libel me? Haha…"

"Gu Dong Cheng, you are not a human.."

Gu Dong Cheng just hung up.

Su Ran tried to call him again, but it was unanswered.

Tang Zi Chu also followed Su Ran to search for him the whole day. He said to her: "How is it? What did he say?"

"Of course he wouldn't admit it…" Su Ran was pale, and shook her head. Gu Dong Cheng, what do you want to do? He already killed her daughter, will he also let Song Wei Xi to die?

"It's late, let's go home first…." Tang Zi Chu urged her.

Su Ran shook her head: "I want to look for him again."

Tang Zi Chu pulled her: "It's no use. Su Ran, if it's Gu Dong Cheng, it was pointless to search…"

Perhaps because Song Wei Xi was missing, Su Ran turned emotional: "Then what should I do? Should I ignore it? And let Gu Dong Cheng take Song Wei Xi away?"

"Calm down." Tang Zi Chu said: "I know your feeling but it's no use to be worried. Let's go home and find a way…."

Su Ran covered her face and took several deep breath. Tang Zi Chu was right, it's important to be calm.

Looking at how she started to calm down, Tang Zi Chu said: "let's go, I will send you home."

Su Ran nodded and followed him. She got on the car and he sent her back to Lin's house.

They discussed with Lin Cheng Huan. Lin Cheng Huan noticed that Su Ran was unfocus during their talk. He waved his hand: "Ran Ran."

Su Ran just regained herself, she lowered her head and controlled her emotion: "It's okay."

Lin Cheng Huan was worried: "If you are unwell then have a rest first. You shouldn't worry about Song Wei Xi. If Gu Dong Cheng took him, according to his temper, he wouldn't do anything bad. If it's a trafficker… don't worry, I will find someone to find him back. Just like that I will ask people to look at the CCTV…"

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