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Song Ting Yu was brazen, he felt indifferent, but she couldn't be like him…..

Today she wore line skirt, after placed her on the table, Song Ting Yu separated her legs and stood in the middle. He was close to her.

"What are you afraid of, without my approval, they wouldn't dare to come in." Song Ting Yu hugged her waist: "Couldn't you focus?"

Su Ran was speechless: "I am not that shameless as you."

Song Ting Yu laughed and pulled her clothes down……..

In the crucial moment, they heard a knock from outside. The time they hadn't responded, there was a "click" sound…. the door was opened.

Tang Zi Chu brought a thing inside: "Chief Song, here is a file that you need to sign…"

He walked inside with his head low. The time he raised his head and looked front. His brain was blanked, until Song Ting Yu said: "Go out!"

Tang Zi Chu just responded and immediately left the room. He closed the door quickly.

This lifetime he never been that miserable. When he left the room, he felt so embarrassed!

This should be Song Ting Yu's fault, he shouldn't be blame right?

How can he know that Su Ran was here, they both were doing that inside the room, this… how can this be…..

He also knocked the door before……

Tang Zi Chu knew that he will be in trouble. He just got his salary, supposedly it will be cut for next month…..

Although he didn't see anything clearly because Song Ting Yu was in front of Su Ran. Moreover that time his brain was not really working, he didn't see anything clearly….

But based on Song Ting Yu's temper, anyway he would be dead….

Inside the office room.

Su Ran was blushed heavily. She even pushed him away and tidied her clothes: "It's all your fault!" How can she face Tang Zi Chu without blushing in the future?!

"How can you blame me? I also don't know that he will come."

Su Ran used her high heels and glared at him: "Didn't you say that before your permission, no one will dare enough to get inside?"

Before Tang Zi Chu just knocked the door and got inside.

Luckily, they hadn't started yet. If it was in the midway, what should she do? She should just look for a hole and bury herself.

Song Ting Yu felt himself to be miserable, inside his heart, he thought he will definitely cut off Tang Zi Chu's salary! If not his anger couldn't be controlled.

"Don't be angry, I promise he will not get in again."

Su Ran looked at him: "You still want to continue? Dream on, hurry up eat."

After this, Su Ran didn't agree anymore. Song Ting Yu also didn't force her, if not she will not let him be close.

He took the take-away food to the sofa and placed it on the coffee table: "What did you buy?"

"There is no special menu at this time. I just went to the restaurant that we often go and buy some foods there. Look if you like it or not."

"I like it. I like everything that you buy.

Su Ran went over and passed a chopstick to him: "Hurry up eat it."

Song Ting Yu finally ate silently. Su Ran didn't left, she took out her phone and chatted with Tian Mi through WeChat.

Today originally they wanted to take Song Wei Xi to the dancing studio. Su Ran answered the call from Su house's butler and went home. She knew something had happened so she didn't take Song Wei Xi there. She informed Tian Mi and asked her to take Wei Xi there.

Su Ran asked her: "Did you bring Wei Xi to the study room? Just let him play on the side. In a while, I will pick him up."

This time Tian Mi was four month pregnant, she just did some administration in dancing studio.

No. I am in the dancing studio. But Wei Xi is not here."

"Where is he?"

"Cheng Huan came by today, he looked that Wei Xi is alone so he picked him up and took him to play….."

Su Ran didn't tell Tian Mi about Cheng Huan. Because the evidence is not sufficient.

"He picked Wei Xi up?" Su Ran sat up and called her.

Tian Mi was confused: "Yes, why?"

Su Ran also didn't explain more toward Tian Mi. After all she was indecisive, but she worried when she heard that Lin Cheng Huan was with Song Wei Xi.

Song Ting Yu knew something was wrong, he looked at her: "What is it?"

Su Ran didn't answer him, she just asked Tian Mi: "Where will he take him?"

Tian Mi said: "I also don't know. In the past Cheng Huan also often takes him out to play? Ran Ran, what makes you worry? What has happened?"


Su Ran shook her head: "I will talk to you later."

She hung up, and Song Ting Yu already stopped eating. He looked at her: "Lin Cheng Huan picked Wei Xi up?"

Su Ran nodded.

Now they were worried. They didn't know whether Lin Cheng Huan involved or not.

Song Ting Yu took her phone and looked for Lin Cheng Huan's number. He passed it to her: "Ask him where did he bring him too. Be calm."

Su Ran nodded and called. Yet she received a call from him.

She was startled then answered.

"Cheng Huan, you bring Wei Xi out? Where are you now? I want to take him out for dinner so…"

"Ran Ran, something is wrong with Wei Xi…"

Hearing this Su Ran was panic, her voice was shivering: "What happened?"

"I brought him to the playground. He fell down and bumped his head. Come to the hospital, quick…"

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