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"Ran Ran, he is your father!”

"Then?" Su Ran released her hand from Qiao Qing's grip: "Except giving me life, have he done something for me? He keeps on using me. He killed my daughter, how could I forgive him?"

"Ran Ran, I beg you…"

Qiao Qing almost knelt down, but Su Ran pulled her up: "No need to beg me. It's not that easy. I don't have this kind of father, I also don't have a mother like you…."

Su Ran said it then turned her body to leave the living room. She went outside the big door.

Qiao Qing yelled: "Ran Ran….!"

Song Ting Yu looked at Tang Zi Chu: "Take care all of this."

"Okay, Chief Song."

Song Ting Yu chased after her, he noticed Su Ran was not far away. She squatted down and cried.

She buried her whole face on the middle of her thigh. Her shoulder was shivering.

Song Ting Yu came over and made her stood up. He hugged her.

"No need to cry. I'm here." Song Ting Yu patted her back and said on her ear side: "It's not worthy to cry for those people."

He took out his handkerchief, it was the one that Su Ran embroidered. He wiped Su Ran's teary eyes. Then he took her to the car.

At first he wanted to leave Su house to let her calm down.

On the way, she was silent. Song Ting Yu looked at her: "Now we could conclude the involvement of Su Hao and Su Lai, as for Zhang An Nan…" He held her hand tightly: "It's possible that Su Lai and Su Hao said it in purpose…. we should see it by our own eyes"

He knew that Lin Cheng Huan's position in Su Ran's heart. He really wanted to know that these years would Su Ran regard Lin Cheng Huan wrongly?

Su Ran was silent, Song Ting Yu knew she agrees with him.

Su Hao and Su Lai already personally admitted their doing, there's no way for them to redeem themselves. But they were so doubtful about Lin Cheng Huan's involvement.

She hopes that God will not joke around with her that let all the people that she believes to betray her.

Song Ting Yu called Tang Zi Chu to handle everything. Then he took Su Ran out for lunch. "Let's go."

On the way, they were holding hands while Su Ran looked at the window.

Of course Song Ting Yu knew that Su Ran was nervous, she was afraid that she will really meet Zhang An Nan there.

These years, Zhang An Nan always be beside Ling Cheng Huan to help him, he was like Tang Zi Chu beside Song Ting Yu.

Song Ting Yu parked the car and took Su Ran inside the restaurant. According Su Hao, every time Zhang An Nan and Su Hao met, it would take place in this restaurant. Moreover it was this room. For fooling people, they would go separately.

Tang Zi Chu already asked to instal CCTV.

They went to take the elevator, then stopped in front of the door. They knocked the door, and the one that opened it was Tang Zi Chu.

"Chief Song, Mrs Song."

"How is it?"

"He isn't here. He will be soon. It should be three o'clock."

Song Ting Yu looked at his watch, it was just two fifty.

Su Ran also stood in front of the computer.

By two fifty five, in front of the hotel room appeared a man with black suit. It was not really clear from the CCTV.

After two minutes, there was a knocking sound from the room. Inside the room, there were Su Hao with two other men to prevent him to make any actions.

At this moment, Su Hao knew that he couldn't run away from this problem. He should correspond with all of their plans so that time perhaps he could let Su Ran to give him one more chance. He could see it completely, as long as Su Ran agrees to let him go, Song Ting Yu will also let him go.

Since little, Su Ran cares about Qiao Qing, so she kept on following his order.

After this matter done, he will go home again and let Qiao Qing to beg Su Ran again perhaps he could avoid this.

In the room, the two men arranged everything properly and hid in the restroom.

Su Hao opened the door.

In a moment, they could saw it was Zhang An Nan.

Su Ran's heart fell to the lowest point.

It was really Lin Cheng Huan's assistant….

Su Ran fell to the sofa. This moment her brain was rewinding her moment together with the Lin Cheng Huan when they were a little boy and girl.

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