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He pulled her zipper up, then pulled down her hair. Then he clutched her face and turned it over. He kissed her lips.

Su Ran knew about his unchangeable "bad habit" so she didn't push him away, she just let him kiss until he was satisfied then naturally he would let her to.

She pressed her numb lips: "Are you satisfied? Could we go now? Wei Xi is waiting for us."

Song Ting Yu shook his head: "I'm not."

"…….. Then what do you want?"

Song Ting Yu smiled dangerously: "Tonight I will tell you."

"You wish!" Su Ran glared at him, then started to tidy up her things.

"What does Lin Cheng Huan want?" Song Ting Yu brooded.

"Nothing. He is back. He said that in the past he was in a trouble situation so he doesn't know about my well-being…" Su Ran said then paused.

"What is it?"

Su Ran put the things inside her bag and stood up, she looked at Song Ting Yu: "It's their own family matter. Some of them are striving for power and position. He said that he almost lost his life…."

Song Ting Yu hugged Su Ran's shoulder and went out of the changing room, he suddenly said: "Lin Cheng Huan has another brother, right?"

Su Ran was surprised: "How do you know?"

This could be counted as Lin family's family scandal.

Lin Cheng Huan indeed has half-brother from his father. His father had an affair. Yet these years Lin's father kept on hiding it, he quietly placed his bastard kid inside the company.

Lin Cheng Huan's parent's love had been in break for several years, they just pretended to be loving couple in public. Though they are not divorced, but actually they stayed marry for public.

In fact they already possessed another love, none of them couldn't intervene each other private life. Before they lived separately, they already promised not to have another children for protect Lin Cheng Huans' position.

Yet Lin's father has a child. Moreover, he is just younger than Lin Cheng Huan by several years. 

Lin Cheng Huan just knew about this for several years. Lin Cheng Huan's mother is very powerful and competent woman. These years Lin company is really growing. So she is an influential figure in the company. Because of this Lin's father didn't dare to mess around with her.

In Lin's mother, the company should be for Lin Cheng Huan. But for Lin's father, he wanted his other child to also get a proportion of the company, as he also loves his other kid more. 

Even though everyone knows that Lin Cheng Huan should be the sole successor, yet a lot of people desired him to go down.

After they went out, Song Ting Yu bent his waist and carried Song Wei Xi.

He put Song Wei Xi on the backseat, Su Ran got on the passenger seat. She thought about what their discussion of Lin family.

Song Ting Yu got in the car then Su Ran looked at him, she joked: "Song Ting Yu, do you have another brother?"

Song Ting Yu placed his hand on the steering wheel, then turned his head to her. He raised his eyebrows: "If I still have another one, then I lose my position. Will you still stay by my side?"

Su Ran smiled and shook her head: "Don't you always think that for attaining my goal, I will ? Do you think I will stay by your side if I don't have anything?"

Song Ting Yu sighed grievingly: " Didn't I already admit my wrong?"

Su Ran patted his hand, then didn't joke again with him. She let him go: "Let's go."

Now it was a hot sunny day, going in the zoo would be so burning hot. Su Ran asked Song Ting Yu to stop the car on the side of the shop. She wanted to buy a hat for Song Wei Xi and an umbrella. She also bought several bottles of water.

Song Wei Xi was so excited. He was carried by Song Ting Yu, but he wanted to walk by himself: "Papa, I want to walk by myself."

"No, it's too crowded here. Wait later you could walk by yourself."

They then went to other part that was not really crowded, Song Wei Xi was impatient to go down from his embrace: "Papa, I want to go down."

Su Ran knew that Song Ting Yu was being considerate of Song Wei Xi's health, so he wanted ot carry him. But it wasn't really crowded now, she pulled Song Ting Yu's arm: "Let him down. It's okay. We could hold his hands."

Song Ting Yu nodded and placed him down. They both held his hands, then walked around.

"What do you want to see, Wei Xi?"

"Mama, I want to see elephants."

"Let's go." Su Ran looked at Song Ting Yu.

Song Ting Yu was afraid that Song Wei Xi couldn't see it, he carried him up so he could see it.

"Papa, look at that little elephant. He always follows his mother, he is so obedient…."

Song Wei Xi pointed at the little one.

Since little, he always be so excited when he looks at animal. 

After Song Wei Xi were satisfied, they went around to see monkeys, orangutan, tigers, giraffes, hippopotamus.

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