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Song Ming Xuan brought Chen Jing over quickly. When she saw Pei Qin was kneeling down on the ground, her face changed but it recovered quickly. Then she didn't look at Pei Qin again, she just sat down on the sofa.

She tried hard to pretend calm: "Ma, what are you looking for me for? Why is Ms Pei kneeling on the ground?"

Madame Song laughed coldly for a while: "Chen Jing a, Chen Jing, I finally know how could Bai Zhi Rui has that great acting skills, turns out she inherited it from you a? Until now you still keep pretending to be stupid! Chen Jing, I already said to you. If you have any wicked idea and didn't know how to behave, I wouldn't let tolerate you!"

Chen Jing immediately said: "Ma, I really don't know what are you talking about. Do you still think that Su Ran's premature labor is related to me? It's really unrelated me. After doing so many things, how could I do something reckless…."

Madame Song also couldn't control her anger anymore. She stood up and when everyone didn't have any response, she slapped Chen Jing so hard.

Chen Jing reacted and covered her face: "Ma…"

"Pei Qin, tell us what happened!"

Pei Qin immediately looked at Chen Jing and said: "Mrs Song, it's clearly your order to me to let Mrs Song eat that things. You said that you want to kill her kid, isn't it your words to me. Afterward I was thinking the kid inside Mrs. Song is needed to born to save little Masters, so I didn't completely follow your order. So Mrs Song's kid would only premature one. If not, the kid would only be a fetus dies in the womb. Then that time little master also would…"

"Chen Jing, you really a ruthless woman!" Madame Song once more slapped her again for few times: "You even could harm a little kid!"

"Ma, you believe her side story? Does she have any evidence? She doesn't have any how could she accuse me!" This moment Chen Jing still insisted on her innocence.

"Mrs. Song, I know you are that kind of person, so from the start I already prepared…" Pei Qin took out her phone from her pocket, and played a recording. It was her conversation with Chen Jing.

After the recording ended, Pei Qin put the phone in front of Song Ting Yu: "This is the previous chat between me and Mrs Song. I secretly recorded it. At first I wanted to use this to ensure the safety of my kid. Now it finally be handy…" She said, then continued: "This period of time I mixed a kind of my own medicine. This medicine if consumed for a long time would make her body to produce an anti-body. This anti-body would stop the development of the embryo…"

So it turned to be like that. Su Ran already consumed this medicine for a long time. It just Pei Qin just gave her small dose so it was undetected during the pregnancy check up. The time Pei Qin started to act, the baby inside Su Ran's womb already formed so she didn't die but just be premature baby…

Because of the recording so Chen Jing once again couldn't refuse to admit. This moment her face was pale. She laughed coldly and looked at everyone: "Could you blame me? It's you guys that always wrong me. Wrong Zhi Rui. The first one is letting Song Ming Xuan married me, yet he keeps on being cold toward me. He never willing to care about me, and you…" Chen Jing pointed at Madame Song and said: "These years, have you ever regarded me as your daughter-in-law? You all never regard me as a person! Song Ting Yu, I ask my self and find that I am good toward you, yet you kept on again and again let down my daughter! The night she met a mishap, she called you, but why didn't you help her? If you appeared in time, how could she be in that condition? Would she being abused and insulted by Chief Hua! It's just because of you. She has to compromise and be by Chief Hua's side. She suffered enough from his bully and humiliation. Don't you all most cared about Song Wei Xi? Su Ran hasn't had the kid, I want to see would Song Wei Xi survive, the time you guys have another child. It's a pity. Originally I want that child died, but unexpectedly she is born! I just want it to be fair. Give some retribution for Zhi Rui. You guys owe her, I want to let you guys repay it double! Haha…"

"Chen Jing, I want to kill you!" An extremely cold voice. Song Ting Yu was very quick, he kicked Chen Jing's lower abdomen.

This time, the study's door was opened. Butler Wang was nervous and got inside: "Madame Song, Old Master, Master, something bad happened. There is something happen in the hospital. Ms Tian called and asked you immediately to get back to the hospital. The kid…"

The time Song Ting Yu and all of them rushed to the hospital, Su Ran, Tian Mi, and Qiao Qing were standing in front of the operation room.

Su Ran was still wearing the patient's clothes. She was so skinny.

This time her attention was placed on the operation room door. She even didn't sense their arrival.

"Su Ran, let's sit down here first." Song Ting Yu embraced her, and said to her.

"No need." Su Ran already didn't have a good rest. Her eyes were red. These days everyday she used her time to go and look for her kid. But the little girl was still small and didn't have a healthy face. The little girl kept on laying down inside the incubator, and unmoving.

She really wanted to hug her, but the little girl couldn't leave the incubator. So she just looked from the glass.

The time she returned from the baby room, a nurse came over to tell her. There was something bad happened to the baby, she needed a surgery.

Su Ran ran over. Tian Mi was responsible to call Song family.

"Just let her be." Madame Song waved her hand. She knew how would Su Ran felt. How could she wait calmly in this situation?!"

The operation was in long time, they waited outside for a long time.

They were standing there for several hours, from the clear sky to the night sky.

After a long time, the door finally opened. The doctor came out and lowered his mask. He looked at them with grieved expression. He said: "I'm sorry…"

This moment everyone understood what is it meant, but they couldn't believe it.

Especially Su Ran, she felt she heard it wrong. The doctor definitely didn't say that. It's just because she hadn't have a good sleep so her ear heard incorrectly.

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