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"Okay, but you need to pay more attention to him. If something happens you should immediately contact. Don't you delay anymore."

"Em." Song Ting Yu finished the conversation then called the doctor.

The doctor gave a detailed examination for Su Ran then looked at Song Ting Yu: "Supposedly she was too tired recently. Let her to rest for a while. If something is wrong with her when she wakes up, immediately go to the hospital.

Su Ran was sleeping and it's also at home, so the doctor couldn't give really detail examination, he could only depend on simple examination such as feeling the pulse.

The doctor said it that way.

Su Ran woke up in the afternoon, but her face was getting even paler. She opened her eyes and stroked her belly: "Song Ting Yu, my stomach is hurt…."

In the past she never felt that way, although she was unwell, but she didn't feel that intense hurt. 

But now she was really hurt that she couldn't continue her sleep.

Song Ting Yu tore open the blanket. He and Su Ran was surprised to see the light blood…

Song Ting Yu was so busy and carried Su Ran to go upstair.

Su Ran was in pain that she trembled: "Song Ting Yu, how could this be… how could this be…"

"Butler Wang, hurry up call the driver to prepare the car!" Song Ting Yu yelled.

Hearing Su Ran's words, Song Ting Yu couldn't help but to feel heartache. He kissed her forehead: "It will be okay, it will be okay…."

"But this is really hard, she just seven months old. I am afraid some bad thing would happen. Ting Yu, I am really afraid…"

"Ssst, don't you say anything more." Song Ting Yu carried her to the car. He kept on kissing her forehead and said: "It would be okay, I guarantee, okay? Sleep for a while, I will not something bad happen to you and our kid…."

Su Ran used her hand to haul his hand, she said weakly: "No, Ting Yu, hear me out. I feel she is coming out. I really feel she is coming out. No matter how, you need to tell the doctor to let them save this kid's umbilical cord…"

"I will." Song Ting Yu hugged her tightly: "Don't say anything…."

The driver took them to the hospital. It was a rush hours, in the road no matter people or car, it was a lot of them.

Song Ting Yu couldn't wait any longer: "If you see the red light, no need to stop just drive straight out!"

"Yes, mister…." The driver didn't dare to waste any time. Although he didn't turn his head, he knew that Su Ran in serious condition.

Su Ran didn't say anything more, she just stayed silent and supposedly wanted to save her energy.

Butler Wang contacted Madame Song, now everyone was in their way to the hospital.

This moment Song Ting Yu's phone rang, it was Madame Song: "Ting Yu, how is Ran Ran?"

"She is in my embrace." Song Ting Yu didn't know how should he tell her.

"Is the kid coming out now?" Madame Song was in worry. Before she heard that Butler Wang said that Su Ran was in trouble, and she was taken to the hospital but he didn't say anything specific.


"She is just seven months, how could it be…." Madame Song's voice in worry.

"Grandma, let's talk in the hospital…"

Now Song Ting Yu didn't have any heart to talk anything else, he just wanted to focus on Su Ran. She was in pain, and he felt so sorry for her!

The driver used the most fastest speed to take them to the hospital. Before they arrived, Song Ting Yu had called the hospital to tell them, the gynecology department, to be ready. 

The time Su Ran arrived at the hospital, she was sent to the operation room. Song Ting Yu followed them, until they reached the entrance of the operation room, he was stopped: "Mr Song, you couldn't get in."

Song Ting Yu nodded, and said: "Please help her. Sorry to trouble you"

"Mr Song, too polite." The doctor said that and closed the door.

He was on the front of the door and walked around. He couldn't sit down, his heart was worried.

On both hands was still full of mixed blood and water. Song Ting Yu knew it should be the amniotic fluid. It was broken already, the kid should be born soon.

It seemed the kid inside her was really premature one.

Madame Song, Song Ming Xuan, and Chen Jing and even Tian Mi and Gu Dong Cheng also rushed to the hospital from the engagement site.

"How is Ran Ran? What did the doctor say?"

Song Ting Yu just pursed up his lips, but he didn't shift his gaze from the door: "She just brought into the surgery room."

Madame Song sighed: "How could this happen so sudden…."

No one talked, all of them were worried and looked at the operation door.

The door was opened and the doctor in-charged came out. Everyone came forward: "Doctor, how is it?"

"It's premature birth. The situation now is quite thorny. So I should tell you clearly…" The doctor looked at all of them and said: "If it's too dangerous, should we save the kid or the mother?"

The doctor hadn't finished his words, Madame Song collapsed, she almost fell down to the floor. Luckily, Song Ming Xuan was fast and supported her.

"How could this be…" It was Tian Mi, she couldn't believe this was happening. Su Ran was okay yesterday, how could this be?

"Don't you guys be too worried. It's just in case. We would put our utmost effort to protect and take care of the child and the patient, understand?"

"Save the mother."

Song Ting Yu said it.

They could have another kid, but there would be only one Su Ran.

"Doctor, sorry to trouble you. You need to extent your greatest to protect my granddaughter-in-law and the kid inside her. Oh right, you need to save her umbilical kid, to save her brother…" Madame Song said grievingly.

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