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In front of the computer, Bai Zhi Rui shut the computer and heard someone was going upstairs. She looked at the front door, it was Ms Chen.

She had her keys.

Ms Chen got inside hurriedly, and Bai Zhi Rui looked at her, she smiled: "Ms Chen, what happened? Why are you so rush?"

"Did you see the news before?"

"Which one?" Bai Zhi Rui looked indifferent: "Recently there is too much news.:

Ms Chen immediately said: "The news about Chief Hua…."

"O~" Bai Zhi Rui still looked really calm: "You mean his news with that model?"

"Yes, that model is having an accident. This recently Chief Hua had been together with her. He definitely got that disease, what about you? Let's do check up tomorrow…"

Bai Zhi Rui laid down on the chair: "It would be too long to know about it."

"Then what to do?" Ms Chen's face was really pale.

"Don't worry. I am okay." Bai Zhi Rui patted her shoulder: "Since that old man be together with that little model, I never did it with him."

Ms Chen asked again: "How could it be?"

Bai Zhi Rui took a cigarette out and smoked it. She smiled brightly: "I said that one day I would let that old man experience the taste of nor living nor death."

Ms Chen finally understood: "Then it was you who arranged that model be by his side? You knew that model has HIV?"

Ms Chen muttered to herself for a while: "Nof No, how could you have way to let a young model willing to do it?"

She looked at Bai Zhi Rui: "Zhi Rui, what was happening? Who helped you? Is it Song Ting Yu? You are together with him again?"

No wonder this recent time Ms Chen felt something strange. Although Bai Zhi Rui was together with Chief Hua, and got several jobs however, the donation for flood victim was not his idea. Her movie was released quicker was also not from his intervention.

That time she didn't think too much of it, she felt that it was help from Chief Hua. After all, he is the tycoon in entertainment circle.

But these several problems and today's news, Ms Chen felt it was not that easy.

Bai Zhi Rui wouldn't have that kind of power, so she could only being backed up by other people.

Bai Zhi Rui spitted out some of smoke, and raised her eyebrows: "No need to care about these matters. In anyway who asked that old man to be lecherous, he couldn't shift his attention from that young model…"

Ms Chen was worried: "Don't you afraid that he would kow it?"

"He couldn't check it. It was him who likes her, no one forced him right? It wasn't me who brought the model to his side. How could he connect it to me? Moreover, how could he have heart to check it now? Now inside his brain should be full of worries of his future life? It's a pity. For this illness, it would be hard to heal. I dare to guarantee after this matter, every time he sees a woman, he would want to make a detour. Haha…. wouldn't he love women? Perhaps he never thinks that he would be defeated by a woman?"

Looking at how certain Bai Zhi Rui was, Ms Chen concluded that Bai Zhi Rui had this matter under her control.

After several days, Chief Hua's health examination was published. Like everyone had speculated, he also got the virus.

Because he caught up during the drug party and also his health check-up showed that he got the virus, he was locked up in the house of detention.

All the netizens said that if Chief Hua wasn't inside the house of detention, supposedly he would take the knife and kill that model.

Su Ran came out from the restroom, and looked at Tian Mi, who was skimming through her WeiBo. She came over to take a look: "What is trending now?"

Tian Mi likes to see entertainment gossips, so every day she was continuously paid attention to Chief Hua's breaking news. 

Tian Mi loves to see the netizens' comments and critics.

Every time she saw it, she always laughed loudly.

"It is about the health check-up result of Chief Hua, they all commented supposedly he didn't expect that he would be fell down because of women as he really likes women…." Tian Mi said it then passed the phone to Su Ran to see it.

Su Ran looked at it, and used her hands to poke at Tian Mi's forehead: "Don't you read this gossips. Tomorrow you would have engagement. How could I see there is no nervousness in you. You still have heart to see this news."

"It's because I am nervous so I need something to shift my attention." Tian Mi placed down her phone and laid down on the sofa: "Ran Ran, tell me how could I agree to engage to him? Actually I still feel a bit uneasy about it, I don't know whether he is sincere toward me or not…."

Two or three months before, because of the cold war from that piece of photo, she set her mind that Gu Dong Cheng be together with her because he saw her as the substitute for the old girlfriend. That time she decided to break up with him, but then every day Gu Dong Cheng would come to look for her. That time she still persisted on her mind, she wouldn't meet him. But one night the shameless Gu Dong Cheng used the "self-injury trick". He said if he didn't meet her, he wouldn't go back. That time it was raining heavily, Tian Mi kept on looking at the window. He didn't leave, and Tian Mi was soft-hearted.

Then the time Tian Mi talked to Su Ran about this matter, Su Ran said that this "self-injury" trick should be taught by Song Ting Yu, because it was the same trick he used to so Su Ran!

"Now you are regretting it. It's too late. Tomorrow it would be your official engagement. Your Pa Ma would come here. You dare to lie and disappoint them? I want to see what would they do to you?" Su Ran laughed.

Tian Mi nodded: "I think they would definitely eat me." She wasn't even doubt for a second.

"When would they arrive?"

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