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Song Ting Yu loves this kind of scene, it was warm and beautiful.

Song Wei Xi seemed to a bit sleepy, he kept on rubbing his eyes.

Su Ran let him to lean on her shoulder, seemed she wanted to carry him back to the room to sleep.

Looking at her response, he hurriedly died out his cigarette, and opened the French window to go outside. That time Su Ran hadn't carried Song Wei Xi, he just carried that little boy for her and said: "Let me do it."

With Su Ran's condition now, how could she carry Song Wei Xi up?

What if something bad happen to her?

He was worried for her.

Although Su Ran passed Song Wei Xi to Song Ting Yu, but she still followed them to Song Wei Xi's room. He placed him on the bed and she helped to take off Song Wei Xi's shoes and covered him with the blanket. She also turned off the light and just left a dim night sleep for him, then they left his room.

Song Ting Yu hugged her shoulder and walked back: "Okay, we should go to sleep now."

Su Ran raised her head and looked at him: "Did you call Bai Zhi Rui before, what did she say? How could she had that photo?"

"Someone gave it to her."

"Who was it?" At that time although Su Ran was asleep, but Tian Mi had ever told her about those moment. 

Who would it be?

They returned to their room. Song Ting Yu closed the door by kicked it with his legs. Then suddenly he hugged her and placed her on the bed. He used his tip of nose to rub her tip of nose: "Don't you think anymore about it, I would handle this matter, don't you worry too much."

Su Ran of course wouldn't care too much about this, but she just a bit curious, what would Bai Zhi Rui do again.

Noticing that she didn't talk, Song Ting Yu seemed to be dissatisfied. He lowered his head and bit her collar bone lightly. She screamed in surprised, and used her hand to rub it. She glared at him: "What are you doing…"

The time she said it, she immediately regretted it. She hurriedly covered his mouth to prevent him to speak.

Every time she said those words, this man would use his words to defeat her and make her to be speechless.

Song Ting Yu laughed lowly, and pushed away her hands. His long fingers lingered on her lips and went lower to her delicate chin and exquisite collar bone. Then his one hand undid her botton.

He undid it one by one, and opened it slowly. He seemed to be so patient.

Su Ran's face turned to be redder and redder. The time he tried to undo her third buttons, she clutched his hand: "I want to sleep."

"I don't have any intention to not let you sleep."

Song Ting Yu answered it like it was a reasonable answer. He even laid down her body flat on the bed, and his hand explored the inside of her body.

Su Ran really wanted to kick him off the bed, how should she deal with this man.

Then he raised his head: "Isn't it grow bigger?"

Su Ran's face was red as the red of blood. She used her foot to kick his ankle: "Song Ting Yu, move away."

Song Ting Yu thought about it seriously for a long time, then finally he nodded. His both hands was placed in front of her eyes, and gestured: "In the past, it was this big. Now these are these big, indeed it is bigger now…"

"Being pregnant would make it bigger…" Su Ran's both hands were finally free, she pulled her pajamas back.

Upon seeing this, he stopped her: "What are you doing by pulling this? I haven't started!"

"…." Su Ran caught a pillow and pounded to his body: "Song Ting Yu, you are too shameless, you are vulgar. You don't want your dignity…"

She expressed all the words and expression about him that she could think off. Then she just noticed it was not enough.

Song Ting Yu didn't dodge away, he also didn't clutch her hand: "I just be shameless to you, I just willingly to lose my face for you…" He said it, he moved his face closed to him, then smiled: "This is the privilege that solely belong to you, are you happy? Are you proud of yourself?"

Su Ran used the pillow to hit him. He didn't respond, yet she just panted with rage and felt tired. She just laid down and didn't mind him anymore, she even didn't respond to him.

Song Ting Yu propped up his body beside her: "You want to sleep? Then let me start."

His voice seemed to sound to be very excited, like he see something exciting. Su Ran used her both hands to cover her eyes: "Song Ting Yu, I want to sleep."

"Then you just sleep, there would be no one to stop you. I wouldn't need you to move, you couls just lay down and enjoy…" He said it, then leaned his head over. He kissed her blushing face: "I could…"

He hadn't say it, and Su Ran already glared at him: "Couldn't!"

Song Ting Yu was depressed: "How do you know what I'm about to say?" 

"You only have that kind of thinking toward me." Except those thing, there is nothing else in his brain. She knew it. 

"Do I seem to be that little minded person? Couldn't I think more of more wife?"

"Couldn't you regard me as man for these several months? Man!" Su Ran was angry that her face turned red.

Song Ting Yu examined her and crossed his both hands: "I never see a man with boobs!"

"Go away!" Su Ran covered her face: "In the future, you couldn't touch me! You couldn't touch me anywhere!"

Song Ting Yu said: "Su Ran, don't be to over!"

These four months, since they knew her pregnancy, he spend a day with a feeling of spending a year.

It was outside of his expectation that he could pass this moment of torture.

He controlled his anger, then kissed her earlobe: "Just a moment…"


Su Ran seemed to be persistent in it. 

Song Ting Yu didn't care too much. He planned to take off her pants so she couldn't have any choice.

Su Ran was surprised of his action. She immediately pulled her pants back and glared at him: "Song Ting Yu, try if you dare to act like that again. Tomorrow I would move and sleep at the guest room."

In a flash Song Ting Yu turned stif, then he didn't dare to do anything more.

He is most afraid that Su Ran would do that.

Su Ran used the thin silk to cover her body and it was until she felt safe that she stopped.

Song Ting Yu was full of resentment when he lied down on the bed, he glared at the ceiling then said: "Su Ran, speak honestly what is my position in your heart?"

Su Ran turned her head and looked at his handsome face, she hesitated for a while: "You really want me to say it?"

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