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This Woman, don't you have a dignity (1)

"No, don't mention it….." Xi He waved her hands busily, also very awkward. She was thinking about something then pointed at the woman beside her: "This is Wei Lan, Jing Chen's Mama.

"Ms Wei, hello." Su Ran greeted.

Wei Lan looked as if she was lost in her thought, her face was a bit weird. She replied hurriedly. Then she immediately went over to Lu Jing Chen's front and said: "Jing Chen, let's go."

Su Ran was startled for a while: "Why are you in rush? At first I still want to eat together with you guys."

"Thank you, but no need."

Wei Lan pulled Lu Jing Chen then left, Xi He also felt a bit weird. She said to Su Ran: "Wei Lan is my college mate. This moment she came to visit me. Maybe she had some urgent matters to do, later on if you are free, let's have lunch together."

Su Ran took them to the doorway, then held Song Wei Xi to go back to the room. When they came back, Su Ran noticed Song Ting Yu was lowering his head; he was thinking about something deeply.

"What happened?"

Song Ting Yu raised his head: "What is the name of the woman before?"

"Xi He?"

"No, I've ever met Xi He the time Wei Xi's accident. Except Xi He, who is the other girl?"

"Wei Lan?" Su Ran was a bit puzzled: "Why?"

"Right, it's family name Wei."


Song Ting Yu just looked at her: "Do you know Wei family from Nan Cheng?"

"I know. But they are no news about them, the company is gone. They declared to be bankrupt…" She suddenly understood it: "Wei Lan is from that Wei family?"

"She is the only daughter."

Song Ting Yu narrowed his eyes, he didn't really care whether it was his self-talk or he was talking to her: "No wonder no matter how people look for them, they couldn't find her. It turns out she is hiding here…"

Su Ran was getting more and more puzzled. She looked at Song Ting Yu, he took out his phone and dialed a number. He said something, then smiled: "I'm not seeing wrong. I saw her, do you forget? Moreover beside her, it is a four to five years old little guy, it is your son right?"

"I already give you the clue. If you could find your woman, as a reward, will you let go the land at the coastal for me?"

The people on the pot seemed to be very happy, immediately he agreed. This moment Song Ting Yu smiled so bright.

He hung up the phone, and noticed Su Ran's confused face.

"Who did you call? Wei Lan and son are?"

Song Ting Yu raised his head to look at the IV, it was almost done. He pulled the needle out.

Su Ran watched his action, and startled: "Don't you afraid to be injected?" How could he pulled it out bravely? He didn't need nurse to do it, and just do it by himself!"

"It was a trick of injuring oneself to gain the enemy's confidence, do you know?" Song Ting Yu used his hand to poke her forehead, and smiled.

Su Ran frowned: "Song Ting Yu, you are too shameless!"

For those things, he even could think of this way.

Song Wei Xi who was on his side asked: "Papa, what is it mean?"

Song Ting Yu hugged him: "Next time, I will teach you. This trick is too useful for women. Later on you could it on Xi Nuo Nuo, I guarantee that it will be….."

"Song Ting Yu…." Su Ran was at the end of her patience, this man was really beyond reasonable limits.

Song Ting Yu carried Song Wei Xi in one hand, and he held Su Ran's hand on the other one, then exit the sickroom. After a while, he placed it on her shoulder: "Before I didn't say it to you, Lu Jing Chen is kid of Lu family from Nan Cheng."

Su Ran thought it for a while: "He is Lu Yu Qian's son?"


Although Su Ran was not too understand the business matter, also didn't too care about it, but regarding the big family clan she is quite understand it.

"Then how did Wei Lan bring Lu Jing Chen here?"

"No need to discuss about them, in any way, very quickly Lu Yu Qian would find them here. Now think about what will we have for dinner?"

At night, the time Su Ran went out from Wei Xi's room. She went downstairs to pour some warm water. Then she went upstairs, and backed to her room. She passed the water to Song Ting Yu: "Take the medicine."

Song Ting Yu took the glass and eat it. Then he laid down on the bed, and used his hand to support his head. he looked at Su Ran: "You can start now."

Su Ran was startled, she almost forgot the thing this afternoon.

She coughed for a while, then pretended to not understand his words: "I want to go take a bath."

"Su Ran, you should keep your words."

"I really want to take a shower." Su Ran didn't wait for his response, she just ran swiftly to the bathroom. She worried that he would enter the bathroom, so she locked the door as soon she entered it.

Song Ting Yu stood outside the door, he was a bit mad. He used his legs to kick the door. He said: "Su Ran, if I endured this several months, you will see how will I play with you later! That tie don't you ask for mercy, I wouldn't!"

He said it, then went back to the bed. 

Before he was thinking of her, so he especially took a shower. As a result, she just did something like this to him!

He pulled the blanket to cover his face, he couldn't sleep.

After a moment, he heard someone was calling his name.

"Song Ting Yu, Song Ting Yu…"

He heard it, it was Su Ran's voice.

"What?" He responded in bad mood, didn't want to turn his body.

"… You come in…."

"I will not."

"Hurry up get in…." Su Ran called again.

"The man said that he wouldn't get in, it means he wouldn't!"

"Okay, don't you regret it."

Su Ran said it cooly, in a flash, Song Ting Yu understood her. He immediately stood up and hurriedly went to the bathroom.

Su Ran was about to lock the door, she was pressed by his body.

Su Ran looked at him, and smiled: "Don't you said the man don't want to come in?"

"…." Song Ting Yu stroked Su Ran's long hair: "Before I said something in my dream, you could hear it?"

Su Ran knew clearly it was not his dream's words.

"Don't mind this, it is not important." Song Ting Yu looked at her: "You call me inside, do you…."

Actually Su Ran hadn't take the bath, so she was still wearing the same outfit.

This moment she didn't know how should she act, she clutched her hands tightly: "Song Ting Yu, I couldn't, I've never try it…."

"Nonsense, of course you never tried it. I never enjoy this service from you. If you ever did it, I will kill that man." Song Ting Yu said it fiercely.

Su Ran really felt a bit nervous. She thought it over and over again: "If not give me time to prepare?"

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