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Chapter 97 – Supermarket Spokesperson Selection

The deities within the group already started to chatter immediately after the chat group had been created.

Monkey King: Who dragged Old Sun into this group??

Erlang Shen: Damned monkey, why are you here?

Canopy Marshal: Monkey bro!

Monkey King: Idiot, why did you come as well?

Third Prince Nezha: Why are you guys here?

Old Lord Taishang: Can you guys pay attention in the conference? Do you want the annual bonus?

Yue Lao: What’s going on?

Ye Zichen became truly speechless when he saw these deities chat.

Were they really in a conference?

Both the Monkey King and Erlang Shen started arguing immediately after seeing each other, as usual. Although the Third Prince Nezha wanted to convince them to stop, when he saw that he couldn’t interrupt, he gave up on that idea.

Meanwhile, Old Lord Taishang and Yue Lao directly treated it as a private chatroom and started discussing who is most likely to get the annual prize at the conference this year.

But it was good, at least the people he dragged in were all alive.

Ye Zichen changed the name of the chat group to “Supermarket Spokesperson Selection”, then sent a message to the group.

“Cough, cough, everybody stop for a moment.”

Everyone in the group instantly stopped the moment Ye Zichen spoke.

But it heated up again after a brief period of calm.

Erlang Shen: Bro, why are you here?

Monkey King: You dragged Old Sun in?

Canopy Marshal: Great deity.

Third Prince Nezha: Celestial Sovereign.

Old Lord Taishang: It’s actually celestial friend.

Yue Lao: What did celestial friend gathered us for?

Could they not see who invited them into the group? Why were they so shocked?

Ye Zichen suppressed the retorts in his heart and said, “I have something to discuss with you guys.”

Ye Zichen could definitely not let go of the business opportunity he had found in the Heavenly Court. There were so many treasures that were waiting to be bought.

He must start his business in the Heavenly Court.

But that would require an opportunity to sell it.

What were sales reliant on now?

The celebrity effect!

Basically, he needed a spokesperson.

If Ye Zichen wasn’t wrong about it, then the six of them in his group had absolute authority in the Heavenly Court.

Especially the Canopy Marshal.

He was definitely number one in the Heavenly Court when it came to food.

Thus, Ye Zichen decided to…

Turn them all into his…


Ye Zichen thought for a while as he saw the deities in the group speak up, then finally sent a message.

“Everyone should know the situation of this sovereign at a secret location. You should also know that I have some treasures here.”

Canopy Marshal: I know, I know

Yue Lao: Celestial friend’s cigarettes are amazing.

Old Lord Taishang: I know.

Third Prince Nezha: Nutri-express is so delicious.

Monkey King: Those are great treasures.

Erlang Shen: The book that bro sent over is really great too.

All of them have had a taste of what Ye Zichen had to offer, and he could tell that his treasures were pretty well received by these deities.

“This sky sovereign wants to start selling these treasures in the Heavenly Court. I wonder if you are all willing to aid this sovereign?”

Since Ye Zichen were worried that they were unwilling, he added.

“It’s not for free. You’ll get compensation out of it.”


The group instantly exploded with the Canopy Marshal in the lead, who pestered Ye Zichen about what could they get.

On the other hand, Yue Lao and Old Lord Taishang were far more calm as they asked, “What do we need us to do?”

It’s simple, you guys only need to advertise this sovereign’s products in your circle of friends. I will create a chat group later on. When that happens, as long as people in your circle of friends are interested in this sovereign’s treasures, then you can add them into the group.”

“Each deity you invite grants you a shopping card with two thousand cultivation experience, at the same time, you will also be able to get a discount when you buy things from this sovereign. The more deities you invite into the group, the higher your discount will be.”

Everyone in the group turned silent the moment Ye Zichen sent the message.

Ye Zichen stared at the chat group nervously. He’ll be screwed if he doesn’t succeed when he took the initiative like this.

If he failed here, then it would be rather troublesome to sell to the Heavenly Court in the future.

On the other hand, if he succeeded, then the profits he gained would definitely be far better than him slowly advertising himself.

Monkey King: You’re too terrible, you want Old Sun to pay? Old Sun doesn’t get a salary from the Heavenly Court, nor am I as rich as the God of Fortune.

Erlang: Bro, you should know I’m terribly poor.

Third Prince Nezha: My pocket money is all with my dad.

Canopy General: Celestial Sovereign, I don’t think it would work that well. The people in the Heavenly Court aren’t particularly rich.

Ye Zichen immediately slapped himself after seeing their reply.

He was too concentrated on brainwashing them that he actually forgot to tell them the transaction method. From the looks of it, they probably subconsciously thought that they needed to pay with money from the Heavenly Court…

“This sovereign’s items don’t require the Heavenly Court’s money, they require cultivation experience. At the same time, item exchanges are possible as well.”

Monkey King: Cultivation experience. What do you want such a useless thing for?

Erlang Shen: Bro, could it be that you’re about to breakthrough, so you need more cultivation experience to do so?


Was cultivation experience not important in the Heavenly Court? From their tons, it seemed like cultivation experience was like cabbage, and they had however much that he wanted. Yue Lao had said that cultivation experience was very important, when he just entered the group, the God of Thunder managed to get a thousand-cultivation experience and invoked envy among people.

What Ye Zichen did not know was that the Heavenly Court had been established for a long time…

Cultivation experience was way too common for these deities.

But that’s good that they didn’t need it.

Ye Zichen did.

“This sovereign does need cultivation to breakthrough, I wonder if my celestial friends could give this sovereign a hand.”

Erlang Sheng: Since bro is in trouble, then I’ll naturally help.

Third Prince Nezha: Sure, dad taught me to find joy in people since a young age.

Canopy Marshal: This little deity would definitely aid with all his might since the great deity has asked.

Yue Lao: No problem.

Old Lord Taishang: Okay.

Monkey King: Then shouldn’t you show some good will first!

The first few deities were rather just, but when it came to the Monkey King…

Show some good will!

He only knew how to get benefits.

But no matter, he naturally needed to give them products in order to be his spokespeople and advertise his products in their circle of friends.

Didn’t Coca Cola give out free coke when it first started?

Wool comes from sheep, just like cultivation experience from the deities. By giving them some benefits, Ye Zichen had no fear of them not buying things from him in the future.

“That’s for sure. Celestial friends, you should still be in the conference, continue with that for now. I’ll send you all treasures when it is finished. I’ll be troubling my celestial friends then.”

“Sure sure.”

Ye Zichen closed the chat group and called Su Yiyun as the deities replied.

He must get the supermarket set up quickly. Time waits for no man, deity or not. Ye Zichen did want those deities to advertise his products a bit when the conference ended.

Ye Zichen simply hurried Su Yiyun a bit, then hung up.

At that moment, his mood could be described in only one word.

Which was…


He was a bit excited just as he thought about the deities coming to buy stuff from him, and letting him earn cultivation experience at a crazy rate.

What that happens, who cares if it was the Fiery Eyes of Truth or Body Freezing Technique…

What was one book or two books in the face of his plan?

He would buy all of them.

Don’t ask why. When he has a lot of cultivation experience, he could spend it to his liking.

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