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Chapter 462 – News Leakage

One should never catch a woman’s curiosity. Originally Lil’ Yu had a rather big issue with Ye Zichen, but ever since he piqued her curiosity…

Ye Zichen was unable to find any peace during their entire journey back.

When they finally made it back to the village, they saw Xue Lan, who held the flowers she had picked, welcoming them back at the village entrance.

“Lil’ Yu-jiejie,” Xue Lan ran over, then gave Lil’ Yu the batch of flowers.

“Oh, who is he? Why haven’t I seen him before?”

Xue Lan tiled her head and looked at Ye Zichen, who’s face was as dark as coal. She walked over and twitched her nose, “Are you Big Brother Zichen?”

“You noticed,” Ye Zichen scratched his head, then smiled coyly.

Hearing that, Xue Lan immediately turn around, then ran back towards the village, and shouted out, “Wait for me, I’m going to get a towel for you to wipe your face.”

“She’s been very sensitive to smells since she was young…” Lil’ Yu explained on the side with a smile.

Ye Zichen looked at her in confusion.

Is this woman smiling? F*ck, I don’t think we have that great of an relationship, right? Did our relationship improve just like that?

However, the mention of recognizing people by their scent made Ye Zichen think of Lu Lu.

I haven’t seen her in so long. If there’s no surprise, then she should be in the Three Realms, right? I wonder if we’ll be able to meet.

Approximately a few minutes later, Xue Lan ran over with a giggle, as she held a water basin and a towel in her hands, while Xue Qi followed along behind her.

Ye Zichen immediately received the water basin, and used the water to wash his face, while Xue Lan laughed idiotically at him.

“You’re back. How was your harvest?” Xue Qi smiled.

Lil’ Yu immediately squinted her eyes, then looked at the surrounding villagers, “Everybody, go back. Let’s calculate everybody’s harvest later. I have some things I have to discuss with the village chief and vice village chief.”

All of the men who went to go mine nodded and left.

Xue Lan blinked, “Do I have to leave as well?”

“Mm, go. Ye Zichen, you stay.”

Ye Zichen, who was about to leave with the other villagers stopped in his tracks, while Xue Lan giggled, then took the towel and water basin away.

When she finally left, Xue Qi knitted his eyebrows, “What is it?”

“This isn’t the place to speak. Let’s find a safer location!”

Inside the Spiritual Breeze Village’s ancestral hall, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile wryly when he saw that the deity they worshipped was actually his dumb brother Yang Jian.

Within the hall, Xue Qi knitted his eyebrows tightly together as he looked at the black crystal, which had already been cut into standard sizes.

“Black crystal… How could the lode have an ore of this quality? Were they standard sizes when they were mined out?”

“Stop dreaming, alright? Would you believe it if I told you that they were standard sizes when mined?” Lil’ Yu rolled her eyes speechlessly, then glanced meaningfully towards Ye Zichen. “You’ll have to ask him.”

The other people in the ancestral hall immediately set their gazes upon Ye Zichen. Seeing that…

“Don’t look at me. I don’t know how it ended up like this either.”

The black crystal, which were scattered pieces when he scanned them into his phone, had automatically turned out like that after they were put into his Treasure Chest…

At that moment, his phone showed Black Crystal x174.3.

God knows where the 0.3 came from.

“Never mind, that’s not the main point. The main issue is the lockdown of information,” Lil’ Yu changed the topic. “There were a lot of people there during the harvest, I’m worried…”

“Impossible, none of our villagers would leak the news,” Xue Qi directly interrupted Lil’ Yu.

“Xue Qi, you always think that it is natural,” Lil’ Yu sighed. “Why do you believe the villagers won’t be bought out by others?”

“I know my villagers the best. They are definitely not people like that,” Xue Qi repeatedly shook his head. It was nearly impossible for him to believe there to be a spy amongst his villagers.

Lil’ Yu merely smiled, “Whether there is a spy is not up to you. My suggestion is for us to leave tonight with the villagers. The black crystals we have already mined out is definitely enough for us to buy a piece of land in a nearby city, and let us develop to new heights…”

Someone popped in from outside the ancestral hall before Xue Qi could finish his sentence.

“Lil’ Lan, why did you come?” Xue Qi frowned.

Xue Lan stuck out her tongue, “The Victorious Village’s Zhou family came. They brought so many people… Big Brother Erdan has already led out villagers to face off against them, I just came to inform you of that.”

Xue Qi’s face instantly stiffened.

Lil’ Yu also smiled, “These are the villagers whom you trust. What else do you have to say when the Zhou family has come?”

“Perhaps news was leaked during the mining process,” Even then, Xue Qi still refused to believe there to be a spy in his village.

Lil’ Yu merely shrugged, “Alright, since you said that, then I won’t argue with you. Let’s go out and take a look. The Zhou family aren’t people easily dealt with.”

At the village entrance.

Outside the stone fence, Zhou Zhenhe stood beside a white-haired elder, while the Zhou family’s guest chamberlains and fighters stood behind them.

There was not a single villager from the Victorious Village in sight!

In this sort of time, the Zhou family did not want to share anything with their villagers. They were planning to take everything for themselves.

“I don’t want to speak with a small fry like you. Go and call Xue Qi over,” Zhou Zhenhe’s words were filled with disdain.

The man leading the Spiritual Breeze Villagers was a topless man. He looked forward with a frown, then clenched his teeth and cursed, “Our village chief is not someone a tramp like you can meet just because you want to.”

“Are you talking about me?” Zhou Zhenhe’s expression instantly darkened. Then, a guest chamberlain suddenly ran forward, and slapped Erdan’s face.


Teeth came out of Erdan’s mouth alongside blood, while the entire right side of his face to swell up.

“I told you you’re a small fry, so just do what a small fry should. Do you think you can call me a tramp?”


At that moment, a pebble shot through the sky.

Zhou Zhenhe, who was caught off guard, was hit by the pebble, causing a spot on his head to swell up. He looked up and saw Ye Zichen walk over with Xue Qi and co…


“Are you blind? Of course it’s laozi,” Ye Zichen chucked a pebble upwards as he spoke in disdain.

“You again,” Zhou Zhenhe’s expression darkened. However, he soon begun to laugh maniacally. “You are Spiritual Breeze’s ascender, right? False Spiritual Body… Hehe, Xue Qi, you really tried to pull off something big!”

Xue Qi was momentarily stunned, but then he very quickly calmed down.

With the Zhou family’s current position, it was all too easy for them to treat the Royal List Guards to a meal to get a small bit of information. He had already expected to be exposed, but he never expected it would be so soon, and at a time like this.

However, another pebble was thrown onto Zhou Zhenhe’s face as he laughed maniacally.

The aim was spot on and symmetrical, causing it to seem like Zhou Zhenhe had two horns growing on his head.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Your shitty mouth is so annoying,” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth and snorted in annoyance. “You came to show off again? I feel like… you feel itchy, so you came to get beaten up, right?

Original Chapter Teaser:

In Lil’ Yu’s perspective.

I-I just can’t believe what happened today. We actually discovered some black crystal ore! That is simply unbelievable!

But then again, what’s even more unbelievable was that the new guy was actually able to figure a way out to mine it… What a suspicious fellow! He caused such a huge explosion when mining it… Although it wasn’t the best way to do it, it was probably the only way we could have even mined these ores… Ahh, speaking of which, he definitely used some spatial artifact to collect it all.

There’s no doubt that he’s no normal person. There’s definitely way more to him than it seems.

but that’s not the main problem right now, the problem is that someone will definitely end up leaking the news of us discovering such ores to the other villages… We have to hurry and get rid of these ores, then use the money we get to actually strengthen ourselves…

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