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Chapter 319 – “Breaking off an Engagement” Trend

Ye Zichen licked his lips and did not say anything when he saw Lin Xiyue’s gloomy expression.

An uncorrupted official can’t help with family matters. Lin Xiyue’s relationship problem with Zhao Ziming was not something that Ye Zichen could stick his hands into. Even though he had been annoyed by that brat from a long time ago, and judged the brat to not be a good person, just what could Ye Zichen do about it?

Lin Xiyue smiled faintly as she stood up from the interrogation desk, “Why am I talking about all this to you?”

“Just talk if you want. Although I can’t help you with anything, I can be a trash can. My mouth is tight, so I definitely won’t tell others what you tell me,” Ye Zichen smiled with a kind gaze.

“Never mind, there’s nothing to be said. I asked for it,” Lin Xiyue shrugged, then smiled. “It’s getting late. The fighting didn’t have anything to do with you, so you can leave!”

“You’re not arresting me?” Ye Zichen was shocked. This is not like Officer Lin at all. Back in Bingcheng, her greatest joy seemed to be arresting me.

“Hurry up and leave before I change my mind. Or else, hehe…” Lin Xiyue chuckled as she crossed her arms in front of her.

Sensing the hostile gaze, Ye Zichen quickly jumped up from the chair, then ran towards the entrance of the room with a coy smile, “Then I’ll leave quickly.”

“Mm, oh yeah, let me remind you. The people here aren’t quite the same as in Bingcheng, you have to be careful. Also, neither Yin Qiong nor Qi Cheng are normal people, so don’t get too close to them.”

“I feel like you aren’t a normal person either, should I stay away from you too?” Ye Zichen smiled plainly, then waved towards her. “Don’t worry, I’m extremely cowardly, so I do everything very carefully. Nothing will go wrong. I’m off!”

Lin Xiyue’s gaze were focused on Ye Zichen as he left the room.

Meanwhile, the terrible expression on her face became ever so apparent…

Zhao Ziming.

I really don’t know what it’s going to be like in the future if I really marry him.

After Ye Zichen walked out of the interrogation room, he saw that both Fatty Yin and Qi Cheng had come out before him. A man and a woman stood respectively beside them, both of whom seemed to be the people that their families sent to bail them out.

“Bro, you finally came out. If you didn’t come out soon, I would have rushed in with my guys,” Fatty Yin walked over to Ye Zichen with a passionate gaze, then shook his shoulders. The moment he got near Ye Zichen, he leaned over and said mysteriously, “What were you doing inside just now? It was so long that it was enough for going at it once. You and that big boobed officer seemed rather familiar with each other, she can’t be your… Oh wow, bro, that’s amazing!”

Ye Zichen felt completely speechless when he heard the fatty’s shameless tone. When he shoved the brat away with a roll of his eyes, he saw that Qi Cheng had already walked over to him.

“I am starting to fall for you. It’s not the desire of conquering you, I am truly starting to like you.”

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“… Is there something wrong with your brain?” Ye Zichen snorted with a frown.

“Don’t… If you hit me here, you have to get interrogated by the police again. I don’t want you to be troubled,” Qi Cheng’s eyes displayed a passion that could not be hidden. “You can go to the Qi household to find me if you make up your mind. As long as you come, I’m yours!”

With that, she turned around and got in the car.

After they got in the car, the golden-framed glasses wearing woman beside Qi Cheng raised her eyebrows, “Young Lady, that fatty just now was Young Master Yin Qiong, right? If you said that…”

Qi Cheng nodded, then said playfully, “So what if I said it? That fatty is a pussy. Grandpa merely agreed to the marriage due to face. But since I don’t like him, that means I don’t like him.”

“But…” the woman wished to continue, but was interrupted by Qi Cheng.

“No buts. I feel like the guy just now is great. I like him a lot… Don’t talk to me about the rest. Driver, start driving!”

As the car slowly drove away, Fatty Yin stood on the curb with an indifferent expression.

“Bro, you have to stay away from that slut. You’ll be in tears if you end up getting some sort of disease!”

“I’m not interested in her,” Ye Zichen shrugged with a smile.

“Young Master!” the man beside them raised his eyebrows. “Miss Qi Cheng is engaged to you!”

“Screw off. Go back and tell my dad that I don’t want to get engaged to the bitch Qi Cheng anymore. I’m going to break off the engagement tomorrow. I always feel like there’s moss on my head when I’m tied to her,” Fatty Yin cursed in annoyance.


“You what? Recently, you’ve gotten a bit too much to say, I don’t like it at all. I’m telling you, laozi going to break off the engagement is to face slap him. Have you not heard of this trend? Back then Nalan Yanran broke off her engagement with Xiao Yan1, that was so shameful! I’m going to help men gain face,” Fatty Yin said proudly. “A man should break off engagements!”

The man was confused. Just what is he talking about? But since one of their names had two characters, it might be the child of a large family.

Thus, under the fatty’s urging, the man also drove away.

Leaving Ye Zichen and Fatty Yin…

“Bro, now we can grab a drink together, right?” Fatty Yin said in anticipation. Ye Zichen looked at him speechlessly. “Why must you drink with me!?”

“Hehe, that has been my wish for a longtime!” The fatty replied mysteriously.

Although Ye Zichen had not yet understood just who the hell the fatty was and what he wanted, since he said that coupled with the fact that Ye Zichen did not want the fatty to pester him every day, Ye Zichen could only nod helplessly, “Then let’s go.”

“Oh yeah!” the fatty smiled excitedly. The two then proceeded to walk out of the police station side by side. Just as they were about to walk out of the front gate, a sportscar stopped in front of him…

“Ye Zichen!”

Ye Zichen subconsciously looked up and saw that the driver was no other than Zhao Ziming.

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“Why did you come to the capital?” Zhao Ziming had a sullen look on his face.

Ye Zichen disregarded it and smiled, “Isn’t it normal to come to the capital? Or is it that I’m not allowed here?”

Then, he suddenly remembered the words that Lin Xiyue said to him in the interrogation room… “Be nice to Lin Xiyue, since you guys decided to get engaged, then stop flirting around. She’s a good girl!”

“There’s no need for you to remind me. She’s my wife!” Zhao Ziming essentially screamed out.

Ye Zichen merely smiled in response before turning towards Fatty Yin with a smile, “C’mon, let’s go and eat!”

Just as they were about to leave, the door to the sportscar suddenly opened. Zhao Ziming jumped out of the car and grabbed Ye Zichen by his collar.

“Tell me exactly why you are in the capital!”

Original Chapter Teaser:

Just… What am I supposed to say now? I’ve never been in this sort of situation before. My bros pretty much have all been single with the exception of Su Yiyun, and that guy has no need for relationship advice since he’s a playboy. Am I supposed to… comfort her right now? I suppose so, but the question is how.

Uhm… Would something like “I’m sorry to hear that” work?

Nah, it’d sound too fake, and I’m not sorry to hear that at all considering I know what sort of little shit that jerk is.

Then what do I tell her? Just break off the engagement?

No, that wouldn’t work. She’s from a rich family, so there is definitely more to her engagement than the engagement itself. It is most likely that it is some sort of marriage alliance for the two families, and she can’t actually do anything about that.

Sigh… People like her are truly pitiful in their own ways. They are born with pretty much everything, but in exchange, they lose out on stuff like their freedom to do anything, including love. They almost always end up as sacrifices to further strengthen the families they’re from…

Now, just what should I say? I suppose I should probably keep quit since I don’t know what to say. Better that than saying the wrong thing and pissing her off…

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