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Chapter 304 – Dragon God

The old dragon god’s speechless attitude surprised Xia Keke, causing her to turn around and saw the blood dragon who yawned as he laid on the other side.

“Dragon God!” Xia Keke exclaimed with a blush.

What was I doing just now? I actually… in front of the dragon god…

“Kiddo, don’t think so much into it! This old dragon didn’t see anything. Even if you two kids want to flirt, wait till when I’m asleep, okay?”

That caused Ye Zichen to blush as well…

“Senior dragon god, please stop teasing us. Didn’t you say you want to see Keke? I brought her here!”

“Hehe, wow, you’re actually shy!” the old dragon god chuckled, then crooked his fingers at the two of them.

Ye Zichen and Xia Keke’s bodies floated over uncontrollably, while the old dragon god smiled, “You… Are one of the golden dragons, the sacred beast of the dragon race?”


Xia Keke’s heart was filled with excitement. She never thought that she would be able to meet the Dragon God. They had two statues which they worshipped in the ancestral altar of the dragon race. One was of their clan head, the Azure Dragon, and the other was of the Dragon God!

The Dragon God’s statue was more than three times the size of the Azure Dragons. In fact, it was so huge that one could not see the top of it from the bottom.

The Dragon God had always been a legendary existence for their race. Legends say that the Dragon God had fallen in the Great War of Gods and Demons…

“Are you really the Dragon God?” Xia Keke bit her lips and asked in a testing manner.

“Dragon God? Kiddo, are you talking about me?” The old dragon god raised his eyebrows in surprise. “This old dragon is called Long Chen. I cannot take onto the title of Dragon God. In my era, there are plenty of people stronger than me amongst my generation. I am merely someone that survived till the end of the Great War of Gods and Demons! Oh yeah, how long has it been since the Great War?”

“Then you are the Dragon God! As for the war, it seems to have been several hundred thousand years ago!” Xia Keke’s face was filled with excitement. “Hehe, I never thought that I would really be able to see the Dragon God! I’ve seen Sun Wukong and the Dragon God. Hahaha, I’m amazing!”

“Sun Wukong? Who is he?” The Dragon God was confused.

“He’s an amazing existence after you. Back then, he even caused havoc in the Heavenly Court!” Xia Keke giggled.

“Heavenly Court? That sort of puny place!” The Dragon God revealed a look of disdain. “It is merely wreaking havoc in the Heavenly Court.”

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Although the old dragon looked very humble, he did have his own pride.

“Ignore that Sun Wukong. I brought you here to ask you how the dragon race is doing right now!”

“The dragon race?” Xia Keke pouted. “The dragon race is doing great, we have a place of our own in the Three Realms. The Immortal Region, the Heavenly Court and the Underworld is very courteous towards us, and the sacred beast bloodlines are very united!”

“That’s it?”

“It’s already really good. We, the dragon race, are the big bosses of the Yaos!” Xia Keke looked up proudly.

“Seriously, the youngsters are getting more and more disappointing!” The Dragon God seemed very displeased with the situation, but then remembered that he couldn’t do anything about it in his current condition. “How many tribe members do we have now?”

“The dragon race has about a thousand-odd people in total!” Xia Keke replied.

“So little?” The Dragon God was shocked. “No wonder the dragon race is so weak now. In several tens of thousands of years, we only have so few people!”

“It’s already a lot. Were there a lot of us back then?” Xia Keke asked in confusion.

“The dragon race back then…” The old dragon god begun to recall. “Back then, there were more than ten million of us. We were the rulers of the entire land. The dragon race back then was incredibly amazing, and there were several hundred thousands of Five Elemental Dragons! Yet, the dragon race was hurt immensely by the war between Gods and Demons… Ai!”

“So amazing?” Xia Keke’s eyes were filled with shock. Then she smiled softly. “But the dragon race isn’t doing too bad right now. I feel like we’re rather good. The dragon race’s reproduction abilities are limited. Clan Head Azure Dragon said that the fact that we have more than a thousand tribesmen is the blessing of the heavens!”

“The heavens my ass!” The old dragon god suddenly roared angrily, while he also stood up with his huge body, releasing a maddening aura.

Both Xia Keke and Ye Zichen twitched their mouths beneath him in secret. This old dragon god is so weird, he’s always angry and unhappy with everything.

“Hmph, if this heavens… can revive this old one. Then this old one would definitely mess up the heavens!”

Both Ye Zichen and Xia Keke continued to be speechless!

After a long time, when the old dragon god finally calmed himself down, he fell back onto the ground and sighed, “Never mind, it’s all in the past now. Back then the lords fell and the demons were sealed, I also passed on. It is all over now.”

“Oh,” Xia Keke also learned from her mistakes and stopped saying more than she needed in case of getting scolded again.

“The fact that you woke me up means that it is our fortune to meet. Since I am of the dragon race, can you take me back to the dragon race’s sacred altar so that I can rest in peace?”

The old dragon god sighed. Xia Keke subconsciously looked towards Ye Zichen. Since the ring was his, she didn’t dare make any reckless promises.

“Then sure,” Ye Zichen agreed since didn’t expect the ring to give him anything. Then he quickly shrugged, “But this ring is stuck on my hand. I can’t take it off!”

“That’s because I’m absorbing your spiritual energy to nourish my soul,” The old dragon god said shamelessly. “Go with her to the dragon race’s sacred altar, I’ll fall off from your hand then.”

“…” Ye Zichen was truly speechless, but he didn’t dare to say anything since even a sneeze of the old dragon god might be able to kill him.

“Sure, then continue absorbing. I’m fine with it.”

“Since it’s like that, then it’s decided. This old dragon is a bit tired, so I’m going back inside the ring to rest. I’ll leave this sea of consciousness to you youngsters. A friendly reminder, you can do anything you want, this old dragon can’t see anything! You’ll leave the sea of consciousness automatically after two hours, so make use of it!”

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With that, the old dragon left the sea of consciousness.

Ye Zichen and Xia Keke looked at each other awkwardly the moment the old dragon god left.

Both of them were naked, and they were unable to directly leave…

It was an incomparable suffering for Ye Zichen.

“Erm, it seems like we have to stay here for two hours. Although this is my sea of consciousness, I don’t know how to enter or leave it!” Ye Zichen scratched his head with a dry chuckle.

“I-I get it,” Xia Keke looked down at her white feet and bit her lips.

“Two hours should pass by really quickly. Let’s just treat it as rest. I’ll sit with my back facing you, and promise not to look.”

With that, Ye Zichen immediately turned around and sat down.

However, Xia Keke’s naked body uncontrollably surfaced in his mind.

To be fair, any man would have those images in his mind when he was in a situation like this.

The only way that I wouldn’t was if I were gay or just disinterested.

As Ye Zichen forced himself to forget the image from earlier, he felt a body close in on him. When he looked back, he saw Xia Keke whisper with a blush, “Trying it here once is fine, right?”

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