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Chapter 233 – Gongsheng, you changed

The ghost girl’s face was full of joy. She hugged Ye Zichen’s arm closely, and leaned her cheek against his shoulder, while an indescribable happiness could be seen from her expression.

“I missed you so much, and waited you for so long.”

Ye Zichen stiffened!

He stood on the spot, completely shocked.

What the hell!?

Why do I keep bumping into these sort of strange situations recently?


Liu Qing, who was at the side, frowned and pouted.

“Boss Ye, you finally came,” Xie Lei had a sluggish expression and messy hair like a chicken nest, when he replied lethargically. “I helped you find this mistress, hurry up and take her away.”

“Lil’ Lei-zi!” The moment the ghost girl spoke up, Xie Lei immediately smiled coyly, but he kept on passing a silent message towards Ye Zichen with his expression.

Hurry up and take this mistress away.

“Here. The Transformer and puzzle for you two,” Ye Zichen handed over the items, then turned his head to look at the ghost girl that was hugging his arm. “Are you Zhang Lingling?”

“Zhang Lingling?” The ghost tiled her head, then muttered as she rolled her eyes. “It seems like I am called Zhang Lingling!”

What the hell? Did she lose her memories with the spiritual soul?

“Give me an actual answer. This is rather important to me,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in annoyance.

The ghost girl placed the tip of her index finger on her lips, “Sure, I am indeed called Zhang Lingling in this life…. But why do you have to find the me of this life?”

The people I’ve bumped into recently are all strange people.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at Zhang Lingling’s spiritual soul, “What? Am I supposed to be looking for your previous life?”

When they finally left Xie Lei’s rear garden, Ye Zichen was truly speechless towards Zhang Lingling’s spiritual soul.

She’s so clingy!

“Gongsheng1. did you go to the Underworld just to find me?”

“You got the right person, right?” Ye Zichen looked at her speechlessly. “I’m not Gongsheng or whatever. I’m Yu’s friend, he told me to come and find you.”

“Oh him!” Zhang Lingling’s tone carried a faint hint of disdain. “I’m truly pitiful in this life, my dad died early, my uncle’s also a retard. When I think about it, Gongsheng truly treats me the best…”

With that, the ghost girl leaned her head against Ye Zichen’s shoulder once again.

“This is pissing me off!” Liu Qing stomped her foot, bit her lips and snorted towards Ye Zichen before flying back into the Dragon Eye.

Zhang Lingling muttered when she saw Liu Qing, who disappeared, “Gongsheng, who is that woman… Why is she always by your side!”

“Beauty, did you make a mistake? I’ve already told you so many times that I’m not Gongsheng! Do you not understand what I’m saying?”

“Gongsheng, I’m Bao Si2, don’t you remember me?”

“I’ll just treat this as your soul being incomplete, so you’re just spouting nonsense.”

Bao Si!

Why is this girl even more delusional than me? It was whatever that she thought that she’s Bao Si, she even said that I’m King You of the Zhou Dynasty!

Isn’t there something wrong with her?

King You of the Zhou Dynasty. That’s a story from several thousand years ago!

I seriously don’t know why Yu cares about this girl so much…

“Gongsheng…” Zhang Lingling frowned unhappily. “Gongsheng, is that girl your new love? Back then, you lit the warning beacons and messed with the nobles in order to get me to laugh, did you forget about all of that?”

“How could I forget!” A hint of kindness surfaced on Ye Zichen’s face. He used his hand to caress Zhang Lingling’s hair, then immediately rolled his eyes. “Even our primary school textbooks have the story of King You messing with the nobles by lighting the warning beacons. Also, it’s fine if you want to cosplay as Bao Si! Then can you act more realistically? Why did King You have to do that to get Bao Si to laugh? It’s because Bao Si didn’t want to react to him! If you truly want to be Bao Si and think that I’m King You, then don’t be nice to me!”

“Gongsheng, you’ve changed…” Zhang Lingling shook her head sadly, while an indescribable loneliness could be heard from her voice. “Back then, you lit the warning beacons and messed with the nobles for me, causing them to lose their trust in you, making you lose the war and getting me captured. Only when that had happened, did I finally know how important I was to you, and was extremely moved… You…”

“Stop blabbering, I’m going to call the police!”

Within an apartment, Ye Zichen sat on the sofa in the living room, while Zhang Lingling sat beside him with an unhappy expression.

“I found the spiritual soul for you…”

“I can see that,” Yu nodded. “But this spiritual soul is a bit strange.”

“Strange? I’m nearly got tortured to death by her along the way,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes furiously.

Zhang Lingling bit her lips and twitched her mouth, “Ji…”

Here we go again!

Ye Zichen raised his hand to cover Zhang Lingling’s mouth, then squinted his eyes, “Which room is Zhang Lingling in?”

Yu pointed it out with his fingers. Ye Zichen covered Zhang Lingling’s mouth and brought her to her room.

Zhang Lingling laid on the bed with a pale look, while her frowning brows causing people to can’t help but feel pity.

“Hurry up and go back in, your body is suffering.”

“I don’t want to go back,” The spiritual body Zhang Lingling twitched her mouth. “This chick’s an idiot, she’s stupid and dumb, totally lacking in my elegance from back then…”

“Just go in if you want!” Ye Zichen shouted, then turned around to leave.

The spiritual body Zhang Lingling pouted and stopped him. Then she bit her lips, “Alright, stop getting angry, I’ll just go back. But I might not remember you, Gongsheng…”

“If you’re going back in, then hurry!”

“I’m going, I’m going, but you have to remember me. I’m Bao Si!”

With that, the spiritual body Zhang Lingling went into Zhang Lingling’s original body from the center of her brows.

Within a chaotic ocean, a girl squatted in the center as she covered her eyes and sobbed.

“Hey, pitiful little girl,” Bao Si hugged her shoulders as she stood at a close distance from the girl.

Hearing her voice, the girl looked up in confusion.

“Seriously, why did I reincarnate into your body?” Bao Si’s expression carried indescribable impatience.

The girl looked up, then walked over, and in doing so, she even fell over once.

“You’re asking me who I am? I’m you!” Bai Si’s face was full of annoyance. “Say, aside from inheriting my face, why else did you inherit? How can a person be as dumb as you!”

“I’m not dumb, my daddy and uncle said that this is cute,” Zhang Lingling bit her lips and pouted. “I don’t like you, go away.”

“Hey… Do you really think that I wanted to come in?” Bai Si replied speechlessly. “If Gongsheng-gege didn’t tell me to come in, do you think I would want to be with a stupid person like you?”

“I said it already, I’m not stupid!” Zhang Lingling shouted.

Bai Si smiled, then twitched her mouth, “Hehe, only your daddy thinks that you’re not dumb, but how did he end up…?”

“Daddy was… by bad guys…” Zhang Lingling muttered, then started to cry.

“Such a pitiful child,” A hint of softness flashed across Bao Si’s eyes. She squatted beside Zhang Lingling’s body and hugged her. “In the future, older sister will accompany you. As for those bad guys, older sister will help you take revenge.”

Original Chapter Teaser:

Ghost Girl: Gongsheng! (snuggles up to Ye Zichen)

Ye Zichen: What’s going on?

Xie Lei: Give me the puzzle and Transformer quickly, then take her away!

(The ghost girl glares at Xie Lei)

Xie Lei: Uhm… Never mind. I didn’t say anything.

Liu Qing: Let go of him!

Ghost Girl: Who are you? He’s my Gongsheng! Go away!

Liu Qing: No, you go away! Stop stealing my niche! I’m the cute ghost girl, not you!

Ye Zichen: Wait a mo’ you two! Stop fighting right now. Or rather, before you start fighting, can someone please tell me what the heck is going on!

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