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Chapter 173 – Immortal Heart of Pure Yang Upgrade

Within the underworld.

White Impermanence dangled her legs as she laid on the bed, while thinking about Ye Zichen.

A mortal that could communicate with people from the Heavenly Court and the Underworld. Even the Ten Yama Kings that she felt were so high up had to treat him with courtesy.

Just who is he?

White Impermanence thought to herself.


Her phone vibrated.

A notification indicating that her red packet had been received appeared on the screen.

She quickly turned around to lie on the bed, then sent out a message.

“Ye Zichen.”

At that moment, Ye Zichen was getting confused about the red packet.

Heaven and Earth Merits were fine, that should be something similar to cultivation experience.

But what the hell is this Soul-Restraining Lock?

“I’m here, what the hell is the thing that you sent me?”

“King Yanluo gave it to me, they seem to want to apologize to you through me. So, I thought about it and gave it all to you.”

Ye Zichen was completely confused.

These might be good things, but in the end, they were useless to Ye Zichen.

Ignoring Heaven and Earth Merits…

Since he didn’t know what they could be used for aside from increasing his official position in the Underworld.

Soul-Restraining Lock.

There was even less of a need to talk about that. He couldn’t exactly use this thingy to hook out someone’s soul, right?

However, no matter what, White Impermanence sent them over in goodwill.

“Thank you, thank you.”

“Your welcome.”


A photo suddenly appeared on the screen of his phone.

The woman in the photo merely wore a traditional Chinese bodice, while her figure was… truly excellent.

“It’s so boring at night.”


Ye Zichen nearly coughed up blood.

What’s with White Impermanence?

“It is really boring, but I have to rest now. As for that King Yanluo, tell him to hurry up and give me the fragment of Soul Pearl Yiyuan. It isn’t a big deal for me, but the Great Sage might be very unhappy.

The moment he sent it, Ye Zichen hurriedly closed their chat.

Was the plot of “Ghost” going to f*cking happen!?

And she’s a married woman.

Wouldn’t I become the Old Ye next door? 1

White Impermanence felt a bit of disappointment when she saw the message, then checked out the reflection of her beautiful figure through a bronze mirror.

Am I not beautiful?

“Playboy demon! You aren’t even letting ghosts off!”

Liu Qing laid beside Ye Zichen and twitched her mouth.

“Hey, be more reasonable. I’ve never tried to chat her up,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, then looked at Liu Jing, who was lying beside him as a hint of a naughty smile appeared on his mouth.

He threw his phone off to the side, then locked Liu Qing’s hands with his hands and pressed her down into the bed.

“What are you doing!”

“Didn’t you say that I’m not even letting ghost girls off? So how can I let such a cute ghost girl beside me go?” Ye Zichen revealed a lecherous gaze and licked his lips as he replied.

“Don’t-Don’t-Don’t-Don’t be impulsive, young man! I’m a ghost girl, a ghost girl…”

“So what if you’re a ghost girl? Wasn’t it the same for Ning Choisan and Nip Siusin back then!? 2”

“I-I… Oh yeah, did you use that Immortal Heart of Pure Yang yet!?” Liu Qing’s words immediately turned Ye Zichen serious.

Oh yeah, he still hasn’t used the scripture of Immortal Heart of Pure Yang.

Ye Zichen got off Liu Qing, and took out his phone to open WeChat…

“Phew,” Liu Qing let out a long sigh. At the same time, she glared at Ye Zichen, while a unknown hint of disappointment spread through her heart. “Damn pervert!”

Liu Qing frowned angrily at him, then went beside him to look at his phone.

Immortal Heart of Pure Yang!


Would you like to learn Lü Dongbin’s Immortal Heart of Pure Yang? If you have a studied a low leveled Immortal Heart secret technique, it will be replaced.

What the hell?

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes.

He hasn’t learned any Immortal Heart secret scripture before, so he didn’t think much about it!



You have learned the secret scripture of Lü Dongbin’s Immortal Heart of Pure Yang.

A bar suddenly appeared at where the notifications were.

False Spiritual Body (Experience 0/100)

Current Immortal Heart Level: 1. Experienced gained per day: 1.

Materials needed to increase Immortal Heart to Level 2 are unknown.

Wasn’t it the entire secret scripture?

Why did it need materials to increase the Immortal Heart level?

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then went to ask Han Xiangzi.

“Han Xiangzi.”

At that moment, Han Xiangzi was getting intimate with Immortal Lady He. When he saw Ye Zichen’s message…

“The great deity is looking for me.”

“Then hurry up and see what’s up.”

Ye Zichen was a true matchmaker for them. If it wasn’t for him, they might not have been able to make their feelings clear to each other even after several thousand years.


Han Xiangzi nodded, then looked at the message…

“Great deity!”

“Isn’t the Immortal Heart scripture you gave me the entire thing? Why is there a need for materials to increase its level?”

Han Xiangzi smiled understandingly when he saw this.

“Great deity, you might not know. The secret scripture I gave you is indeed the entire volume. With this volume, there is no need for you to understand the higher level of the Immortal Heart, but you do need materials to increase its level. My Esteemed Master had done the same.”

Ye Zichen was speechless.

He understood.

With this set of Immortal Heart secret scriptures, he didn’t have to spend any effort in understanding the higher levels of the Immortal Heart, but he still needed to go and get the materials to increase its level.

“Sure, go and accompany Immortal Lady He. I’ll gather the materials myself.”


The moment he sent it over, Han Xiangzi sent him four red packets.

Wedding candies?

Ye Zichen was confused, then clicked open the red packet.

Thousand year sanders x1

Illusionary Spirit Grass (Level 2) x1

Jade Ganoderma (Level 2) x1

3 grams of Kunpeng Blood

“Celestial Sovereign, I coincidentally have a set of materials to upgrade the Immortal Heart to level 2. I don’t know whether you need it or not, but please accept it as a sign of my good faith.”

Ye Zichen also received a notification when Han Xiangzi’s message was sent.

Your Immortal Heart level can be increased. Would you like to upgrade it?



False Spiritual Body (Experience 0/100).

Current Immortal Heart Level: 2. Experience gained per day: 2.

Materials needed to increase Immortal Heart to Level 3 is unknown.

“Thanks. Alright, hurry up to accompany Immortal Lady He.”

“See you.”

Although the level 2 Immortal Heart did not increase anything much, Ye Zichen still felt happy about it.

The only issue was that the unknown materials for level three were rather troublesome.

If he knew the materials needed for level three, he might be able to trick the Great Sage and the other deities for a bit to increase the Immortal Heart level.

From the notifications, the experience bar seemed to be the experience he needed to up.

If he could upgrade his Immortal Heart to level 9….

Then what the heck was a puny False Sky Immortal like the Great Emperor Qingming?

Beat him up.

At that moment…

Within the Immortal Region.

At the Qingming Immortal Manor.

Great Emperor Qingming sat cross-legged on a straw cushion, when all of a sudden, he felt his nose itch…


Great Emperor Qingming rubbed his nose and frowned.

It was impossible for someone of his level to get a cold.

“Fuck, which grandson is cursing laozi behind my back?”

Great Emperor Qingming twitched his mouth, before concentrating once more.

He started to form signs with his fingers once again.

Just who was the new person that entered the Reputation Leaderboard? Why can’t I figure it out!?

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