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Chapter 170 – Reputation Leaderboard of the Three Realms

Within the Immortality Peach Garden.

Splendid songs could be heard, and beautiful dances could be seen.

The Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother sat on top of high chairs, looking down at the dancing fairies below.


The eyes of the Jade Emperor, who saw on the throne, suddenly flashed.

“All leave.”

The Jade Emperor chased all the deities from the Immortality Peach Garden without any kind of sign beforehand.

The Queen Mother, who was beside him, looked at him in confusion, “What happened?”

The Jade Emperor did not reply.

He reached forward with his right hand, causing a huge board to fall down from the sky.

Reputation Leaderboard of the Three Realms.

Those words were written in large and gold writing at the very top, while the Reputation of each deity was listed below them.

In first place was Amitabha 1 of Sukhavati 2. His Reputation was at 127456.

The next was the Jade Emperor, whose Reputation reached 35427.

In third place was the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven of the Underworld, whose Reputation reached 27968.

Shakyamuni of the western Buddhist domain followed closely afterwards with a Reputation of 26473.

“What happened? Why did you bring out the Reputation Leaderboard?” The Queen Mother was confused.

However, the Jade Emperor continued to scroll down the leaderboard.

The fifth place on the leaderboard already had a Reputation lower than ten thousand.

The ones lower down became even more pitiful…

When he reached the bottom of the leaderboard…

Only Idealism. Reputation: 1.

It was clear that the Queen Mother also saw this person at the very end.

“Call Taibai!”

Ten-odd minutes later.

Taibai Jinxing hurried in from the outside.

“Jade Emperor, you were looking for me?”

He was shocked when he saw the Reputation Leaderboard of the Three Realms floating in midair.

This leaderboard held an important meaning. The fact that the Jade Emperor brought it out, and called him over…

“Did you know that someone new has entered the Reputation Leaderboard of the Three Realms?”

“About this…” Taibai Jinxing paused for a moment, then shook his head. “I don’t.”

“Then that means it isn’t someone of our Heavenly Court?” The Jade Emperor frowned even more.

Taibai Jinxing quickly replied, “I’m not certain, someone might have entered the leaderboard and not yet reported it.”

“Go investigate!”


Taibai Jinxing looked up slightly, then floated away from the Immortality Peach Garden with the fly-whisk in his hands.

The Queen Mother only asked softly after Taibai left, “Is there something weird about it?”

“It’s very weird,” the Jade Emperor waved his hand and put away the Reputation Leaderboard of the Three Realms.

“What’s so weird about it?”

“The Reputation Leaderboard of the Three Realms hasn’t had anyone new for thousands of years. The ones on it are usually people of great ability in the Heavenly Court, Underworld, or part of the Immortal Region of the Rogue Immortals. Gaining Reputation is beyond difficult. Putting me aside, and just talking about you. We’ve been alive for several hundreds of thousands of years, but your Reputation is merely only two digits.”

“Not having anyone enter the leaderboard in a thousand years doesn’t mean that there won’t be anyone new. Is there a need for you to be so careful!” The Queen Mother asked.

The Jade Emperor shook his head, “You don’t understand.”

The Reputation Conference of the Three Realms will begin in around a thousand days.

The person didn’t enter the leaderboard earlier or later, they just had to get onto the leaderboard now!

How could this not make him worry?

It would be alright if it was someone of the Heavenly Court, but if it was of the other two realms…

“You’re too sensitive,” The Queen Mother got off her chair and rubbed the Jade Emperor’s shoulders lightly. “Regardless of who this new person is, he merely has a Reputation of 1, and is at the very end of the leaderboard. As the Jade Emperor of the Heavenly Court, your reputation is merely below Amitabha of Sukhavati, no matter who this person is, he won’t be able to affect the Conference of the Three Realms that’s going to be held a thousand days from now. If he wanted to cause the positions of those in the Three Realm to shuffle, he would have to be at least in the top ten of the leaderboard… You’re worrying too much.”

It might really be the fact that those closely involved could not see clearly.

After he heard the Queen Mother’s words, the Jade Emperor managed to relaxed his nervous mood.

That’s true!

No matter what, I am the Jade Emperor who’s in second place.

This new person on the leaderboard wouldn’t affect me at all.

“You… If you have the effort, why don’t you go and manage our Heavenly Court.”

“What happened?” The Jade Emperor was surprised. Recently, he had barely minded the situation in the Heavenly Court aside from the morning conferences.

“A bunch of weird and delicious snacks and drinks without celestial effects were suddenly introduced into the Heavenly Court. However, there are some that would harm a human’s bodily functions…”

“Oh? Who did it!?”

“It seems to be Yue Lao.”

The Jade Emperor chuckled when he heard the name.

“That geezer will often do some weird stuff, let’s not mind it. You said it as well, although the foods aren’t healthy, they are delicious, so just let them eat it. As for harming a human’s bodily functions, we are already immortals…”

With that, the Jade Emperor paid it no mind anyone and once again concentrated on that Only Idealism.

At the same time…

Within the Underworld.

Inside a dark palace, the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven also had a huge leaderboard floating in front of him like the Jade Emperor.

It was the Reputation Leaderboard of the Three Realms!

Most importantly, his gaze was also set on Only Idealism, who was in last place.

“A new person has entered the leaderboard. Only Idealism, I wonder which realm is this master from.”

He laughed softly, then put the leaderboard away and hid back into the darkness.

In the Immortal Region!

The Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, as well as the three great Celestial Sovereigns were within an Immortal Palace.

“Fuxi3, “Who do you think this Only Idealism is?” Suiren 4 asked, while wearing beast-skin clothes.

Fuxi shook his head, “Esteemed Father, this child cannot calculate who this person is.”

“Senior Suiren, Senior Fuxi, this emperor feels like who this Only Idealism is doesn’t have much to do with us,” said Yao 5, as he pursed his lips and smiled. “If you were to talk about worry, then the Jade Emperor should be more worried. The Heavenly Court’s position has not been changed in a hundred thousand years, and this time, the ones in the Underworld are rather set to pounce during this Conference of the Three Realms…”

“Yao is right,” Shun 6 agreed on the side. “We, the Immortal Region, have always been neutral, and outside of the relationship between the Underworld and the Heavenly Court. This shouldn’t have much of an effect on us.”

“Yeah, let’s not worry about this for nothing,” Shennong 7 shook his head, then put the leaderboard away.

“Alright, then let’s ignore it. Oh yeah, has there been any news of Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation?” Fuxi nodded, then looked towards the three Celestial Sovereigns.

“We have not received any news on Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation,” the three Celestial Sovereigns shook their heads. Only Great Emperor Qingming’s face slightly changed, but he still nodded alongside the other Celestial Sovereigns.

“That’s a pity, you must put more effort into it. Although we, the Immortal Region, have a special position, but we are rather weak. The Yellow Emperor’s ninth reincarnation will definitely allow him to reach the level of Immortal King. That fact is extremely important for us, the Immortal Region.”

At this moment, Great Emperor Qingming looked up as if he had something to say, only to stop himself once again.

“Qingming, you have something to say?”

“No,” Great Emperor Qingming shook his head.

“Then that’s everything,” Fuxi swept his gaze across everyone in the manor. “Father and I will be journeying for a bit and pay more attention to the possible news of Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation. You guys should do the same and find Yellow Emperor as quick as possible in order to protect him. Understood?”

“Yes!” The Immortals all nodded.

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