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Chapter 168 – Big Boss

At the Antique Street.

There were plenty of customers here all year round in order to find a treasure, or to get lucky.

At a traditional-styled pawn shop.

A pool of black dog blood slowly started to dry under the illumination of sunlight, while a red-haired young man with a hat sat beside the pool of blood.

The young man was dressed garishly, and his rat-like eyes made it clear that he wasn’t a nice person. What’s more, there was also a huge board beside him.

“Evil Merchant” was written on it in large writing.

Liu Qianqian put her hands on her waist and yelled angrily at the door, “Are you leaving or not! If you aren’t then I’m calling the police!”

The red-hair sitting there affected her family’s business too much. Her father wasn’t in the shop, so she couldn’t help but take the responsibility as the shop owner’s daughter.

“It’s okay if you want me to leave, make your boss return that painting to me.”

“What painting, you’ve kept on yammering about that painting, but you just can’t say what painting it was,” clear rage filled Liu Qianqian’s pretty face. “I think you’re just deliberately causing trouble, right?”

“Hey, so what if I am?”

The red-hair young man stood up from the ground and held the huge board with his right hand as he checked Liu Qianqian out greedily.

He licked his lips and reached his hand over.

“Yo, I didn’t notice. You’re actually a little beauty.”

“Be more respectful,” Su Yan, who was on the side, hit his hand away with her bag.

The red-hair teenager looked over, “It’s actually two little beauties.”

“Why are you like this?”

Liu Qianqian frowned. She had never been in this sort of situation before. Her father would always be in the shop before, and so this sort of situation would never occur.

However, her father went to go and get the goods from the supplies, so she was forced to be the owner for the day.

She didn’t think that this sort of thing would happen.

“What am I like?” A playful smile covered the red-haired young man’s face.

“When exactly are you going to leave?”

“How can I leave if the beauties aren’t leaving with me?” The young man licked his lips and stepped towards Su Yan and Liu Qianqian. “Older brother can definitely make the two of you feel reaaal good…”

A series of filthy words shot out from the young man’s mouth like cannonballs.

Meanwhile, he also gradually reached his hand over to the two girls.

At this moment…


A clear snap followed by a terrible scream  out, then Ye Zichen pushed the red-haired young man, who had his arm dislocated, off to the side.

“Zichen!” Su Yan ran over happily.

Ye Zichen patted her back as he felt the trembling of the beauty in his arms. Then he looked up at the name of the pawn shop.

“So you’re Liu Yong’s daughter.”

“You know my dad?” Liu Qianqian was surprised.

Ye Zichen nodded.

Then, he frowned when he saw the dried black dog blood on the ground.

Although it was an era where people believed in technology, businessmen were still very wary of things like having the entrance to their shop splashed with black dog blood.

“What’s going on?”

Liu Qianqian felt that she finally have some backing since Ye Zichen had arrived.

She let out a long sigh, then pointed at the red-hair, who was howling in pain, “It’s him. He is determined for our family to return the painting to him, but he isn’t able to say what painting it is.”

“Then he’s deliberately causing trouble,” Ye Zichen frowned. Since the person couldn’t even say what it was, it was obvious that he was deliberately causing trouble.

Ye Zichen patted Su Yan’s shoulders, asking her to stand to the side, then walked towards that red-hair with squinted eyes.

“Bro, what you’re doing isn’t proper, right?”

“Grandson, you f*cking…” the red-hair looked up. When he saw Ye Zichen, his entire face turned bright red. ‘F*ck, laozi was looking for you.”


Ye Zichen looked at the red-hair repeatedly, he had taught plenty of blind people like him a lesson…

He couldn’t remember which one this was.

“You were the one who bought that blue and white porcelain, right!”

Ye Zichen instantly remembered.

“You’re that brat who sold the forged blue and white porcelain! It’s good enough that I didn’t went to find you, what did you run over here for?”

“F*ck you,” the red-haired young man glared. “Laozi isn’t selling that blue and white porcelain anymore. Return the painting inside it to me.”

Ye Zichen was speechless.

“The Antique Street has a rule. After the deal, everything’s unrelated. Even if you made a mistake, no one would ever offer a refund, especially when it’s someone like you, who only remembered to come after a month or so. I think you’re freaking retarded and went mad from the desire for money!”

“Stop it with the f*cking bullshit. Are you giving it back or not!”

Ye Zichen was speechless. He merely grabbed the red-hair’s arm.

Crack, crack, crack…

“If I snap it back, then dislocate it a few more times, your arm will pretty much turn to glass, it’ll be dislocated the moment anything touches it. Do you want the painting or your arm?”

“Just-Just f*cking wait.”

The red hair ran from the crowd as he held his dislocated arm.

Ye Zichen shrugged as he looked at the red-hair’s back and walked in front of Liu Qianqian, “What’s with your family, you guys are huge and have such a large pawn shop, can’t you hire a few fighters?”

“My dad does business based on trust, we’ve never met this sort of situation before, so we don’t need fighters. Only those evil merchants need fighters,” Liu Qianqian snorted.

Ye Zichen smiled helplessly upon hearing that, “What’s with the brat just now?”

“He-He’s a special situation,” Liu Qianqian stuttered, then quickly ran into the pawn shop to take out a bucket of water and a towel.

“What are you doing?”

“Cleaning here, otherwise, it’s affect the business a lot,” Liu Qianqian frowned, and splashed water onto the black dog blood.

A terrible stench was released from the solidified black dog blood the moment it came into contact with water.

Ye Zichen covered his mouth and nose, then pulled Liu Qianqian’s hand, “Stop it, make the grandson do it himself when he comes back.”


Liu Qianqian blushed.

“Let go of me.”

Only then did Ye Zichen let go with a coy smile. Just when Liu Qianqian wanted to ask the reason behind his words, she saw a group of people suddenly appear outside the pawn shop.

The person in the lead was the red-hair, while a yellow-haired guy stood beside him.

The entire team had their hairs dyed with different colors, it was obvious that they were a very disciplined organization…

They were so hip in such an organized manner.

It was so rare.

“Boss, it’s this f*cking brat.”

The red-hair held his dislocated arm, then pointed at Ye Zichen with a shout.

The yellow-hair beside him looked up…


“Who are you f*cking calling a brat. That is the f*cking Big Boss!” The yellow-hair glared at him, then kicked red-hair to the ground.

Ye Zichen was completely stunned when he saw the yellow-hair.

Dragon Ball fanatic.

Ye Zichen covered his face.

He could already imagine what was going to happen next.

Yellow-hair walked over towards Ye Zichen one step at a time with a sacred and solemn expression.

Ta! Ta!



“Hello Boss.”

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