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Chapter 142 – Ripping Han Ziangzi apart

Ye Zichen laughed softly as he helped Ye Rong clean up the table after breakfast, “Mom, I’ll cook for you when I have time.”

“You?” Mother Ye displayed a look of disdain. “You said this before, but think about the results…”

Hearing that, Ye Zichen immediately revealed a look of awkwardness.

When he cooked then, he nearly burnt the house down.

However, it was different now, he had the God of Food’s experience.

“Just how long ago was that? If you don’t believe me, then I’ll find to show you. It definitely isn’t going to be any worse than the chefs in 5-star hotels.”

“Never mind.”

Mother Ye clearly treated Ye Zichen’s words as a joke.

Meanwhile, Tiantian had already put on her small backpack in the living room. Seeing that, Ye Rong dried her hands and pointed at the dishes in the sink, “Wash these remaining ones, I’m going to take Tiantian to school.”


“Bye bye daddy.”

Lil’ Tiantian waved towards him with a sweet smile. After sending Mother Ye and Tiantian off from the mansion, Ye Zichen quickly finished washing the dishes, then sat on the living room sofa.

Ye Zichen looked at his phone habitually to see if anyone sent a red packet in the chat group, as well as what the deities were talking about recently.

Yet, when he opened up WeChat, he saw that there was a red “1” in his friend list.

Han Xiangzi has sent friend request.

Han Xiangzi of the Eight Immortals!

What did Han Xiangzi add him for? Did Immortal Lady He really think that he wanted to chat her up, and told Han Xiangzi?

Then he definitely can’t add him, something bad will happy in he does!

Meanwhile, at the Eight Immortals Manor.

Han Xiangzi stared at the WeChat on his phone with red eyes. When Lv Dongbin saw that Han Xiangzi was still staring at the screen, even though he had already finished practicing a set of sword techniques, so he couldn’t help but walk over and pat Han Xiangzi’s shoulders.

“Ol’ Han, you’ve been staring at the screen for several hours already.”

“I must confront the brat the moment he accepts.”

Han Xiangzi panted. Immortal Lady He is his crush. Sky Sovereign Nameless actually wanted to cuckold him.

If this can be tolerated, then what can’t be!

Even if the uncle can tolerate it, the aunt can’t! 1

“There is no need to do this, in Immortal Lady’s heart, she…”

Lv Dongbin wanted to speak, but then he stopped himself. Since them, the Eight Immortals have become deities for so long, they know all about each other.

Immortal Lady He and Han Xiangzi did have a period of ambiguous and affable relationship while they were in the mortal realm, but after they became deities, everyone knew that it was impossible for them to be together.

“Even so, I have to confront him,” Han Xiangzi answered stubbornly.

Lv Dongbin shook his head. He wasn’t sure how to advise Han Xiangzi in this situation.

At this moment, Lan Caihe also walked over, “Does Immortal Lady know?”

“She…” Han Xiangzi paused, then shook his head.

Lv Donngbin and Lan Caihe both sighed softly. Meanwhile, Iron Crutch Li walked over with a large wine gourd.

“That newly ascended deity didn’t add you yet?”

“No,” Han Xiangzi shook his head.

Iron Crutch Li raised his eyebrows, “Then I’ll add him.”

“Ol’ Li,” Lv Dongbin frowned. Since them, the Eight Immortals had a high position in the Heavenly Court, he didn’t mind Han Xiangzi messing around. However, why did Iron Crutch Li, the steadiest one, also started messing around as well?

“Ol’ Han is already like this. He definitely would feel reluctant if he can’t manage to add him. We’ll just add the person and chat. Even if that great deity really turns unhappy, we’ll just apologize.”

With that, Iron Crutch Li clicked on Ye Zichen’s profile pic in the WeChat group and sent the friend request.

Meanwhile, there wasn’t any new news in the Heavenly Court’s group, it was just the normal chitchat.

Ye Zichen took a look at the moments. Yue Lao was definitely a dutiful agent. Yue Lao would post something new every 5 minutes, much more frequent than all of the WeChat merchants in Ye Zichen’s friend list.


Ye Zichen’s phone vibrated, so he left his moments.

Another “1” popped up in his friend list.

Iron Crutch Li has sent a friend request.

Ye Zichen felt a bit speechless as he looked at the friend request. The Eight Immortals are relentless, are they trying to bully him using their numbers!

What a joke! I, Ye Zichen, is still someone with a reputation in the Heavenly Court.

I can’t let you bully me like this.


He’ll just find Erlang Shen if anything happens!

“Hey, he added me,” Iron Crutch Li, who was holding a large wine gourd, smile.

Han Xiangzi immediately snatched over the phone, “I’m Han Xiangzi!”

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in annoyance when he saw the message.

How could laozi not know that you’re Han Xiangzi.

Then he looked at the intimacy level!


It makes sense. Iron Crutch Li might be friendly, but Han Xiangzi’s should be cold.

Since you’re cold towards me, then I can’t be nice to you either.

“Hmm? What?”

“Look at just how cocky this brat is. Isn’t he just a newly ascendant celestial sovereign? He dares to speak like this to us, the Eight Immortals. He definitely didn’t take us seriously,” Han Xiangzi said angrily.

However, everyone around him ignored him, and just carried on with whatever thye were doing.

“Fine, you really are my good brothers,” Han Xiangzi glared at them hatefully, then sent another message on the phone.

“Do you know what I sought you out for?”

“How do I know what you sought this sovereign out for? This sovereign is very busy, just say whatever you have to say.”

You’re pissing me off!

You’re pissing me off!

If the phone didn’t belong to Iron Crutch Li, Han Xiangzi might have directly thrown the phone onto the ground.

“Brat, I don’t care how high your newly ascended celestial sovereign position is. Don’t forget, we’re the Eight Immortals!”

“Eight Immortals, so?”

“When we became immortals, you were probably staying in a hole somewhere!”

“So what? This sovereign is currently a celestial sovereign living with Taibai Jinxing. Do you, the Eight Immortals, have a hall in the Heavenly Court?”


Suddenly, Huang Yi called. Ye Zichen immediately picked up the phone.

“Zichen-ge, I-I-I…”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile when he heard Huang Yi’s extreme excitement.

“Can stand up.”


In ten-odd years, Huang Yi had never known what it meant to walk ever since he was born.

He had thought that he would have to spend the rest of his life on a wheelchair. However, Ye Zichen’s appearance changed his entire life.

“Zichen-ge, thank you so much,” Ye Zichen could hear tears from Huang Yi’s tone.

Ye Zichen comforted him understandingly, “This is great news, what are you crying for? Does your sister know that you can stand up now…”

“She knows, she…”

When Ye Zichen heard Huang Shengmei’s joyous weep, he let out a sigh, then shrugged, “Haha, tell your sister to stop crying. I’m going over to yours right now to do a checkup for you. Then we’ll go out and eat. Just treat it as a celebration for you…”


When the call ended, Ye Zichen took a look at the chat, and saw that Han Xiangzi’s messages had covered the screen.

It was more or less just him speaking about how amazing them, the Eight Immortals are.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes when he saw this, then casually replied.

“This sovereign has to go out to attend to matters. Let’s chat when I’ve got time.”

Ye Zichen exited WeChat with a smile.

When Han Xiangzi, who was in the Eight Immortals Manor, saw this…


He directly chucked the phone onto the floor, causing it to completely shatter!

“It’s pissing me off!”


Han Xiangzi instantly felt a stick hit the back of his waist. When he turned around, he saw Iron Crutch Li, who was carrying a wine gourd and a golden crutch, tremble in anger.

“Laozi’s phone!”

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