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“You’re still not going to intervene?”

Black Dragon heard a sudden, angry roar, like a clap of thunder. He had, of course, already seen Gu Li’s pitiful state. He’d been at an advantage until Ye Zichen sprouted his wings, now, he’d been pushed this far.

No wonder Fallen were all experts. Each set of wings increased their strength by far too much.

Still, he hadn’t responded immediately. Instead, he hesitated. He wanted Gu Li dead.

Most likely, no one else could fully comprehend the depths of his hatred for Gu Li. Not even the other demons, who had likewise lost their homes, understood him.

He loathed Gu Li completely and utterly!

For the past six months or so, images of Gu Li’s playful grin as he chased the demons from their homeland haunted him both day and night.

He was the demon’s commander-in-chief, their king!

That dimension was his kingdom. He’d ruled there for tens of thousands of years, only for that brat to take it all away.

If Gu Li died here, it would all be over. The knot in his heart might finally ease up. Even so, after a brief hesitation, he decided to help Gu Lianyway.

Ye Zichen launched his fist at Gu Li’s head. Suddenly, he felt a hint of danger flash by him.

He forcefully withdrew his fist. He sensed that, should it land, he’d definitely wind up seriously injured.

He flapped his wings and hurriedly launched himself backwards.


That was close!

His current location was just barely outside of Black Dragon’s attack range. He barely had a chance to catch his breath before a mass of demonic hands suddenly shot out of the ground.

“So, you’re working together after all,” frowned Ye Zichen. He felt power coursing through him, but even so, he’d have to be extremely cautious if he was going to fight Black Dragon and Gu Li simultaneously.

Especially since Black Dragon gave him such a strong feeling of danger.

“You arrived right in the nick of time,” said Gu Li. He rose, not foolish enough to think Black Dragon would be so kind as to help him up. Their relationship was nowhere near that close.

Black Dragon stood a few meters away. From the start, he hadn’t so much as glanced at Gu Li.

“Don’t be like that,” said Gu Li. “You decided to save me, so we’re in this together. Ye Zichen seems dangerous to you too, right?”

Black Dragon nodded slightly.

He was thoroughly unwilling to save Gu Li. Even so, he found himself deeply deterred by those four white wings sprouting from Ye Zichen’s back.

Of course, he was still confident he could defeat Ye Zichen.

It was just, he didn’t want to take any risks. It was safest to save Gu Li and work with him to defeat Ye Zichen.

“As expected, Demons don’t keep their promises,” said Ye Zichen coolly. He hadn’t believed for an instant that Black Dragon would be content merely watching their fight; the current situation was well within his expectations.

Therefore, there was nothing worth getting angry about. He was still completely calm.

Black Dragon said nothing. He simply looked coolly ahead. This sort of silence made the tense atmosphere even heavier. Ye Zichen’s nerves were taut as he sized up the situation.


Gu Li disappeared

After their brief silence, Gu vanished into thin air. To his side, Black Dragon’s eyes narrowed into slits as scales climbed up his arms and face.

During their silence just now, they’d clearly come to some sort of agreement.

They knew what was going on; only Ye Zichen was still in the dark. He examined his surroundings intently until…...


He turned and kicked the space behind him. The instant he turned around, Black Dragon transformed into a beam of light and shot towards him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosion after explosion filled the air. From a distance, you can see nothing but several beams of light. They collided with each other repeatedly, sendings sparks flying each time.

Meanwhile, their subordinates were locked in combat as well. However….

The Beast Region was obviously at a disadvantage.

The ordinary soldiers fought valiantly, charging forth and slaughtering opponent after opponent. However, their experts were incapable of resisting the Zombie Progenitors and Twelve Demon Sovereigns.

Even two against one, they struggled. Against the Demon Sovereigns, not even five against one was enough….

Even so, they grit their teeth and held on. If they could just hold out a little while longer, Emperor Ye might overcome his opponents. Alternatively, reinforcements might arrive. Either would give them a shot at survival.

Black Dragon stood in the air, his veiny, scale-covered arms as thick as tree trunks. Scales spread from his arms like a plague of locusts. Meanwhile, his expression was utterly ferocious.


“Not good!”

One of Gu Li’s attacks had just forced Ye Zichen to retreat. Suddenly, he sensed danger coming from behind but could tell it was already too late to dodge.

In an instant, he made up his mind.

He turned around.

He crossed his arms and blocked Black Dragon’s fists.


It was as if a bomb went off - the instant Black Dragon’s punch landed, Ye Zichen was sent flying.

“Emperor Ye.” Seeing this, the Warriors of the Three Realms’ hearts shook.

They were distracted only briefly, but in a fight between experts, that was enough. The enemy seized the opportunity.


Almost simultaneously, several experts of the Beast Region and Three Realms coughed up blood and fell to the ground. In turn, their injuries distracted their valiant subordinates.


Some were beheaded by demons. Others were eaten by zombies.

It was like the butterfly effect - Ye Zichen’s fight influenced the entire battlefield.

“It looks like my arm’s useless now,” said Ye Zichen. He pulled himself out of the ditch, his right arm hanging limply from his side. He used his working left arm to flick the dirt from his body.

Black Dragon’s had been extremely deadly. However, just before it landed, Ye Zichen retreated backwards, reducing its power somewhat.

Even so, his right arm was broken. There was no way to heal something like that on short notice.

It was truly difficult to fight two opponents at once.

From their last exchange, Ye Zichen sensed that he’d be likely able to take either of them in a one-on-one fight. However, fighting them both was extremely mentally taxing. Furthermore, even though this was their first time working together, they were skilled enough that they could coordinate their attacks.

Facing both of their attacks singlehandedly, Ye ZIchen found himself in dire straights.

Especially since he knew that his allies couldn’t compete with the zombies and demons. Now that his right arm was injured, he was no match for Gu Li and Black Dragon.

In that case, all they could do now…..

Was retreat!

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