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Chapter 737 - First Meeting

Main fighting force.

That was the person who would clash head-on with the Demon Realm's messenger and protect the other eyes of the formation from harm.

Ye Zichen did not know how strong someone half-step into the Diviner level was.

However, he imagined that the person would be of a decent amount of significance in the Upper Three Realms. Does Liu Qing have to fight someone like that?

Ye Zichen was worried, but he wasn't sure of what to say.

If he was to say some pretty words…

Then that was pointless.

Liu Qing could feel Ye Zichen's internal struggle, so she quickly diverted the topic with a smile. "Brother Twelve and I will talk more about who is going to be the main attacker. Right now, we are still lacking an eye of the formation."

"I'll go!"

Flame Emperor and Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens blurted out at the same time. Neither of them was going to brush off something that concerned the entire Three Realms.

Their lack of hesitation formed a stark contrast with the Jade Emperor's hesitation.

Ye ZIchen, who already had a poor view of the Jade Emperor snorted, "See how understanding they are?"

The Jade Emperor remained silent.

He did not think that he should be ashamed for his hesitation. Cultivation was already going the laws of nature and his life was clearly more important than face.

What's more, taking such dangerous risks was not doing the right thing. It was utter foolishness.

"We only need one more eye of the formation. I suppose this purple-robed one will come with us?"

"No problem, what do you need me to do?" Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens asked.

"It's going to be hard to explain here. How about this, I'll give you half a day to get everything sorted over here, then I'll take you to the God Realm. The quicker you finish your matters, the matter is it, we need time to get used to the spiritual formation and that's something we lack," said Liu Qing.

"The God Realm!" Jade Emperor's lit up. The thing that has been on his mind throughout all these years was the God Realm.

He did not know that they needed to go to the God Realm to set up the formation. If he knew, then he would have said yes right away.

Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens also revealed a joyous look. He really wanted to go to the God Realm as well.

On the other hand, a sad look surfaced on Flame Emperor's face. I… won't get to go to the God Realm.

"Mm, then hurry up."

In the following hour, the Jade Emperor arranged everything hastily in order to go to the God Realm as soon as possible.

That was the God Realm which he had been thirsting for so long.

He really didn't care much about the Heavenly Court anymore. The God Realm was the proper matter.

On the other hand, Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens didn't bother to do anything extra at all. He didn't actually interfere with the Underworld's function initially, so he didn't bother to go back and arrange things.

"Be careful," Ye Zichen waved towards Liu Qing and the two leaders underneath a rainbow bridge.

Liu Qing nodded, then slowly walked away.

Even as the rainbow bridge faded, Ye Zichen continued to gaze at the sky for over an hour in front of the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches.

"They will definitely be back," Xiao Yumei maintained her warm smile and requiem-like tone.

Ye Zichen grasped her shoulder with a smile. Although they had been apart for more than a year…

For some reason, it felt like it was merely yesterday that they were in each other's arms.

"You're right, they will be back," Ye Zichen nodded affirmatively. Although he knew that it wasn't going to be easy, him saying it out loud was a way of comforting himself.

"Brother Ye, should we return to the Immortal Region or…" Flame Emperor held the ley line like it was his most valuable treasure. Ye Zichen asked him to bring it back to the Immortal Region. Doing that was better for its recovery since it was not used to the spiritual energy levels in the Heavenly Court.

"Let's go back to the outer regions of the Immortal Region. I'll stay away from your place."

Although everything has already passed for many years, it was just like yesterday for Ye Zichen. He still had an instinctive avoidance towards the place.

"Alright," Flame Emperor nodded.

Time passed very quickly.

A mere half a day earlier, Ye Zichen walked in through the South Heaven's Gate with various deities around him.

Now, he was going to leave from the South Heaven's Gate also with various deities in tow.

"Brother, you're leaving too quickly!" Yang Jian said reluctantly.

"Brother Monkey said he was coming later and you're already leaving?" Canopy Marshal was also saddened by this.

Although the other deities said nothing, it was clear from their expressions that they did not want to pass.

Ye Zichen smiled, "We have plenty of time in the future to meet up. The Jade Emperor isn't going to be here in the near future. I'm sure he left plenty of work for you. Since you do have your jos to take care of, make sure to finish those things first."

"True," the deities nodded. They did receive orders not long ago.

Even if Sky Sovereign does stay behind, they might not be able to take good care of him due to their tasks.

"Alright now, stop blanking out here. Get back to work. We'll see each other in the future."

With that, Ye Zichen walked out form the South Heaven's Gate with Flame Emperor and Xiao Yumei.

Moments later, a beautiful figure in a celestial robe landed from the sky.

"Lady Chang'e," the deities, who were about to leave, greeted her with smiles.

"Where is he?"

Although Chang'e did not state his name, all the deities still knew that she was referring to Ye Zichen. "Sky Sovereign just descended."

Hearing that, Chang'e hurried out of the South Heaven's Gate, but only saw a few blurry figures in the distance.


For some reason, Xiao Yumei felt a hint of unease.

She turned around and saw Chang'e standing outside the South Heaven's Gate, who was looking their way.

-Both women felt an indescribable feeling in their hearts. Xiao Yumei also instinctively stopped with a frown.

"Yumei, c'mon."

"Oh oh, got it," Xiao Yumei quickly turned back around and left with Ye Zichen.

On the other hand, Chang'e's brows furrowed as they left.

"Sky Sovereign said that he will come back in the future," the deities comforted thinking that she was sad to not see Sky Sovereign.

Chang'e nodded slightly, but still couldn't help but ask when she thought of the woman she saw, "Do you know who the lady beside Zichen was?"

The deities maintained silent. She seems to be… jealous?

Sensing that, they immediately tried to change the topic, only for Yang Jian to reply foolishly, "I think the God Realm's messenger brought her over. She seems acquainted with my bro."

"I see," Chang'e nodded, then smiled. "This young lady will be taking her leave back to the Moon Palace."

At the same time…

"Ye Zichen, I want to ask you something."

"What is it?"

"Did you see the lady standing at the South Heaven's Gate? Who is she?"

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